Some thoughts on the shooting at Youtube

Some thoughts on the shooting at Youtube

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  1. Dan's Vlog says:

    I know exactly what they were thinking in their GUN FREE ZONE! It starts with F and ends with UCK

    • Audio Cracked says:

      magentawave all your facts are wrong. Just shut up and research legitimate facts. Australias gun violence has gone down 10 fold since the restrictions. And 70% of shootings happen in private homes in the U.S not “gun free” zones. get your facts straight. Jesus christ i never thought i would have to debate people using their rights to not have guns in their business

    • Iron Horse says:

      PlexusNervus no their not, what were the people at YouTube supposed to do wait for the gun free zone to kick in. Even one of the YouTube workers wished he a firearm to defend himself, so what’s that tell you smart guy!!!

    • Iron Horse says:

      Random Andrew oh shut up with Australia already to different countries, we’re next the border where Cartels are murdering people. Australia has no boarders fuck tard.

    • thegoof529 says:

      magentawave 98% of mass shootings are in gun free zones. Also yes shootings are down in Australia but stabbings and other violent crimes are way up. Just look at all the stabbings in the U.K. right now.

    • Blue whale Baldy says:

      The thing is they don’t care if it’s a gun free zone they will still take a gun

  2. JayBruce says:

    In a state with some of the strictest gun control laws and regulations. Hmmmm

    • liam Eastwood says:

      Ezra Gaskin idk what gun the shooter had but in a building full of people and untrained person would do alot more damage with a handgun

    • Jackson Frame says:

      headshot9 if she can’t operate a pistol, why would she operate an ar-15 any better? Why not use a 10-22? I assume you don’t own any guns.

    • Hail Hydra says:

      Mitchell Mackenzie so they should restrict hollow point rounds then. You have just aptly demonstrated why gun laws work: they remove the opportunity to do as much damage.

    • Hail Hydra says:

      If you remember correctly, one of those rights is the right to life. Now I’m no expert, but I’d say that not introducing legislature to prevent the murder of citizens violates that fundamental human right. So what your really saying is that you value the citizens “right” to own and shoot guns over the right to live. Or put more simply: you’re compromising the rights of the citizens. Moreover, you are saying that you value your hobby more then you value human lives. You think that the lives of your fellow citizens are not worth some more registration paperwork.

    • JayBruce says:

      Ezra Gaskin hollowpoints have a tendency to not get through layers of clothing. A 12 gauge shotgun with 00 buckshot could do MUCH more damage than an AR-15. For all of your questions I have yet to see you pose any answers or illustrate how gun control will remedy our current socio economic woes.

  3. Jabaarᴴᴰ says:

    Casey was so afraid to speak his mind out, remember when he was so upset with YouTube monetisations. That’s why I got a full time job not relying on YouTube’s money.

    • Benjamin says:

      He is in Youtube’s ass obviously ….. he wouldn’t be open and jeopardize , so he talks about how the building gave him emotions because he has once been there ,

    • B-Rad says:

      Casey is a stooge, only his feet are left sticking out of YouTube’s ass

    • Nick Chase says:

      Benjamin Exact, he is obviously milking this situation to gain popularity and to make money.

  4. sunsbookishgamesx says:

    Thank you casey your a good person x

  5. Abdul Ghani says:

    are you planning to replace Susan Wojcicki on becoming youtube CEO?

  6. Hrithwik Bharadwaj says:


  7. DVLOGS says:

    Finally Video Daaldi.. 👏❤

  8. Queenslander says:

    You tube was once about a community. Now that community is similar to Hollywood, only for the elite. The small guy will struggle…. so much for “broadcast yourself”. Too many mainstream politically motivated users, it will never be what it was….. next !!

    • uwin Vidanage says:

      Queenslander it sucks that they took away those I was almost at 9.6k when they took away 10k to monitize but I realized that even it I’m monitized I’d be making 4-5 $ a vid which is good but if you see the bigger picture it’s just nothing I’m saying do what u love and love what you do

    • Buba Fpv says:

      And Casey is the prime example of the politically motivated youtuber. In bed with the Democrats

    • Alex Ross says:

      Also if you hate youtube this much, why the hell are you commenting? Why dont you just delete your account and move on? Or create your own platform?

  9. Cwizzo says:

    Casey: Demonitised for mentioning tragedies

    Kimmel: Monitised for mentioning tragedies

    • Vishal Nichani says:

      Fucking youtube bro!!!! Then think tv people are better than community people screw them for doing this!!!

    • Shaggy Rogers says:

      Youtube is biased toward celebrities than Youtubers even PewDiePie. They’d rather demonetize PewDiePie for talking about suicide than Will SMith or The Rock if they did same. Sadly, many Youtube user(retards) don’t see it and blindly defend YOutube’s actions.

    • Films By Lawrence says:

      the one big reason channels like Kimmel are able to monetise their videos is becuase they have a contract with a third party sponsor, if they were only getting ads from YouTube themselves then they will most likely be demonetised

    • Jack Sparrow says:

      kimmel is illuminati

  10. ON THE RADAR says:

    Another incredibly sad situation for our country.

