Someone Wrote a Book About Me… WITHOUT MY PERMISSION?!

Someone Wrote a Book About Me… WITHOUT MY PERMISSION?!

Title says it all! Ethan bought me this book as a gift and what a surprise it was to find a biography of my entire life and YouTube career in book form! Let’s take a look at it, shall we?

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38 Responses

  1. Ty McClelland says:

    I think he should go to his lawyer about it. They’re making money off you without you getting anything off it.

    • Beau Joynson says:

      Tbh I don’t think it’ll sell enough copies to matter half of this information is on wikipedia the other half in marks own videos like his draw my life

    • Monika S. says:

      I don’t think ‘not getting anything off it’ is what bothers Mark about this.

  2. Tiger 10925 says:

    I’ll say this it is perfectly allowed even without permission to make book about people

    (Edit: The pictures on the other hand is only allowed with permision)

    Also which b did you want us to post?
    Bee? Be? B?

  3. stefan pantic says:

    “I’ve got a sweet voice and a huge DUHck” *chuckles*

    Love that

  4. Vandirk72 says:

    I’m calling BS. 5:09 Mark says he’s not an influencer….I’m sorry sir have you not been conscious for any of your Charity streams? Are you not apart of this UnisAnus movement? Are you not doing out of what is considered conventional YouTube content with A Heist with Markiplier that ppl who didn’t even know your channel knew about? BS! you know! If you don’t than you’re an id-….wait….you are a bumbling idiot. Ok carry on.

  5. Wulfiiq says:

    Mark: don’t write fake information about people and sell it for money. (or so)
    Rita Skeeter: *Sweating*

  6. Rik Thunder says:

    I mean, if you say “it’S OVER 10mil” you can’t really get it wrong, even if it’s 20 mil. technically it’s still correct.
    That said… …ignore what I said. I don’t think it’s legal in any shape or form to earn money using your name and, not to mention wrong information ^^°

  7. Lord Splashington the III says:

    Book: Has more than 20 million subscribers
    Mark: Inaccurate, outdated on number of subs by 5 million.

    Teeeeechnically still correct. 25 million is more than 20 million

  8. Fool The Royal says:

    That moment when the author isn’t even aware of Mark’s girlfriend

  9. Red says:

    I mean, they’re technically not wrong by saying ’20+ Million’ or ’10+ Billion’ as it suggests that the number is higher, which it is

    Sorry it was really irritating me

  10. GodlyCyborg says:

    honestly I just love the lump of fur known as chica in the background

  11. Mini U. says:


  12. Filip Prološčić says:

    Hey, remember that one time when Wade saved Mark’s life?

    Oh, and by the way, E.

  13. Andrew Ponder says:

    Watch: the author will now sue Mark for negatively effecting his book sales by pointing out all the inaccuracys.

  14. The1stCamcat1 says:

    Mark: say B
    Me: *typing E*
    Mark: but you guys are just going to say E
    Me: *types B in spite*

  15. Mini Might1234 says:

    Me: **Sees title**

    Me:Heh wait till you see the fan fictions.

  16. Corner Ficus says:

    the moment he comments about how the book says mild ADHD and he says “it’s not mild” made my day and somewhat summarizes this whole video

  17. Haloguy48 says:

    Mark: “Type B. And the fans will type E to spite me.”
    The community: “TYPE B, LIKE YOUR B TO BLOW SKILLS!?”

  18. melodicia says:

    Mark: “If I asked you guys to comment the letter B”
    Me: 🅱️

  19. Ricardo-The-Fox says:

    The Tyler being Mark’s manager thing isn’t just mentioned in that book, I’ve seen that mentioned on other sites as well which is why I figured he hadn’t been in any videos in the longest time, well guess we know the truth now about that but still it would be nice to see Tyler again even if just for a quick pop in

  20. TrinityWatchesStuff says:

    Mark: “If I asked you to comment the letter B…”
    Me: *presses B to blow*

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