Sonic Central – 5/27/21

Sonic Central – 5/27/21

Tune in for a first look at some of our upcoming projects, partnerships, and events to celebrate Sonic’s 30th anniversary!

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47 Responses

  1. [NTC] Nyonthecat says:

    If you didn’t re-rendered the original pre-recorded Sonic Colors scenes that are 480p videos I would be very offended.

    • Gabo2oo says:

      @[NTC] Nyonthecat The footage here shows the cutscene from the game’s title theme in HD, I thought you were talking about those. The cutscenes that appear throughout the game were recorded in-engine, but yeah they were presented as 480p videos. Those could definetly use a touch-up.

    • Charmy The Charizard says:

      Yeah, it’s already enough that it’ll be an Epic exclusive.

    • Link&Watch .9 says:

      @Frank Hunter Ok now say it in english.

    • Super Sire Boy says:

      @Talobsta also btw I’m an idiot I think my eyes weren’t working at looks great

    • I hate Sonic forces says:

      Frank Hunter cap

  2. TheWhiteRito says:

    Imagine being rushed to the hospital, you are starting to black out from blood loss. You look up and several people dressed like Sonic characters are just staring at you before you black out.

  3. Verde says:

    i liked when Sonic defeated Little Mac. Just like Smash but not everyone is there 2:39

  4. Spicy Mario Bois says:

    2:45 I don’t think they’re gonna accept “gotta go fast” as a medical condition

  5. PeachDoesArtYT says:


  6. Dokkan Assets says:

    Sonic Prime comes on: “We’ll bring you something you’ve never seen before.”

    Shivers in Sonic Boom.

  7. CaalebPazzaz says:

    Sonic Colors: Rise of the Wisps looks phenomenal. Tyson Hesse did a great job (as usual).

  8. Mr. Pyromaniac says:

    “Coming to all consoles”

    Atari 1600 Sonic

  9. Aspects says:

    Man, I’m so fucking happy to see Sonic finally coming back after all this time of just rumors and leaks.

  10. Gorey Bits says:

    Time to start collecting rings and chaos emeralds.

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