    • GoodKingMort says:

      Tellur1an Well, it is. It’s the best time for a debate. A shooting is perhaps the greatest time for a debate on gun laws.

    • cathead2008 says:

      Typical ignorant buffoonish comment- 18,000 gun laws and you want just 1 more to do the trick? FBI and Broward S.O. responsible for Fl shooting – if you care about facts.

    • Austin Bannai says:

      All this is, is a business opertunity for him. He does care enough he plugged at the end

  11. KEEVVY says:

    I wonder if big youtubers can see small youtubers?

  12. Jatin Jaiswal says:

    What were the mistakes of those innocent people who were injured?

  13. electronicsNmore says:

    Lucky no one was killed……..

    • RoshanGamer says:

      Agent_Orca Ok so first of all SORRY i heard that 3 people were killed i did not know they were WOUNDED. And second of all you dont have to call me a fucking headass for something i didnt even know. Its like asking a first grader what 1639163829×6392732= without hin using a calculator…

    • Kimbah Legend says:

      RoshanGamer relax dude

    • Take It Slow says:

      electronicsNmore thats not the point. Can we just have good gun control laws?

  14. dr. Ray Leonard Judijanto says:

    You’re the true definition of YOUTUBER Casey.. salute!

  15. FuturisticHub says:

    Well no matter… I hope YouTube does fix their dumb rules. They need a rude awakening, but not like this…. something less violent but they still need to do better and stop the censorship. Susan is the issue, she needs to leave as CEO first and foremost.

    • C Portugal says:

      sofia amtis Worry about yourself and a job, not someone else. Yt is a job, that if done right pays very well.

    • Evan says:

      @Legal Planet No, what’s frustrating is people not even Googling facts they throw out. an average of 300 hours of video a MINUTE, not hour.. that’s a little bit of a different challenge.

    • RoshanGamer says:

      First you dont decide who goes and who stays second Youtube is a company owned by google and is running VERY WELL. Third cant you see the situation are you blind???? People have been WOUNDED.

    • khouse says:

      FuturisticHub it’s a business buddy, and let’s not forget Google owns it. You can’t change shit

    • bernanas says:

      b b yeah, the company with a monopoly on video platforms should be able to completely eliminate certain opinions because “they’re smarter than us”. do us a favor and don’t breed, weak bastard

  16. This Little Critic says:

    It’s seriously really really scary but it feels like change is coming this time.

  17. imflyaway says:

    gUn ConTrOL iS nOT A sOLuTioN

    • Chrnan6710 says:

      control creates rebellion

    • Connor McLaughin says:

      Bro you’re so stupid. It’s nearly impossible to get a gun in California, proving that gun control does nothing and people will do anything to get a gun

    • Chris Li says:

      Well yeah, gun control is meant to stop people from getting guns, but not completely; that’d be stupid. Imagine if she had access to higher caliber and higher capacity weapons. If so, she would’ve had a score on the range of the Florida shooter.

  18. SDG Danny says:

    Wow, the folks at YouTube didn’t deserve this. I’m glad to hear that there were no casualties (other than the shooter.)

    • SDG Danny says:

      Usually, I argue against YouTube for making things harder and harder for its creators. However, this is why you *shouldn’t* rely on YouTube as a lifeline. In doing so, you are the one creating a problem for yourself. The successful creators on YouTube make sure they can make a living first (this often includes other revenue streams like affiliations, Patreon, etc.) before making this online thing their lifeline. Yes, there are exceptions but you can’t rely on being an exception.

    • AlM NlOlS says:

      SDG Danny They should have warned people not to pour their whole lives into being a content creator for youtube. I think they encouraged it actually. Hence the financial motivation they offered with no warning.

    • Johnny Mnemonic says:

      They deserved it!

    • Brett Carwile says:

      AlM NlOlS That is a risk each person has to decide to take on their own. Just because you foolishly decide to pour out your whole life into YouTube, doesn’t mean you are going to be successful. Success isn’t garaunteed on YouTube, and it isn’t YouTube’s responsibility to ensure everyone is successful. You need to have quality content that people actually want to watch first. It would be extremely foolish to stop the pursuit of any of other job, in order to do Youtube IF you haven’t built up a following first. Let’s say I quit my job to do YouTube full time. Do you think that would be a smart decision if I hadn’t even uploaded any content to YouTube yet, and also didn’t have following yet?

      I am very confused about what you are trying to argue here. It’s literally common sense, and should not have to be YouTube’s responsibility to warn people.

  19. hamishpatterson family says:

    Speak out against the censorship!

    • Youtube User says:

      Do you realize that there is no censorship? Youtube only removes videos that violate guidelines you signed when opening a channel. Demonitization is not censorship. They just dont pay you for your fucking oppinion anymore. Whats next? Complaints about not being payed for your facebookfaceb shitposts?

    • pyromantic-prince says:

      Youtube User

      So its not censorship when they fucked up LGBTQ videos? Demonitized and put under restricted. The algorithm is fucked.

    • Alex Ross says:

      Pyromantic no it was not censorship, but trying to put an age restriction, just as we do with movies and video games. Was it stupid? Yes. Was it censorship? No.

  20. Nelson Hobbs says:

    *everything was very well said, casey*

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