Some guy thought he could beat me in a Pokemon race…

Some guy thought he could beat me in a Pokemon race…

PointCrow challenged me to beat him in his Loading Zone randomizer. So I did.

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54 Responses

  1. AveryTubeStudios says:

    I love that each of Eric’s “soft locks” are included just to rub it in his face.

    • ShadowOfTheSeven says:

      @XenithShadow He didn’t stop tho lmao

    • Hanaey💦 says:

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    • shillbear says:

      these bots get worse and worse

    • AveryTubeStudios says:

      @shillbear Yeah. It’s kinda annoying.

    • Black_n'Yello says:

      @AveryTubeStudios definitely more than kinda lmao

  2. SmallAnt says:


    • Thunderking A says:

      you didn’t understand what pointcrow meant.. he didn’t mean that you need to kill your pokemons when you can’t go back. just load back that’s not his fault and also… most of the ones you said (not a soft lock) like when he was surfing. he can’t go to land without surf so its a soft lock and he doesn’t need to white out to leave and is allowed to load back. you really didn’t understand and this makes pointcrow (your ”friend” get a lot of hate comments on how he’s a trash speedrunner like he doesn’t speedrun zelda and pokemon)

    • Thunderking A says:

      @Marlow Smith bruh watch the stream it’s real. i watched the whole stream of both and also the one from purplecliffe vs pointcrow

    • Mickie L says:


    • Matthew Nichols says:

      this man keeps challenging you to races and loses every single time either he sucks at playing video games or he just loves to be humiliated. P.S. what is your favorite childhood console?

  3. Kanos says:

    Ant: “It’s not a softlock as long as my team can die”
    PointCrow: *slight inconvenience* “SOFTLOCK!”

    (love both though)

  4. Philorg Neopolotin says:

    This was so entertaining to watch. If anyone was wondering, they actually did a rematch after this one a few weeks ago and the full, unedited videos are on Pointcrow’s VODS youtube channel and Smallant’s “past broadcasts” on his twitch. If you put them side by side it’s so interesting to see the mind games they try and play with each other

  5. D S says:

    Even with the “softlocks” of Pointcrow you still did win, and all the strats were actually amazing

    • SSR says:

      @Thunderking A it’s not really smallants fault. People just take their friendly banter/racing too seriously… which sucks since Smant and Pcrow are just trying to have fun

    • The Real Will Howard says:

      @Thunderking A yeah he doesn’t deserve hate. But wtf are you on about? Softlocking means that there is no way out. If you can die, it’s a way out. You don’t know what you’re talking about kid

    • The Real Will Howard says:

      @Thunderking A that literally is the rule. A sofllock is when there is literally no way out except resetting

    • iLikeRamenYum says:

      @Thunderking A bro stop being a blind fan, point crow messed up, deal with it.

    • Android 19 says:

      the thing was, Pointcrow only had a single weak pokemon, so anywhere whiting out was possible it would have taken very little time to do so. Smant catching a bunch of strong pokemon with no way to get out of those situations besides death was a legitimate misplay on his part that cost him a lot of time early on.

  6. Caché Fille says:

    eric’s confidence throughout this is absolutely hysterical to see

  7. Brooks Holt says:

    This was so fun to watch!

    • Regirock playz says:

      I say the same

    • KHAING SHWEWAH says:

      Dont know why but i thought you said “This was no fun to watch!”

    • EvoK Ironman says:

      Haven’t watched you in a while, looks like you’re channel’s doing well though nice! Weird running into you here 😂

    • Elisa Quen💋🤤 says:

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  8. SommeOne says:

    PointCrow: “I think we’re in the lead”

    *Cuts to SmallAnt with his level 54 Golbat*

  9. J Blazer521 says:

    Ant: *tells Eric about the not-softlock he’s in *
    Eric: “That’s crazy.” *ends up in literally the same place * “I’m in a softlock.”

    • spydorz says:

      in Eric’s defence he probably thought Ant was lying

    • gina says:

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    • Average_Dog_Owner_That_Does_Stuff says:

      This is why I stopped watching crow. He never follows his own rules, sucks a speed running anything besides BOTW, and his humor sucks compared to Ant. He also gloats that he’s better at speed running than Ant even tho he’s only beat him in speed running like TWICE MAYBE THREE TIMES AT THE MOST!

    • JaegerDreadful says:

      I was a bit madge when I saw that happening.

  10. LemonOVA says:

    this randomizer is a whole acid trip

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