Something’s Wrong with Me..

Something’s Wrong with Me..

Some weird things are going on around here.

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39 Responses

  1. Wolfychu says:

    Happy April Fools!! Be sure to go watch the video Tabbes and I did on her channel too! ^__^

  2. Yurika Toudou says:

    I would love to have those cute outfits! You’re so lucky Wolfychu! I want those cute school girl uniforms and those cute frilly dresses!!!! I would love to live in that animal crossing world!!!!!!!!❤????

  3. Kristin Lee Chee-Thomas says:

    “If I’m Mew Mew Power, then you must be My Chemical Romance!”
    – Tabbes 2019

  4. Expert Degree says:

    Tabbes You gosh darn switched voices with Wolfychu in your video. Now that’s some April fools s*** right there.

    Me at 1:14: gosh darn it sweetotoons why did you agree to this

  5. heavy metal broke my *noot noot* HEART says:

    1:23 my heart is still uneasy after March 22nd okay *why must you attack me in this way*

  6. Uni Kai :3 says:

    I went straight to the comments to find APRIL FOOLS XD

  7. Liston Capper says:

    I thought Wolfychu changed for real when I first started to watch this but then i realize at the end of the video, it was a April Fool’s joke!
    Nice one!!!!!

  8. Alther R. Esguerra girl says:

    It’s always confuseing for me when its April fools cause its alteady april 2 in my country

  9. shadow wolf says:

    This is about the 7th time ive been April fools today and now I’m mad

  10. Become With The Galaxy says:

    I was laughing when u said Happy April Fools then i Hit The UNlike button and I was Panicking I said Oh SHOOT then 1 sec later i Like it then

  11. Anila Brown says:

    What was dis about u say it’s April fool’s but I saw the logo and I thought NOTHING IS WRONG WITH UUUU

  12. LPS Bailey Burroughs says:

    Wolfychu you are the best!!! Pikachu best day of my life and also happy April Fool’s Day

  13. Mine Blox says:

    I actually thought this was for real. (But only for the first few seconds) iM sO sMaRt

    Wolfychu: Ok, ok. I’m legit gonna call the cops on u if u don’t get out of my house.
    *Loved that part* XD

  14. Lilla Menezes says:

    Forgive me if this sounds weird, but you’re voice is so cute! Like a Loli-chan and a Neko-chan fused into one.

  15. Gatcha Dawn says:

    When I heard tabby’s voice I freaked out I yelled “WOLFIE LOST HER CUTENESS!! But the oc is still cute”

  16. Joe Russell says:

    “You think I’m playing games?!?”
    *Throw Nintendo switch*
    “Because I’m not”

  17. Ferrets fluffy :3 says:

    This is the best April fools video I watch ever

    Great job Wolfy and tabbes and Jordan too

    Lol “put…. the…..pikachu down…..”

  18. Tohru Betsuki Bunny says:


  19. WolfyWolf 1239 says:

    “Look at my kaweewee eyes!” -Tabbes April 1,2019

  20. Naomi Nyb says:

    Don’t mess with tabes even In a sweet and innocent girls body SHE KNOWS HOW TO NARUTO?

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