Something I Want You To Know (Coming Out)

Something I Want You To Know (Coming Out)

We all deserve our best chance.

Here’s a random, but meaningful assortment of things that have given me comfort on my path to acceptance. Think of them as a hug from me to you.

“Secret” by Angel Snow –

“I’d rather go naked than wear the coat the world has made for me.”
– Dorothy Allison

Hedwig and the Angry Inch – A Broadway show and movie about accepting others and yourself. It’s beautiful. Hilarious. Heartbreaking. Wonderful. I’ve seen it five times and it just gets better and better.

“The Journey” by Mary Oliver

These words by Christopher Poindexter

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20 Responses

  1. Saoirse Carruthers says:

    Lets date Ingrid 

  2. Cookie McCurdy says:

    I love you Ingrid, all support from me!!!!!

  3. Jesa Portillo says:

    So very proud of you! YOU DID IT!! No matter if millions of people have
    come out too and people are going to be judgemental. You are you, and that
    is beautiful. No more hiding and no more running away from what you feel
    deep inside, live in the world that YOU want to be in. Remember that you
    are ulimitely loved and wanted in this world when some will give you crap
    for it. We love you Ingrid. Your fans will be behind you 1001%!!!

  4. Alexandria Inouye says:

    For some reason I just don’t believe her. I’ll get so much hate I know but
    it’s just my opinion:/

  5. haleigh gingin says:

    so powerful.

  6. Nicky and Boo says:

    dont worry darling

  7. Lina and Sashu says:

    I support you completely Ingrid❤️ Don’t say let anyone else get in your

  8. Suha Omari says:

    Ingrid.. if you say that being gay is fine and sets you free and is normal
    then why would you dedicate an entire video to tell us that you’re gay?!
    Why would you even make a big deal out of it and cry if you really think
    it’s right?! don’t tell me those are happiness tears.. I’m straight and I’m
    happy being straight but I will never cry for being happy for being
    straight as it’s in my nature! 

  9. SuperMissick says:

    Nobody should care about who you like. It is YOUR life and it is awesome
    that you decide to be yourself and be happy no matter what some people with
    a different opinion think. You are the only youtuber that talk about beauty
    but also about important stuff and that is great. You are great and you
    will still be great if you kiss and love a woman or a man. I hope you find
    someone who understand you and love you. I hope you find happiness (if you
    havent found it yet). 

  10. LauraLanny says:

    Hi Ingrid, I saw you posted your video on facebook and I was completely
    shocked. I was like is this for real?? I literally stared at the thumbnail
    for a while and when I got home I HAD to watch your video. I cried with
    you. Im glad you found supportive and loving people to help you go through
    this and that you are finally able be open about it. I guess you were able
    to talk about this with joey as well and were able to deal with this
    together. I imagine this was really hard for you and know that the people
    that really love and care for you will accept you no matter what. I’m proud
    of you girl!!

  11. pradidye says:


  12. PACBOYman says:

    I not gay but i wished i had this kind of bravery. Respect.

  13. chelbunni says:

    And that other dude who was her bf recently

  14. Lauren Matty says:

    been having a rough few months and honestly nothing has made me this happy
    or proud in a while. its pretty fucking indescribable whut you just did, it
    sent chills through my body multiple times watching this. ive been watching
    you back when you were in a little blue room years ago and to see you come
    this far is beyond words to describe… you are so strong I wish you
    nothing but the best..

  15. PinkPolkaDottx says:

    Congrats girl! (on being free now)

  16. yourmomssoha says:

    im so proud of you ingrid!!! you were one of the first youtubers i started
    watching and i loved your personality and consideration. you have such a
    genuine heart and i can feel it in every video you post. this is such a big
    step and just the beginning of a truly happy and fulfilling life. keep
    being the wonderful strong person you are!!

  17. Kalyn Burdon says:

    I love you Ingrid!❤️ So proud of you!

  18. Crystal Cain says:

    Lipstick Lesbian s need love too! xoxo

  19. lemonsugar says:

    Wait this is real 

  20. Mia Isabella says:

    We love you Ingrid your e awesome and so special and such a great role
    model for everyone