Somebody To Love (rehearsal) live –the powerful George Michael

Somebody To Love (rehearsal) live –the powerful George Michael

If you watch carefully you can witness two persons watching with shocked and amazed face the amazing singing that George is doing here . David Bowie and Seal are in the background at Wembley Stadium in 1991, on this special performance. The video belongs to the Freddy Mercury Tribute double dvd as an extra. Fabulous moments from the greatest living vocalist, the one George Michael! Enjoy 🙂

yogeros, youre the best my love xxxxxxx

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20 Responses

  1. BatfinksWings says:


  2. Borat says:

    Best live singer I ever heard.Miss him already

  3. 66Joemoe says:

    Mindblowingly good.

  4. jedimusic35 says:

    rest in peace George Michael. you will be missed.

  5. No Name says:


  6. Niceetee01 says:

    This actually puts a lump in my throat. Aww…… bless him RIP

  7. Mark Cox says:

    Bowie, Freddie, George. It’s gonna be a great new years party in heaven!

  8. Fangirlsgonewrong says:

    May your soul forever Rest In Peace George xx

  9. Bazil brush says:

    gutted what a legend
    2016 what a cunt of a year

  10. Jackmanorishe says:

    not the greatest living vocalist anymore maye

  11. EZEN SCOPE says:


  12. Von Maelstrom says:

    Rest in peace , thank you for all the great music and your dedication to
    your fans. You will be missed.

  13. PopularComments says:

    george micheal was GAY !!!

  14. Mantraone Mantra says:

    well done fucking awesome.

  15. 24paljim says:

    RIP and say hello to Bowie. Oh shit I feel like crying my eyes out. Again.

  16. Monte Alto says:

    RIP George and give my best to David. It’s sure been a tough year.

  17. George Orwell says:

    What an absolute legend and beautiful singer and Bowie and Seal too! RIP
    George and Bowie.

  18. Hellwyck says:

    It’s the Freddie Mercury tribute. not Freddy.

  19. kadir bashir says:

    what a waste have could have left us with a few more album’s. I been
    waiting Patiently since 2004.

  20. Chaz Brennan says:

    Bowie looks like he’s into it but I think Seal feels a bit cowed.