Sonic The Hedgehog 2019 Movie Trailer – The Manhog Is Horrifying, Jim Carrey Is Jim Carrey (OMGH)

Sonic The Hedgehog 2019 Movie Trailer – The Manhog Is Horrifying, Jim Carrey Is Jim Carrey (OMGH)

Oh dear. The Sonic movie trailer has finally hit, and The Manhog is as terrifying as we feared. An elongated freak of a monster.

Jim Carrey is being Jim Carrey as Eggman. The more Jim Carrey he’s been in a long while.

Otherwise… eh? Feh? Bleh? It looks like a Hollywood product. Not so much a movie, but a product.

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48 Responses

  1. Jet 27 says:

    Paramount: shows the trailer
    Audience: The Doctor thinks you’re basic.

  2. Simon Grindell says:

    Robotnic is in a field of Mushrooms at the end. A mushroom… KINGDOM if you will.

    Just saying…

    • DrKlRd says:

      It looks more like a mushroom… HILL to me.

      A mushroom hill… zone

    • Guy Incognito says:

      Oh my god Morrowind crossover squee!

    • Batzarro says:

      Calling it now he gets mutated or some shit and ends like this in Angel Island but you have to watch the credits half way through to know. I think they added this when they saw the reaction to Robotnik’s first images.

  3. Starfals says:

    Its like a fan-art horror version hahahahaa 😀 At least JIm Carrey is totally on point 😀 its like watching the mask all over again and i dig that. Worth a watch for sure, at least from home.. paying for it in the cinema?
    99.999999.9999.000009 % NOPE!

  4. Bat cup says:

    Dude Jim you should be playing dr robotnick, not jim carrey

  5. Elzi Epsilon says:

    Can’t wait for Sonic the Hedgehoh The Movie The Game.

    • Erv says:

      Sonic 10 the movie final part 2 the game the remake…

      No commas cause’ back to back release…and commas are for suckers.

  6. Jack Pepper says:

    The man-hog looks like Thing 1 and Thing 2 from that Mike Myers Cat In The Hat film.

  7. amps says:

    4:20 His hands…..are furry….he’s not wearing gloves….they’re just furry, white, creepy hands.

  8. Poly Bent says:

    Isn’t it ironic that Eggman has more attitude than this Sin-ic does?

  9. Sean Thompson says:

    Ironically, Jim’s thumbnail is the sole screenshot in which Sonic looks half decent.

  10. Gunter the penguin says:

    When I imagined a live-action Sonic film, I always pictured Jim Carrey in like a blue Grinch outfit with spines protruding from his skull.

  11. Nextgener says:

    “Let’s all die together”

    Can’t kill something that’s already dead.

  12. B T says:

    Well at least sonic didn’t bend over and grab his ankles while stretching ?

  13. Kohdok says:

    My problem is it looks CHEAP. Like, lower budget that the Woody Woodpecker cheap. You get spectacle like the opening of Sonic Unleashed, and then we have this garbage.

    This is a cashgrab, plain-and-simple.

  14. Adam Williams says:


    It’s…. It’s the decisions that bug me.

    They thought the gloves were stupid, yet he wears Nikes.
    His original design didn’t work right, they wanted a more realistic look. Stands outside of time and proceeds to use ballistic missiles as drum sticks and emits blue electricity.

    None of the excuses they give, make ANY logical sense given what I just saw. You take a character, who is one of the world’s top three recognizable characters, standing shoulder to shoulder with Mickey Mouse and Mario and proceed to make him nearly UNRECOGNIZABLE.


  15. BuddySweyzer says:

    This isn’t a movie you make in 2019. This is a movie you make in 1998 and apologize for on the commentary track in 2002.

    • SiilkLone says:

      2019 is the new 1998

    • Javier Fernandez says:


    • Javier Fernandez says:

      +SeanGaming really? I gotta watch that. 😀

    • lowell proctor says:

      No they put more work into CGI back in the day, a lot more work and dedicated effort. So actually it would have been a better movie if it was made back then. studios got lazy it’s not about a love child movie anymore it’s about creating a fast and easy cashcow of a child they can sell on the hollywood black market.

    • Drift Troopers 100 Subs without Videos Challenge says:

      Hey I’m doing a 100 subscribers challenge without any videos would you mind subscribing to me

  16. Tommy Atkins says:

    “I want to put my evil inside you.”

    -Sonic The Manhog, 2019

  17. Brekner Catalin says:

    *can dodge hundreds of rockets, can’t dodge one tranquilizing dart*

  18. Rebecca Phillips says:

    Maybe detective pikachu will arrest sonic for public indecency

  19. Sad Crustacean says:

    With all these government officials appearing in this I almost mistakenly thought it was a shadow the hedgehog game.

  20. Eric Champlin says:

    Sega: How much of this movie should be identical to Detective Pikachu?
    Director: YES.

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