Son of Lil Wayne and Lauren London speaks at Nipsey Hussle memorial

Son of Lil Wayne and Lauren London speaks at Nipsey Hussle memorial

Rapper Lil Wayne‘s son Cameron Carter says he dreamed of Nipsey Hussle in heaven. Carter is the first son of Lauren London, Hussle’s girlfriend.

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86 Responses

  1. Anthony Lewis says:


  2. Khish Jackson says:

    This pain hurts so bad. Rip Nipsey ????

  3. jason eagles says:

    He’s definitely in a better place!
    One luv,RIP….

  4. The Anonymous Black Kid says:

    He looks she like Wayne

  5. Dr Zaius says:

    The culture needs to change or the body count will keep rising.

    • our hair defies gravity so can we says:

      Well stop supporting these rappers that glorify and promote BS in our community to fatten the pockets of Jews.

    • I will have Grayson After I will get Ethan says:

      Hans stop stereotyping

    • squarebear619 says:

      You morons do realize that Nip was murdered due to jealousy and not gang related, right? You can’t “fix” shit like that. To idiot piping about murders in L.A, L.A is massive and most of those murders transpired all across the city and county not just in the “Black” neighborhoods. And we bring up white people’s bullshit because of tired and played out rhetoric that Blacks murder more than whites which is statistically FALSE. Worry about why whites account for the most pedophiles, domestic violence, terrorism, rapists, mass, spree , and serial killings etc… The U.S is and has always been a country full of violence from ALL the nationalities who reside here. You better make sure your porch is clean before you go and worry about someone else’s. ?

    • JustFists says:

      +squarebear619 ya but there’s more white people so there’s bound to be all of that stuff. Everyone is an individual human. We are not in groups. Just because I’m white does not mean I should take responsibility for others action s and the same with you.

  6. Lucille Thomas says:

    I don’t know him but I feel his Family’s Pain!! My Deepest Condolences to his Family and Friends???????

  7. Taylor Cathey says:

    Awwwwwee this baby ??

  8. InMyOpinion says:

    Can tell Nipsey helped raise him full of charisma

  9. Maeretta Louallen says:

    ? So sad and so sweet!!! Out the mouth of a babe!!!! His tribute touched my ?

  10. HatersGonnaHate says:

    His daughter got tall just that quick just February at the Grammys she was small. Wow!!! RIP Nip

  11. Marley Ex says:

    Oh my God ?? I can’t take anymore of this.?

  12. Gina Mcintyre says:

    I’m so sorry sweet boy❤️

  13. That Kidd Style says:

    Big Bro Nipsey changed the world, I see alot of good coming from this unfortunate situation…

    • Arturo Parris says:

      +Oldschoolhiphop so he saved and delivered us blacks back to our land he was a leader of all black people and delivered us from our enemies ?

    • Arturo Parris says:

      +Oldschoolhiphop Idolatry literally means the worship of an “idol”, also known as a worship cult image, in the form of a physical image, such as a statue.[1][2][3] In Abrahamic religions, namely Christianity, Islam and Judaism, idolatry connotes the worship of something or someone other than God as if it were God.

  14. Toyya Young says:

    Breaks my heart omg …. we all lost a great man but his family truly lost most of all ☹️

  15. Sheila Mccullough says:

    Lil Wayne good he so intelligent he looks jist like his daddy he gave a good speech Bless You Baby

  16. madant22 says:

    Yo he look just like lil wayne in the face. I know that lil boy missing nipsey a lot right now. That lil boy gave a beautiful speech.

  17. debra james says:

    This little boy looks just like his father, Lil Wayne his eyes are of his father. His ability to capture the attention of many is also of lil Wayne!. Rest in power Nippsey, his son with Laura London is also handsome and a refreshing reflection of Nippsey. Nippsey was a visionary, a man on a mission to teach many about changing their life for the better. He was the truth and sadly the honest ones are chased away from earth . Let’s remember him well and be inspired to do better and to embrace forward thinking. Moringa powder is great for PMS and menopause and weight loss for it is packed with minerals and it is all natural.

  18. The greatest show On earth says:

    Someone should show Kodak Black mother this clip that’s how you raise a child with RESPECT for his father his family and his people

    • E G Williams-Woodson says:

      Right, it starts at home!?

    • Mr. Feeny says:

      Tony Stark you stay on Kodak’s ?

    • ebee dalcy says:

      are you comparing a single mom raising a kid in the ghetto, with a rich mom and dad raising a kid in the suburb?

    • squarebear619 says:

      +ebee dalcy Just because someone was raised in poverty in a poverty stricken neighborhood does not mean that you can’t raise a child to be a good person. My parents can attest to that as they raised in dirt poor conditions. That is only an excuse for either inadequate parenting or a child who refuses to cooperate and gravitates towards the seedy criminal lifestyle.

  19. Indigenous Redd says:

    He looks just like Little Wayne too and Lauren he looks like both of them!!!

  20. Tamara Monroe says:

    He is gifted to be able to do this in a short period of time and he don’t seem nervous. Good Job To all 3 of his parents. Handsome kid.

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