Something About Kirby 64 ANIMATED (Loud Sound Warning) 🌟

Something About Kirby 64 ANIMATED (Loud Sound Warning) 🌟

Dark Matter has scattered the Crystal Shards across the galaxy! There is only one pink boi that can help.. Kirbo!
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Animatic, Animation, Additional Backgrounds, Additional Coloring, Lineart, Sound Design, Writing and Voice of Ribbon – Jeremey Chinshue

Background, Background Animation, Coloring By Edgar Nielsen

Coloring By Lollergator

Production Assistant Pupper – Shady

Voice of Kirbo – ColonelCheru

Kirby 64 – Pop Star 1 (General Midi Remix)
Kirby 64 – Boss 1 Midi (General Midi Remix)
Kirby 64 – Pop Star 2 Midi (General Midi Remix)
Kirby 64 – Rock Star 1 (Megadrive Soundfont Remix)
Kirby 64 – Factory Investigation (Genesis Soundfont Remix)
Bomberman 64 – Multiplayer Battle (SNES Soundfont Remix)

Pop Star Select – Kirby 64 The Crystal Shards By SiIvaGunner

File Select – Kirby 64 The Crystal Shards By SiIvaGunner

Aqua Star Select – Kirby 64 The Crystal Shards By SiIvaGunner

Aqua Star (Beta Mix) – Kirby 64 The Crystal Shards By SiIvaGunner

Shiver Star (Alpha Mix) – Kirby 64 The Crystal Shards By SiIvaGunner

The Way You Move By Riverworn (Epidemic Sounds)

Helicopter Hijack By Jon Bjork (Epidemic Sounds)

Boss (Alternate Mix) – Kirby 64 The Crystal Shards By SiIvaGunner

Miracle Matter (Beta) – Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards By SiIvaGunner

Kirby Super Star Ultra – Float Islands (Sega Genesis Remix) By TheLegendOfRenegade II

Starfox 64 Venom Tunnels (Dark Ambience Remix) By TerminalMontage

Gravitated By Edgar Hopp (Epidemic Sounds)

Credits theme; Garden Stage by Jattello

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© TERMINALMONTAGE LLC. All Rights Reserved.
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32 Responses

  1. kekeflipnote says:

    Bomberman Hero and 64 references ❤

    As a fan of Kirby 64, this animation was really accurate!

  2. JNoobuus says:

    So much Christian Kirbo action! We need more of him in our lives.

  3. adam sachse says:

    Still can’t get over the fact that after seeing this giant black void form in the sky, the first thing Kirbo does is call his friend and check how much time is left before the souffle is done. And after he’s been told that it’ll be done in five minutes Kirbo is like “Yeah, I should be able to beat whatever this is before it’s done.”

    • Lurking Lapin says:

      i love how both of these make sense either way.

    • trident042 says:

      Oh, i think I interpreted that as him trying to call for assistance, but there’s only 5 mins left on the timer so obviously they don’t want the souffle to burn, can’t come help, and kirbo just takes that to mean he’s gotta pull up the belt and go do it himself. I think I like yours better.

  4. Adam Johnston says:

    The Prince of Egypt reference and sudden Khezu scream were hysterical. Another brilliant video!

  5. Triixster says:

    Ok, but the Prince of Egypt scene tie in with Kirbo was actually the greatest part. It threw me for such a loop, I choked on my drink. Absolutely amazing work as always. I ish to these videos whenever they’re on my notifications.

  6. Alex Spider [スパイダー] says:

    Amazing for Kirbo in the 64 adventures!
    Great animation!

  7. Cole Kiesler says:

    Honestly I love how TerminalMontage decided to make the Zero Two scene very more emotional than it had to be. The moment that God appeared and decided to give Zero Two a second chance and Kirbo letting him go is just the most wholesome thing Terminal probably has ever done on his entire channel, also Zero Two having legs was priceless.

  8. Skeletor The Best says:

    I like how half the plot in the Something About series is dictated by what SiIvaGunner rip can be used

  9. AubriGryphon says:

    The “Christian Kirbo played 100% straight” thing is still hilarious.

  10. bredbug says:

    If anybody wanted the know, the wingdings at the very end translate to:

    “Threat level: multiversal”

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