Some Good News with John Krasinski

Some Good News with John Krasinski

John Krasinski highlights some good news from around the world, including an interview with Steve Carell to mark the 15thanniversary of THE OFFICE, as well as John’s newest hero Coco. #somegoodnews

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26 Responses

  1. Diego Arias says:

    I LOVE how this basically has the energy and feel of an episode of the Office. Maybe we wont get a legitimate reunion, that’s OKAY. Now we have THIS! Thanks, John.

  2. greg purvis says:

    Who the hell puts a thumbs down , they need a swift kick to the ball bearings !

  3. Smylee Rage says:

    The Fact that SomeGoodNews Wasn’t already taken really makes you think about how messed up our world is and how much more we need things like this 🤍 🤍 🤍

  4. Ayana Mukherjee says:

    The cutest thing ever is John Krasinski saying “appreciation”

  5. Caleb Ventura says:

    “I think today was a good day to have two managers. ‘Cause if you’re a family stuck on a lifeboat in the middle of the ocean, one parent might want to just keep rowing. But if the other parent wants to play a game, it’s not because they’re crazy. It’s because they’re doing it for the kids. And I get that now.”

    • Ibnu Danisworo says:

      You know what, at this very line in the series I started crying. And when the Good-bye Micheal eps aired, I bawled like a mothereffin baby. Gosh. They are like family to me…

  6. クラリアさん says:

    “Watching Jim do Dwight…” that’s what she said.

  7. Donica Chen says:

    Currently crying happy tears because you could see John and Steve tearing up when they were talking about their memories.

  8. Wrenchy says:

    This entire episode was incredibly wholesome and made my heart soar, but one of the coolest things to me, was the fact that John and Steve’s tears in Michaels goodbye episode, were genuine. The Office is truly one of the greatest shows especially in a time where the world seems worse than what happened in Scott’s Tots 😳

  9. Paddy Murphy says:

    This is so beautiful and heartwarming. Got choked up all over again, watching the scene where Michael and Jim say goodbye 🙁

    John Krasinski is the gift that the world needs right now…

  10. Niamh B says:

    I’m crying at a guy talking to himself in his house, it’s fine

  11. Za Yn says:

    Try to Bring an Office Cast Member Every Episode. The world needs this kinda show more now than ever. Thank You John!

  12. Lakshmi G says:

    To quote a hero of mine, Samwise Gamgee, “There’s some good in this world, Mr Frodo, and it’s worth fighting for.”

  13. Hugh O'Neill says:

    Not gonna lie, a little dehydrated after that. Despite the tears I’ll be tuning in again, we need this just now 👍

  14. Its Emily says:

    The cutest thing about it is that the sign was made by his daughters

  15. Erc C says:

    The Like ratio is insane! Guess only the ”imagine” celebrities were the ones to dislike it?

  16. agree123 says:

    The video “The Office – Making a Strangler” is suggested below. Is that Some Good News too?

  17. Johannes Jensen95 says:

    John Krasinski is such a talented actor, I just loved him In The Office, 13 Hours the secret soldiers of Benghazi, I also loved him In A Quiet Place, I can’t wait for A Quiet Place 2 which he directed.

  18. Lara Vallestero says:

    John Krasinski calling me out for binging Tiger King just hits different.

  19. Goldenart 121 says:

    Movie producer, actor, Literally told by Stephen king that his movie scared him. What can’t this guy do?!
    I love him!

  20. ayushi says:

    I was waiting for his children to interrupt him and Emily to follow suit.

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