Sonic Mania Adventures – Sneak Peek

Sonic Mania Adventures – Sneak Peek

All-new animated Sonic shorts are coming to YouTube! Speed back into the world of Sonic Mania in this sneak peek at part of the first episode of “Sonic Mania Adventures”.

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101 Responses

  1. james netto says:

    S H O W

  2. Thomas Drew says:

    We ask for an animated series in the style of the Mania trailer and opening, and we get it. We ask for more content for Mania, we get it. Mania Team and Tyson, you guys are the best

    • Trokon Hufnagel says:

      But how long will it last?

    • Pikachuk says:

      “no one really cares anymore” while the latest poll from the sonic official twitter had “sonic cd, chaotix or sonic adventure” sonic adventure won with 50% of the votes
      so no, the sonic adventure fans are the majority of the fanbase

    • Hypersonicisawsome says:

      Rashid Dubai Adventure 3 will never happen so stop asking for it! Jesus this fan base is the worst one ever! People need to be grateful that we are even still getting more sonic games! Y’all wanted more Sonic Mania boom it happened, but then people complain about that the game should’ve been physical release at launch! Like Jesus be grateful!

    • Danny Sunny says:

      What about sonic boom isn’t that great

    • TripleJump says:

      Actually, I wanted more Modern Sonic.

  3. H3çTΩR says:

    God damn it, Tails. You left Classic Sonic hanging.

  4. Youngnate 415 says:

    Man I can’t wait when the sonic mania cartoon shorts comes out, also classic sonic is teleported from forces back to mania which means classic sonic is back in a good game.

    • Gravity Falls Canada says:

      Youngnate 415
      This is such bullshit instead of making a glorious 4K animation of the Sonic Forces prequel comics we get this shit that should have been in the game to begin with! Let me remind everyone that Sonic Mania only has 2 animated cutscenes… TWO! The same amount as Sonic CD, that was made decades before…

      When the fuck are we going to have Sonic game with a good story… I’ve had enough of these fucking re-hashes!

    • JUAN morto tudo says:


    • Ak K says:

      Gravity Falls Canada Get a grip of yourself fuckboy

    • The Joker says:

      UltraPlushSquad It wasn’t bad. It just had bad controls, the game basically played itself. The stages are underwhelmingly short, the boss fights are a joke, the classic stages are downright horrible,The music can get really off putting at times, the game is 4 hours and the story is rushed.
      So all that being said, this game is amazing 10/10 best game.

    • Aamir Ahamed says:

      Gravity Falls Canada you need to quit copying and pasting, you said this 6 ducking times, jackass!

  5. Phoenixgames says:

    Man. If Sonic The Movie Would Only Look Like This But Not “Live Action” And “CGI”. I Want It To Be Like A Cartoon But Ya Know. A Movie.

  6. Wi11iamson says:

    Sonic Mania Adventure 3

  7. Jevron Freeman says:

    Ooooo, what’s this?

  8. Transgirl Lilith says:

    The moment you realize this takes place after Sonic Forces. ☺

  9. Tommy TwoShoes says:

    *Forces Ends — Teleports in.
    “Man, oh man! Tails! Knuckles! You would not believe the nightmare I just had! There were all these people who wouldn’t stop talking and I forgot how to control properly and I–Ah… Tails? Knuckles? Where is everybody?”

  10. Danial Aznur says:

    Classic Sonic Is back.Return Sonic Mania Adventure.

  11. Hyper Potions says:

    Can’t wait to watch this 😮

  12. SonicBoomPlushFilms says:

    I totally saw this coming…and I love every single little bit of it…so much hype coursing through my veins right now…I want to run in circles for hours…

    • Honor Animations says:

      Maniac_Mario xD

    • SonicBoomPlushFilms says:

      Gravity Falls Canada You already made a comment literally saying the exact same thing, you don’t need to spam it in everybody else’s comments.

    • Marvelfan 2.0 says:

      LOL, brilliant.

    • DJ Maysonic says:

      Gravity Falls Canada most sonic games fall because of having too much badly written stories when sonic doesn’t need much, the fact that mania has a simple story like the classics is a good thing not bad, and why should it be in the game? Not many games have animated shorts in them, the only one I can think of is cut the rope

    • SomesayIam Awesome says:

      SonicBoomPlushFilms u don’t see the double meaning don’t ya

  13. Flyinpenguin117 says:

    This is SEGA digging Modern Sonic’s grave

  14. Ian Lohan says:

    I have a feeling that Sonic’s golden days are coming back. Well, at least for Classic Sonic.

  15. RetroSquid says:

    Just only 5 shorts? How about 3 seasons of this as a SHOW?

  16. Midnight Castle says:

    They really are trying to bury Forces

  17. Things says:

    It’s so great to see Sonic animated in this style again! I can’t wait for these shorts to come out! ^_^

  18. Rodrinc says:

    Are Mighty and Ray being on this series? Or only based on original Mania

    • Gallius Lactaverunt / Silicad says:

      They may appear. They said that they’ll ask the audience to see the reaction because they’ve pretty much done it all already so if they do add them in, it’ll be a short cameo and/or interaction.

    • Mighty The Armadillo says:

      Yes we are I don’t know about adventures but in plus yes we are back since 93-95.

  19. TyToonz YT06 says:

    This is epic! the fact that SEGA possibly confirmed Sonic Mania is connected to Sonic Forces, that’s not the only thing i like in this video, but also i’m excited for the new series as well, i’m hyped for this series!

  20. DanSanus says:

    Trending wow.

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