Son Makes Mum Shave His Head So He Doesn’t Have To Buy Shampoo | Extreme Cheapskates

Son Makes Mum Shave His Head So He Doesn’t Have To Buy Shampoo | Extreme Cheapskates

Matt Rivera is the self proclaimed cheapest wrestler in the world, and uses all sorts of creative ways to save money, such as re-wearing his two pairs of underwear, shaving his head to save on shampoo, and haggling on fuel prices when making a long journey.

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94 Responses

  1. maldita peppas says:


  2. naser 77 Naser says:

    Why waste egg shells because you will get salmonella then how much money you will pay for medical Care ?

    • Kai Stevens says:

      RuBberBandsBaby unless you live in Canada

    • Random Modnar says:

      I learned that it was actually the shell that is more likely to give you salmonella, that’s why it’s advised to wash the outside of the egg shell before you break and use the egg. But I’m sure you can get salmonella from other parts too. Maybe just not as likely.

    • Anal Beads says:

      @Katie Hancock both do bonehead

    • Jake Shattuck says:

      Is he buying organic bananas as a cheapskate or throwing in a skin covered in the same pesticides that made dozens of field hands sterile from excessive contact? Now it was dripping off their hands and feet after spraying crops but that’s from skin contact and seeping through their pores. He’s not marinating himself in it BUT HE’S EATING IT. Idiotic.

      But being sterile should actually save him a bunch of money so that’s a saving tactic as well.

    • Sissy Lou says:

      Hey y’all – public health grad here…chicken carries salmonella which is transferred to the egg shells when they come out. Eggs dont get pasteurized. Salmonella from the egg shell contaminates the raw egg which is why they say to not eat raw eggs. Some people feel safe by swiping the outside with alcohol wipes but it’s not recommended.

  3. Brother Rob says:

    when you refuse to try harder in life you end up on extreme cheapskates

    • Kim F says:


    • lighting Mcmeme says:


    • D Mason says:


    • Jake Shattuck says:

      I forage for certain vegetation. I grow some veg in a window sill. But that banana peel spends most of the developing months saturated in pesticides THAT STERILIZE FARM HANDS FROM EXCESSIVE CONTACT (zero consumption, 100% through the pores). Pesticides inform even the bugs with the tiniest brains that “this is poison and should not be eaten”. And here’s this fool grinding it up daily.

      If this guy had a functional brain, he would figure out where to spend the money and what’s a waste. There’s plenty of reading material available on these subjects. Right now he’s up there guessing. Although if pesticides sterilized him, he’d never have expensive children. Win win.

  4. PYT Mimi says:

    Imagine the different textures in that protein shake??

  5. ComfyCakes says:

    When he said he blows his nose then lets them dry and uses it again-

  6. priscilla k says:

    the first 29 seconds already make me regret watching this

  7. Yoruichi The Extra Terrestrial says:

    I know plenty of men that manage to shave their heads in their own. And is it that hard to shave his own body?

    If he hasn’t the dexterity to do that, he’s going to suffer in the ring.

    • Same No Yona says:

      No cap

    • Jean Neymar says:

      Yoruichi The Extra Terrestrial he can do it alone but he is not willing.
      He has a real special relationship with his mom and obviously doesnt want to cut the bind with her
      I mean just look at him, he almost does every activity with her
      He is bench-pressing 20lbs with his mom even tho nobody really need help with that kind of weight

  8. Hello People says:

    I couldn’t live with someone this cheap

  9. patchmehzy says:

    I feel rich after watching this

  10. Ken Ko says:

    $300 a month, $1000 a year.. the math don’t add up there bud

  11. DC LIGHTNING says:

    But he still has to buy the saving cream tho ?

    I have a channel btw check me out

  12. Lora Hann says:

    He can pay to get tattoos but he can’t pay for hygiene products ?‍♀️

  13. saif162 says:

    I would’ve died if after he said “To the cheapest protein shake ever” he drank it and spit it out, lmaooo

  14. Happy Naw says:

    I’m damn sure this guy got no girlfriend!

  15. Mmmmichael1234 Gaming says:

    He seems like a nice person but he needs to treat his mother better

    • Roxan Ss says:

      And needs to buy more underwear. I can understand if he wants to save money in some things but having only 2 pairs of underwear and not washing them everytime he uses it, it’s just disgusting.

    • Robin Crawley says:

      She’s a Loving Mom who Loves Her Son very much, and no doubt yes he does Love His Mother, but he also appears to use her & takes advantage, that’s Not Nice!!! It’s time for him to Grow Up and become a Man and put away Childish things? Mama can’t breastfeed you anymore youngman, No More milk and cookies for you, it’s time to make or buy your own!!!??

  16. Macleven 5th says:

    Who else clicked on this video just to see his mom shave his head
    Lol true

  17. pinkcatmilk says:

    Why did he get tattoos when he could’ve got markers

  18. JAY VEE says:

    first he smell his boxer brief.. and then he smell that crotch protector that he borrowed from another wrestler.. ? idk

  19. Toi's Weight Loss Vlogs says:

    Hi TLC, How much money do yall pay ppl to act in these cheapskate videos? I wanna be in the next one, I have alot of unique ideas. ❤?

  20. blossom pinkheart says:

    Sniff test on your underwear. doesn’t smell bad. but it has bacteria already ?

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