Soooo… We Bought an Abandoned Resort…

Soooo… We Bought an Abandoned Resort…

Thanks so much for all the love and support guys!!! Grab a shirt/hoodie/patch and join the Demolitia today!!!

Try out our custom athletic line!!! Be careful that you don’t get too attractive tho.

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25 Responses

  1. Wild Wonderful Off-Grid says:

    We love a good renovation project! If you need an extra pair of hands, we’re in your corner 💪💪

    • Dan Rapp says:

      @OffTheRanch same workbench you two sat on in the mansion first video

    • Tony Nagy says:

      It’s a huge project to undertake, but You Got This Matt(YGTM) 💯!! It’s going to take many trades and good crews that work well together Eh! Going to be Epic, Send It….👍🙏.

    • Melinda Green says:

      @Jamie Stuff I don’t believe Cleeter has ever done a POS Struggle Bus 🚌 Giveaway before. Hey someone could do a “Struggle Bus Junker” MEME on a T-Shirt !! Eh eh eh ?

    • MrMERCER10 says:

      As if Wild Wonderful needs ANOTHER project…lol. BUT…their work ethic is unmatched!

    • timmah says:

      @Mike Dubbauit’s not the Rio Grande. It’s the Guadalupe.

  2. Kevin Timmons says:

    This is content gold. Matt and Mere, all of your hard work for all these years culminating into this epic journey. The building and design process, the property layout, the Lodge, culinary experience, cars shows, guns shows, corporate events, family events, fitness lodge….etc. I look forward to seeing it all. Much respect and appreciation for all that both of you do.

  3. Jeff DeWitt says:

    This is going to turn into the most epic series in the history of YouTube. Congratulations Matt and Mere, if anyone can pull this one off you can, and I hope to get there one day!

  4. kenny didnt die says:

    It’s crazy how much Mere has changed in front of a camera she used to nearly run from them now she seems to be having fun with it

  5. joe g says:

    Full faith in you on this. You already have the abilities at your fingertips. Donut has been dying to open up some kinda restaurant. Plus skate shop, skate park. BRCC, coffee shop right there. Plus all of the other endeavors you and your bunker branding family have backgrounds in. This is a huge project, calls for a huge collab. Just the thought of all this, Im ready to pack my bags and go.

  6. Kyle Lemanski says:

    Sooo hear me out, you have a volunteer work day for the Demolitia, everyone who comes gets a shirt, gets to see y’all, and a discount for a room in the future. I GUARANTEE that resort will get done 40% quicker

  7. David MN says:

    The number of possible collabs to restore waterways, landscaping, fencing, agriculture, livestock, not to mention the sponsors… the possibilities are endless! Awesome!

    • IronRanger132002 says:

      ​@James Dijzel My thoughts exactly.👍

    • Melinda Green says:

      @David Hancock A $2,000,000 ranch for Mickey Mouse Paint ball ?? 😂😂😂😂
      I’d take a Miracle from God to get the Liability insurance with all those Dilapidated buildings Ready to collapse on someone causing injury/ death !!!
      The Only thing that’s going into that Ranch Now is the BULL DOZERS, EXCAVATORS, & Dump Trucks to haul all that Crap Oughta there SOOOOO They Can Possibly GET Liability Insurance !! 😂

    • David Hancock says:

      Hell! This place would make an excellent paint ball park as-is!!!

    • berniedmj1 says:

      Exactly! This a goldmine & a lot of YouTubers would be so stoked to do the collabs while advertising their business.

    • some young guy says:

      @Boredaf That would be cool. Just so you know if you have any permeant guests or former staff hanging around…!

  8. Iforgotmyusername says:

    You know we’re in for a good series when it starts with “Sooooooo, we bought a ____” 😊 Stoked for y’all, and stoked to watch every episode!

  9. John Gross says:

    Every bit till the “Pray for me.” Excited / Enthralled. The moment Mere finished her utterance I smashed Pause.

    I am praying for you Mere! You are amazing, loving this Lug – knowing, he will assist as Father (to your clan), Husband and provider. Only you as the Matriarch will make it work 🎉😊

  10. brett wuillemin says:

    Mere,s not nervous , she,s gonna be drunk the whole time 🙂 . Wishing you guys all the luck in world for this one , it,s gonna be epic .

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