Sorry, Razer… I’m not switching

Sorry, Razer… I’m not switching

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For over a year the Blade Stealth has been in my backpack, but the 2019 model won’t be taking it’s place.

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91 Responses

  1. andykillsu says:

    Why the heck would you buy this when you can get the HP Spectre x360 15” with the same internals with a better larger screen and more ports for over $400 cheaper.

  2. Aidan Harrington says:

    I agree with everything you said but like…. _who the hell actually uses touchscreens on a regular laptop?_

    • JLuong0802 says:

      I use it when I don’t want to reach over to my mouse in bed

    • TheEclipsedLock says:

      I do when my mouse disppears x:

    • Aprilskid says:

      True, I got a touchscreen laptop and never used the function. I’ve been using it like a desktop mostly but when I do carry it around, I also tend to not use the touchscreen because the screen gets dirty. It’s more of a novelty thing to show off now, but who knows, maybe I’ll finally use it for whatever reason sometime down the road.

    • Ecchi Daikirai says:

      The only apparent benefit is pinch to zoom in or zoom out. Everything else including tapping and swiping etc is done with the trackpad.

    • Kuhoo Chandra says:

      Its def better with a touchscreen . I like it better atleast

  3. Junpei Kawada says:

    sorry Linus, you were saying something?

  4. Timothy Vreeland says:

    In my experience, the MX150 makes a huge difference compared to onboard graphics. I can play every game in my library with it, and most AAA games at 60fps 720 or 30fps 1080.

    Onboard graphics I practically can’t play any 3d games, even indie ones.

  5. 見崎未咲 says:

    Linus last year: Why doesn’t it have a GPU! Linus this year: Why does it have a GPU!
    Razer: Do you want a GPU or not?

  6. Cory Patton says:

    i just picked up the new stealth, the right shift key does mess me up more than i thought it would but most of the time i have my laptop “docked” using a full keyboard and dedicated screen setup. Touch is a nice extra but not mandatory in my view as i’ve been using a laptop without it for a few years now, i did find myself using is occasionally previously. As i mostly find myself playing RTS games when i do the MX150 left me with a good compromise of performance and portability. Multiple people have mentioned that the price feels steep and it’s hard to argue that it doesn’t. Buying last years model only would have saved me less than $200 new, used probably would have saved me $700 i could have spent on a external graphics setup. It was a tough call but the new design with the thin bezels, upgraded graphics, bump in CPU performance, additional battery life, and windows hello tipped me into buying the new one that i’m placing my bets will serve me for years to come.

  7. DSPZulu says:

    4k on a laptop… worthless.

    Touchscreen … meh.

    Just get the 1080p screen and call it a day.

    • 1233 Watching says:

      I dont spend much on notebooks anymore because they always are horrible in some way that makes me furious. Its either the keyboard, touchpad, the weight, flimsy feel, low brightness display… something. So I just buy budget crap ones now

    • EmMonial LUristys says:

      +Sondre Johansen I’m sure of that, but are you going to be using a laptop for such a huge work load? C’mon.

    • EmMonial LUristys says:

      +Goldmarble 4k:

      – less performance
      – less time to use laptop
      – useless difference between 1080p

    • Ecchi Daikirai says:

      Suman Humagain I’ll answer it for you. I use the Lenovo Yoga. I rather trade in the touchscreen for the MacBook styled trackpad.

    • Very Doge says:

      People doing the same thing with their cellphones. lol

  8. Bereitschaft says:

    Seems like LMG has a specific job listing for “Young Asian female needed to touch electronics”

  9. Alecxace says:

    but you can get a RTX2060 powered laptop for that price range.
    Actually… why tf are laptop prices going up for ‘moderately’ powerful systems?

    • Mon Quinto says:


    • EZ PZ LEMON says:

      This is build for people that want light laptop,long hour battery.they dont need a gaming laptop.

