something i need to say

something i need to say

Philando Castile Shooting in Minnesota

Alton Sterling shootings in Baton Rouge, Falcon Heights

Baghdad truck bomb

Istanbul Ataturk airport attack

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20 Responses

  1. Karson Cheung says:

    Yes Casey, your videos are great. Always learn a lesson after one Vlog.
    Currently I am out of work, so you are the most attended one on Youtube for
    me. Stay positive and fun life!

  2. William Collier says:

    I got unsubscribed for some reason. I’m glad he gets on the popular page

  3. Spark Jumper says:

    I got to quit licking ur vids

  4. Miss Yvonne says:

    thank you for posting

  5. LifeWithLaurence says:

    Not sure if you’ll even get to see this comment among the sea of hate and
    BS, but good on you for at least talking about it. It’s much easier to
    ignore it and go on about your daily upload schedule. Shows that, although
    a Youtuber/Film maker, you prioritize your reality as much as you care for
    your content. Thank you. Sorry about all the hate, people are crazy.

  6. Ana Pratas says:

    Thank You Casey. I am just 13 and I’m from Portugal, but seeing this makes
    me like you even more. Beside this fun videos and the cool stuff that you
    make, we all need to think about the real isseus that are affecting our
    world, and you Casey have the opportunity to share your opinion with almost
    4 million people around the world and change their perspectives.
    Thanks again for being this person Casey

  7. Genevieve the Momma says:

    So much respect, Casey. ??

  8. Chips Bag says:

    Casey not to be mean but u look weird without your glasses

  9. Carl Infection says:

    how do people like u ?

  10. Greg Smith says:

    Came here for my daily dose of Casey entertainment. Left with a much deeper
    appreciation for Casey.

  11. Jared Martinez says:

    6 times

  12. Matiss Paradise says:

    innocent black people are being shot due to all this idiot black culture
    based on i got the millions, i have all the bitches, we are gangsters an so
    on. Of course the officer was scared to death, that’s why he fired, period.
    this is the result of a capitalist system who lets every person record a
    song and publish it, every black person is raised on this kind of values.
    So go fuck yourself America

  13. Callum B Martin says:

    The facebook video shows a policeman who’s not in control of the situation;
    the driver who he shot 3x; a child in the back seat and a calm women who’s
    able to correct the policeman (even though her boyfriend is dying in blood
    right next to her) that he had asked to see the drivers licence and that
    he’d shot the boyfriend while reaching for his wallet. This shows police
    have low IQ’s and their level of social awareness in their actions speaks
    tons about their culture and their conduct. It’s clear police don’t have
    the maturity to exercise the law professionally and in fairness which is
    pretty ineffective work. It is disgusting.

  14. Erica Torres says:

    Casey I don’t know if you will ever see this comment, but thank you for
    this video.

  15. Narik_Kiran says:

    How the hell could anyone dislike this

  16. csmith6278 says:

    What the fuck do u expect when 2 black guys with a gun disobey a police
    officers orders ur gonna get ur ass shot.. Don’t act like a jackass and u
    wouldn’t be dead now dumbasses

  17. Jacob Gullick says:

    so who is this guy? what does he do?

  18. Zuly C. says:


  19. Noah Golden says:

    People die every day lets not act like self righteous assholes. black lives
    DON’T matter, at least to black people anyway. more than 70% of all crime
    is committed by a minority that represents less than 13% of the total US
    population. More than 50% of aborted fetuses are black or from African
    American mothers. Now about 80% of crimes against blacks such as theft,
    rape, and homicide are committed get this by OTHER BLACKS!! More white
    people were killed by police than blacks last year (580 people in total)
    sure all the blacks that are shot and killed by police don’t deserve to die
    like that but that’s on them not me because I’m white! criminals will be
    treated like criminals fairly simple concept. Let’s stop acting all high
    and mighty against cops doing their fucking job. Id take corrupt cops over
    lawlessness any day

  20. Blake Barlow says:

    I don’t know if commenting on this video means anything in the long run but
    I figured I might as well share my personal opinions and thoughts on the
    subject. I feel like (personally) that this world isn’t falling apart or
    even beginning to I feel like it’s always been like this. It’s just that
    now that we have so many outlets and opportunities to suck in the negative
    from this world that we forget about the great things as well. So often I
    find myself on one end of the spectrum, I’m either solely focusing on the
    great or depressed about the bad. And it made me realize that there’s a
    healthy balance you have to find. You don’t one week eat only candy and ice
    cream and expect to run 5 miles the next Sunday. It just doesn’t work like
    that! In the same way there are a few types of people, the angry people who
    either hate cops or hate a race, or the people or ignore it all, but then
    you have people like Casey, myself, and others who genuinely want to make
    things better. So, in conclusion, I applaud you man for summoning the
    courage to upload this and implore anyone reading to love first and ask why
    later. The only thing that can mend our every broken society is love. We’ve
    seen it all throughout history heal entire cities, so let’s see it heal