Sonic Frontiers

Sonic Frontiers

Explore a new frontier of gaming.

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51 Responses

  1. Grey Law says:

    The pop-in is actually a nod to sonic moving faster than the speed of light, so the objects don’t actually show up in his cornea until he runs headfirst into them. Bravo Sega

  2. SLE says:

    It amazes me how in every open world game dunkey reviews.. we will always get a clip of him trying to Scale a wall.

  3. Antonio Limited says:

    The seagul being faster than Sonic is hilarious

    • Ike of Pyke says:

      @Ange because it makes no sense why SEGULS WOULD BE ABLE TO KEEP UP WITH THE FASTEST THING ALIVE.

    • Tavid Durley says:

      @Ange Maybe they should have picked atmospheric scenery that wouldn’t end Sonic’s whole career.

    • R.K says:

      @wykydytron What a strange thing to say. I’m not even going to comment much on this put I’ll say that maybe thing long and hard about why what you’re saying doesn’t actually make any sense.

    • wykydytron says:

      @Ange no it sucks, even slowest sonic should be able tu run circles around seagull… Game just sucks that’s all there is to it. In fact using wildlife to show how fast so i is would be grate idea to show the difference but that would require at least one of the devs to finish basic game design tutorial.

  4. Nhat Tran says:

    One of the best fishing games I’ve ever seen 10/10

  5. Jonathon Toms says:

    Dude, the Buddy Rich drum cut was absolutely incredible.

  6. Hazzarius says:

    The pop in really enhances the sense of speed, as you barrel across the land faster than the game can even render it

  7. Conspiracy Panda says:

    Knuckles is in an unstable state? That really sucks, man. I hope he sees a therapist and learns new ways to cope 🙁

  8. mitt romney says:

    the little hit at 3:54 gets me. it looks like it shouldnt happen

  9. Sean Peters says:

    Amazing to see strand-type games making a comeback

  10. Bluster Kong says:

    As much as I actually really like this game, it’s probably the only game I’ve ever played where I’ve experienced pop-OUT where rocks disappear when I get close to them

    • Bluster Kong says:

      @lame dan It did

    • lame dan says:

      when is donkey kong tv show season 2 happening

    • Arie Hamm says:

      @Flipribbon have you played the game?

      The map is so full with platforms it almost feels cluttered wtf.

      Jank is obvious but tbf that comes with all sonic games.

      Cyberspaces is considered a sidequest and you don’t have to do the “puzzles” at all really, they are extremely easy

    • And Other Such Nonsense says:

      @Mysta Mixed at best and even the game director said he’s taking the launch as a “global playtest” but you guys have fun combating that “echo chamber” lol

    • Flipribbon says:

      @Arie Hamm It’s a half populated map with a janky movement and combat system and pathetic Ubisoft tier side quests.

      It’s not good, it’s just not a dumpster fire. Which for Sonic is as good as it gets.

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