Someone Dead Ruined My Life… Again.

Someone Dead Ruined My Life… Again.

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38 Responses

  1. CGP Grey says:

    Thank you so much to all the Bonnie Bees, I couldn’t do this without you:

  2. Veritasium says:

    Grey, any time you need to talk about Tiff just give me a call.

  3. Dave Callanan says:

    Alexander Pope would probably love how much trouble Hearne’s mistakes have frustrated Grey’s research. I’d imagine he’d write an open letter to the public criticizing Hearne for causing so much hassle.

  4. Senpai says:

    There once was a researcher named CGP Grey,
    Who whilst hunting Tiffany lost his way.
    A poem’s date he did chase, it’s source be erased,
    Hearne’s antiquarian ways did dismay.

  5. dandy-lions says:

    As a graduate student, this speaks to my soul. The hours of searching, the dead ends, the digressions…

  6. Jarid Gaming says:

    I really enjoyed this video. I also think its incredible important. Someone had to do this research and in the future you saved people time that also might come across the poem.

    • Sven Lewandowski says:

      Fifty years from now:

    • Max Nibler says:

      I gotta be honest. I don’t know if anyone “had” to do any of this. But I’m glad he did

  7. Barry Torch says:

    As someone who has spent years doing historical research, I empathize with this video so, so much. Well done, Grey. It made it into a footnote!

  8. trumpetperson11 says:

    I love the petty but eloquent insults. People really need to start saying, “Not kept up with your avowed regard for truth” again, for people caught lying.

  9. Johnny Harris says:

    I respect this

  10. DomovoiP says:

    It’s a pun based on “coming out of Britany”.
    William’s mother was named Britany.
    The poem is implying that his mother gave birth to the man, his wife, his maid, and his dog.
    It’s an ancient “yo mama” joke.

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