Sonic Frontiers, but I put too many mods in it

Sonic Frontiers, but I put too many mods in it

This was a beautiful mistake that I fully plan on making again
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➤ Jackson:

➤ me (also modded)

➤ Kobazco:
➤ Cannons:
➤ GhostsSoup:

➤ Crystel:

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37 Responses

  1. Alpharad says:

    Check out Pre-Registration for Honkai Star Rail here:

  2. Squidward Tentacles says:

    Seeing Alpha trying to fight Giganto literally emoting on him is the most I ever laughed at anything

  3. Heros Vicente Gonzalez says:

    The gigantic robot just dancing is the funniest thing ever, feels like a terminal montage video

  4. The Bionic Vet says:

    The best part is that the Gangnam style is actually really well animated. Like, suspiciously well animated

  5. Parkour Cutie Spicy says:

    Fun fact: 3d modeling students are often assigned to create mod models for games to prove they have some sort of experience and have something to show in portfolios.

  6. Tina VanWey says:

    This is the hardest I’ve laughed at a video in a while, Buff Luigi appearing while Kellen Quinn started playing almost killed me 💀

  7. Mictel94 says:

    Giganto doing the Gangnam Style is officially the single funniest thing I have ever seen in a video game

  8. KingofKyles says:

    This feels like a fever dream that had a rough idea of where it wanted the story to go but wanted to throw whatever you saw in your dank meme collection at you first

  9. Game4Etienne says:

    I’m pretty certain that while there are some pre-rendered cutscenes, there are some cutscenes rendered in real-time, such as the fisrt meeting with the first boss (fun tid bit: this makes it so that depending on the time of day you start the cutscene, the lighting would stay consistent). That is why Son- *ahem* Luigi appears sometimes in the cutscenes and why it is Sonic when pre-rendered.

    • Jacob Robinson says:

      @MirrorHall_Clay that makes more sense

    • MirrorHall_Clay says:

      @Jacob Robinson I have a feeling it isn’t that they’re pre-rendered, but that it’s a specific higher-poly model used in certain cutscenes, hence it not being replaced in the freeing Amy scene but being replaced in most others

    • Jacob Robinson says:

      @Asutosh Variar I think they’re completely different models of the characters, mainly sonic. Even in the base game when you have cosmetics on the game says that the cosmetics won’t appear in certain cutscenes. That’s probably due to the fact that there might be 3 different sonic models being used in this game. One being pre-rendered for certain cutscenes, one being when sonic frees his friends and starts to have that cyber corruption appear on his body that’s more noticeable later on in the game, and the model that is used for gameplay. They probably made the two models only be able to be adjusted with cosmetics (or in this case mods) in certain scenes due to the fact that if it the models were able to have cosmetics in every scene, then when they loaded in, scenes that have sonic get corrupted with cyber energy (or whatever it’s called), might have not worked or looked properly, or it might have broken the models in some scenes.

    • Asutosh Variar says:

      Then why do the Alpharad and Sonic models coexist in a cutscene?

  10. Daphne Tett says:

    I love how the Gangnam Style unintentionally made the boss harder.

    • Luki Wei says:

      It’s harder than Sans now, ffs. That SAYS something right there

    • William Duffy says:

      moral of the story if your a video game boss fight just do gangnam style and it will make you more difficult. if return to dream land doesint add a phase to the final boss where he just gangnam styles then it will make the entire game pointless

    • RustBot42 says:

      See, your first mistake was thinking it’s unintentional 😛

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