Sonic Frontiers – Showdown Trailer

Sonic Frontiers – Showdown Trailer

It’s almost time. Explore the Starfall Islands, gather the Chaos Emeralds, and get ready for the showdown of a lifetime!

Sonic Frontiers is available for pre-order now:

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35 Responses

  1. SonicWhacker55 says:

    The cutscenes ROCK! The music ROCKS! The gameplay ROCKS! This whole trailer ROCKS! Man I can’t wait for November 8th!

    • Chrange says:

      @Reiku Yin Sir the FACTS you are just straight spitting just make me wish soso much more people like you made up this fanbase instead of those toxic assholes.

    • Reiku Yin says:

      @blue rocket Was way before the 2000s. Gaming has been around as a more widly known concept from the arcade days.
      I just think people have been blinded so much from companies trying to validate the cost point of games going up and transactions in them with graphics. Better graphics means game has to be more expensive Right? When games need to be fun first.
      There is a reason the retro style still is popular after all.

    • DarkSonicYT says:

      @Mr. Unknown Alright then. Have you played it?

    • blue rocket says:

      @Reiku Yin that was in the golden age of 2000s
      NOW thinks changed to the worst

    • Mouse Head says:

      @Harrison Lane is it worse than sonic 06?

  2. BLamb says:

    This redemption arc has been nothing short of amazing for this game. Gosh, what a glow-up. Here’s hoping that the release of Sonic Frontiers itself sticks the landing!

    • Prince Starfy says:

      This is the first trailer that got me really excited and not disappointed. Past trailers looked more like proof or concept, but this trailer actually has full and traditional sonic style levels. Fast pace action fit for a sonic game, not running around aimlessly, epic looking bonus fights not 2 or 3 enemies walking around aimlessly in an empty land, and story hints that really peak my interest. Better late then never.

      Still not gonna get it day one, it’s a Sonic game after all gotta wait to see how broken it is, but I’m finally hopeful that this game will be good.

    • Sus X but BALLS says:

      @Michael Droste I noticed that too. At 1:31, it looked like the final battle from the first Sonic the Hedgehog movie where Sonic was hitting Robotnik over and over again with an overhead view

    • Michael Droste says:

      I heard that the movies are the inspiration for the new shift in combat system.

    • Charli says:

      The movies were a great launching pad and if the new show is good it’s gonna solidify things, but I’m only gonna say we’re in a resurgence for Sonic if this game is good. And I think it will be. 😊

  3. Jovani says:

    I’ve never seen Sonic look this badass since unleashed. It brings tears of joy.

  4. Link Jones says:

    I wish that the entire marketing campaign was like this, stunning shots of gameplay and cutscene animation. Truly makes me want to see this game succeed

    • sk says:

      @FujinShu This trailer doesn’t make it clear whether the level design is good yet. Its just snippets of a cutscene with brief flashes of gameplay.

    • The Fast Commenter says:

      I wish Sega actually put CGI in the game like they did for the handled Boom game (Sonic Boom: Fire and Ice)

    • jarrad says:

      @FujinShu Forces’ cgi cutscenes look pale in comparison to these. I feel like Sonic Team has a lot of confidence in this game, and the energy is there for sure.

    • FujinShu says:

      That’s what they did with Forces, and look how it turned out.

  5. Come Fast to take glimpse of my body says:

    I literally cannot process how much hype is going through my system rn, this looks so AMAZING!!!

  6. ShinobiSkull says:

    I’m hyped, It’s been forever since I’ve seen people have such confidence in a sonic game. After all these years it looks like sonic is finally going to find his footing

  7. BlankedOut says:

    This game looks absolutely sick. Really hope there’s more involvement from the side characters, cuz tbh that would make this game all the better.

  8. Devonte The One says:

    GOOOSH IT LOOKS SO GOOD. I hope Sega doesn’t let us down with this one when it releases.

  9. Portalwake says:

    The beginning of this trailer says exactly why I love Sonic. He’s cool, he’s fast, and he’s a fighter! He’s UNSTOPPABLE! I can’t wait to play Sonic Frontiers, I’m SO EXCITED! 🤩🤩🤩

  10. Dnorm says:

    This trailer is the best one in my opinion! Also praise the animators! They did a great job!

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