      Gaming laptop=heavy,power hungry,hot and etc

    • Cj L says:

      Dunno bout laptops but I remember seeing a cyber power desktop for bout $900 for an RTX 2060, intel i7 8th gen, 16Gb ram, 2Tb HDD, 256 SSD n other stuff. PC prices are real good some times.

    • 1233 Watching says:

      Gaming on a laptop just seems like a marketing gimmick, like you cant live without gaming when you are away from the desktop at home?

    • ST WL says:

      +1233 Watching or maybe you just don’t own a desktop…. Some people can’t afford to systems but still need a Laptop for school work etc.

  10. Yespacito says:

    Razer is EA 2: Electric Boogaloo

  11. Jarrod'sTech says:

    It’s sad when good upgradeability is considered when you can only change the single M.2 drive and WiFi card.

    • TCliner10 Hd says:

      Ahhh, Hi Jarrod, again 😀

    • Jarrod'sTech says:

      +TCliner10 Hd Hey!

    • Kira Slith says:

      +vojtasTS29 My old Sony Vaio had all the features I listed but the MXM support, even had a replacable PGA Pentium processor and wasn’t even 2cm thicker than the Razer in this video. Laptops don’t have to be hulking masses to be modular and perform, that’s a misconception. No, it’s a matter of good system design vs the self contradictory obsession with “Bigger but Smaller” that plagues mobile devices today.

    • Alman1234 says:

      Bruh, I’d consider it good upgradeability because it’s an ultrabook. This is like complaining I can’t replace the ROM in my cellphone, it’s inefficient in regards to space to have dimm slots on a motherboard of an ultrabook and that’s without even considering a 2.5 inch bay. CPU upgradeability is something I’ll agree would be super nice and that wouldn’t take much space at all or even considerable effort on Intel’s part.

    • pr0xZen says:

      Sounds to me that you should be looking at a different form factor. Ultrabooks, especially 13.3 and smaller, need to sacrifice these things as there is simply not enough Z-height for a full memory stick (some do, many can’t fit it), 7mm 2.5″ drives, and especially not a CPU socket. There are many options and laptop form factors to choose from – but there is no such thing as “no compromises”.

  12. Drago 28 says:

    damn she’s hot!!!!!!!!!

  13. Daniel G says:

    Razer is unnecessary in general.

    • Philippe52 says:

      +PonySlaveStation Because you have 16gb ? Not everybody can afford 16gb, especially if it’s only to allow apps to waste it. Razer synapse take 300-500mb, which is totally unjustified. Synapse has been known to have conflicts with games, just google it. Sure razer is quick to fix them with an update, but it’s still annoying. Good mices/headset don’t need a bloatware to run, look at zowies mices and HyperX Headset

    • Valjin says:

      Things you think are Better. It is your subjective opinion witch is ok, but people also like to buy razer stuff. Deal with it.

    • returnedfavor says:


    • Lil homo says:

      +Malachi Aguirre what does that shit anything have to do

    • Daun olen iksd says:

      +Trade Ham For Syrup Holy shit dear god no, I’ve had 2 razer headsets (including a pro one), the build quality is shit, the software fucked every other audio device i plugged in, they’re quite uncomfortable, the audio is mediocre and the mic is average but for a 60 eur headset not a 100 eur one

  14. Username0123456789 says:

    >And take your mom to a nice dinner or something

    …Linus knows his audience

  15. Adam Funk says:

    Is long-haired lady the new Max?
    Fare thee well, Maxerino. We hardly knew ye.

  16. JJS says:

    720p? 30fps!? On a gaming laptop? Uh, okay it’s fair to say that this is just a recreational laptop design. With a pricetag far too high.

  17. Ali107 says:

    Websites of laptop manufacturers instead of selecting which version of laptop, just customize it online! That is way better.

  18. Mikk M. says:

    “At least they did not glue the entire thing together…


  19. Asef Jamil Ajwad says:

    Linus last year: Why doesn’t it have a GPU!

    Razer: *_includes GPU_*

    Linus this year: Why does it have a GPU!

    Razer: Am I a joke to you?

  20. yolotypeofguy says:

    the new Max is really hot…

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