SOLVED: Yanny or Laurel

SOLVED: Yanny or Laurel


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57 Responses

  1. Ecstasy says:

    Wow science is amazing!

  2. ussi says:

    Bruh I swear I hear “emoji movie…bee movie… crossover” wtf

  3. Scout Elite says:

    Yo that ending is finna woke

  4. Kanye West says:

    I can hear *”ah3 ah3″* which clearly stands for Alexander Hamilton 3

  5. sunsbookishgamesx says:

    That ending…

  6. Cwizzo says:

    I heard “Garfield”

  7. Cwizzo says:

    This needs to be Kidzbopified

  8. MidgetBlaze says:

    Our teacher showed us this in class

  9. S Guiadeen says:

    I hear “Give us Alexander Hamilton 3”.

  10. Marre2795 says:

    So there seems to be a ton of commotion over what word this clip says. Many people think this clip says Yanny, but if you slow down the audio clip and lower its pitch, you can clearly hear that the clip doesn’t give a s**t. Thank you so much for ruining the internet, you guys are the reason i drink. Good night!

  11. IDK IDC says:

    I hear “The dress is red & green”

  12. F H says:

    I hear both Yaurel and lanny.

  13. Jake Roosenbloom says:

    It’s obviously Laurel right?

  14. RichChanLikesTacos says:

    Science for the win
    *Drinks alcohol to shrink forehead*

  15. sarahcapture says:

    Actually, it’s White and Gold

  16. Jenna ! says:

    Laurel is what I hear

  17. Ante SeKe says:

    It says Laurel and dress is clearly black and blue.

    Anyone who disagrees is bigot. /s

  18. Lol Bro says:

    Well I hear yanny lmao

  19. Glyssando says:

    It does say Yanny though.

  20. MemeCity says:

    I hear gold and white

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