Solving the Minecraft Warden

Solving the Minecraft Warden

The Warden is the newest addition to Minecraft and with the developers outright confirming it has lore to be discovered, obviously it had to be investigated. Enjoy this exploration as we uncover the deep dark secrets of the warden, and the unsettling story hiding behind its blocky features.

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inspired by The Game Theorists:

This is a series called Minecraft Wifeory where I explore the lore of the different parts of Minecraft to piece together a story of the game. Not Minecraft, but the water rises or Minecraft Manhunt but a more story telling based series dedicated to solving the lore of the game.

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48 Responses

  1. Wifies says:

    Sorry for the lack of videos until now but luckily most of my final exams are over which should hopefully mean more uploads more frequently 🙂

  2. Middlerun1 says:

    I always thought that the Warden looked and moved like it was a bunch of corpses stitched together, And I’m glad that I’m not the only one who suspected it too.

  3. DSea9 says:

    I love how Mojang is adding lore to the game. It gives Minecraft so much to think about.

  4. Reuben Daniel says:

    Love this theory, but if that frame isn’t eventually going to be a portal, people are gonna be mad for sure lmao

    • Pavel Matušů says:

      So why is the frame made with the special block, the fact that it is undestructible and cant be moved or crafted sugests that it is a portal block .

    • LalyBaka’s says:

      @NetheriteMiner I swear to god if it’s *JUST* an Among Us Joke it would be pretty funny

    • Reuben Daniel says:

      @NetheriteMiner no I’m pretty sure they haven’t, but I’ll look for it and if you have the tweet where they said it could you maybe link it?

    • NetheriteMiner says:

      Didn’t a dev confirm it wasn’t? They said it was an among us joke but mainly the fact that it wasn’t a portal

  5. Theo C says:

    the spinning axolotl glitch was intended, if they spin enough the centrifugal force elongates them into wardens

  6. GanCuber says:

    Just saying he is insane at finding lore that we don’t even need the Minecraft movie when we have Wifies and Seawattgaming

  7. Jansen Baker says:

    You, sir, are a genius.
    I never thought of The Warden being _formed_ out of sculk.
    I thought it was _covered_ in it.
    The idea of people taking advantage of this natural stuff to defend them
    is interesting and this is my favorite theory on what The Warden and City are.
    Although, I don’t understand why the souls of the builders seeking revenge is necessary.
    I would rather think it’s a tragedy, and the player stumbles upon activating it.

    I’m also not giving up the possibility of the middle _also_ being a portal. They didn’t have that word on the small Statue for no reason.

    • Jansen Baker says:

      @Joel Mok Wen Xuan If you’re talking to Wifies, you replied to the wrong person. In any case, I have no videos.

    • charlestonian builder says:

      i think to why they built a portal is because these areas that have skulk, where they built their cities are rifts, where skulk from another dimension managed to get to ours, but the ancient builders want to make a portal that they can go though and open and close the rift as they pleased, eventually they did, but was met a demise as the ancient builders that went in never came back,

    • Skeleton says:

      I always thought that perhaps the warden is a ancient golem or literally a plant, since sculk grows in the ground

    • SoulPlays says:

      @MetalEvening110 In addition to Jansen’s point, how can you explain the music disc?

  8. OwO says:

    Now I understand why the axolotls look so cute. They’re trying to hide stuff, don’t they?

  9. TheJadedDragonArts says:

    Random person: “Minecraft is a kid’s game”
    Mmm you sure about that buddy?

    Seriously though, great video, as always. I love how detailed you are in explaining your thought processes. Can’t wait to see if you were right!

  10. Charlotte says:

    I feel like the AB Destroyer must be something less block-destroying and more dangerous than the Wither, because the landscape isn’t broken and it’s quite easy to kill the wither especially if your an entire socity

    • the perfect town says:

      @Mark Freier even stronger than bedrock wither? what difficulty are they playing on?

    • hachersk Anon says:

      In fairness if the Destroyer happened ages ago the landscape has time to recover

    • Mark Freier says:

      I think the theory is that the wither was alot stronger back then. That kinda explains the skeletons in the soul sand valleys. As for the lack of destroyed landscape… idk.

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