“Sore loser! An idiot!” Tyson Fury reveals what was said between him & Deontay Wilder after huge win

“Sore loser! An idiot!” Tyson Fury reveals what was said between him & Deontay Wilder after huge win

Tyson Fury speaks to Steve Bunce and tells him what his words were to Deontay Wilder after their epic fight.

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38 Responses

  1. Nico Leonard says:

    Everyone calling Wilder a Warrior! I Call him a horrible LOSER! Zero sportsmanship!

  2. CRiiXo says:

    Wilder didn’t shake his hand not because he doesn’t respect Fury but because at that moment he realized that all the excuses he made up inside his head weren’t true

  3. A Bobble says:

    Hard as nails this man. I’m disabled and couldn’t fight my way out of a paper bag, but boxers attitudes really inspire me to keep fighting my condition. Tyson keeps getting up and keeps going and his battle with his mental health also has helped me too.

  4. marwood1969 says:

    “I prayed for him.” He knows what to do and he isn’t afraid to say it. A proper warrior.

    • Run Joe says:

      U prayed. God Hates Esau 👱🏻

    • Angela Nadine says:

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    • M150 can says:

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  5. WHEEL WORLD says:

    I lost all belief in Wilder not because of the fight because of his poor sportsmanship afterwards salute to Fury a true champion

    • IvarIsALie says:

      @Pearl Jammer copium

    • ThaAwakened 3rdEyeTribe says:

      Same here

    • blessethishe says:

      Guess this Wilder guy really thought he was the top dog, all that screaming and shouting bomb squad, this is what reality feels like to them when they loose. Its more boxers like Wilder who will be sore losers, they do back flips, into social media, dancing, screaming take over, dressed like some rapper and will soon lose their belts and get this same reality check.

    • Just Another Happy Humanist says:

      @Pearl Jammer The only one who cheated is Wilder – he came up with a bunch of BS lies and excuses and still lost.

      Tyson Fury is a champ, legend, and true gentleman.

      Wilder is an immature narcissist, and a poor loser.

    • J.D says:

      @Pearl Jammer cheat haha. He out boxed wilder, the only person that cheated is yourself for thinking such a thing.

  6. Space Monk says:

    “Just thankful that we get out the fight in one piece, then we go home to our lovely families”

  7. CK 916 says:

    “He didn’t beat me. My legs were gone due to the weight of the excuses I carried into the ring.” -Wilder

  8. Patrick Burke says:

    I would’ve finally given Wilder a little credit outside of his incredible power if he could’ve just been gracious in defeat.

    • Daniella Vans says:

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    • Tanner says:

      Go avalanche!

    • More Problems says:

      Well said.

  9. Corey Freeman says:

    Wilder put up one hell of a fight,i think we all respect him for that. The poor sportsmanship ruins it for him. This is where Anthony Joshua gets my respect. A real man that knows how to take a loss.

  10. Scenic Fights says:

    Deontay Wilder just got concussed so I’ll give him a pass. I hope these two can shake hands in the future after this awesome trilogy.

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