Sotheby’s, October 5th 2018

Sotheby’s, October 5th 2018

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66 Responses

  1. Herb Toker says:

    That’s some good shit man

  2. Eugene Kudashev says:

    This comment will be worth $1M in 12 years

  3. Mike Swartz says:

    Epitome of what is real art, evoke emotion.

  4. Funkdoctor says:

    Also, i am afraid that people will now pay even more for this piece of art, lol 😀

  5. FescronCasual says:

    So you’re telling me you added a battery and receiving circuit in there that kept listening for a signal for years, only to shred it now after it heard the right signal? And nobody ever noticed that being in there? Hmm…

  6. Ducks4lif3 says:

    It sucks that street art is being taken from the people. I’m glad to see banksy keep bucking the system

  7. # says:

    Banksy, those craft knifes have the wrong orientation to cut anything that passes them.

  8. anibal vega says:

    this feels a bit fake

    • Zeksteve says:

      It’s staged the batteries wouldn’t last for years. The auction house was in on it for promotion because you know they will be selling more soon

  9. anthony booth says:

    I want to see the actual video uninterrupted/unedited pure reactions from the crowd. Regardless if Banksy orchestrated this with Sotheby’s years ago or not, it still happened.

  10. Chiaro Scuro says:

    Bullshit. No one ever wondered why a wooden frame with some paper inside weighed 10 kilos? When the two guys take it down at the end, you can see that it is heavy. Who triggered it? It had to be manual. Why is there a window in the back? Very few batteries could be reliably alive after a ‘few years’.


      Chiaro Scuro Who triggered it? The same person in the room filming?

    • Nicholas J says:

      I don’t buy that it wasn’t checked by the auction house. I assume he knows someone who works for the establishment / auction.

    • Kris Davis says:

      My remote keyless entry for my 99 ford expedition is still going strong to this day. Never had the battery changed in it. Bought the vehicle brand new in 99.

    • TwoCoolFourYou says:

      At 0:39 it looks as f the auctioneer has pressed a button idk and sometimes the frame is heavy as fuck as it could’ve been crafted from a heavier kind of wood (not too sure about that) so maybe that’s why no one questioned it.

    • Chiaro Scuro says:

      “My remote keyless entry …” Goes to show a little knowledge is dangerous.

      Your remote requires a few milliamps – my small shredder takes 3 AMPS at 120vac.
      At 6 or 12 volts dc, that is quite a few amps, it would be a heavy battery.

  11. Gary Hewett says:

    awesome artist but those blades are not going to shred anything in that direction.

  12. moldypizza says:

    White haired guy at 0:49: “Well played, Banksy…”

  13. anachronofspace says:

    Definitely a fake stunt, but good nonetheless. 🙂

  14. Vadim Trochinsky says:

    This whole thing is weird.

    The blades are facing the wrong way for a shredder. There’s no apparent place for the painting to come from and reach the blades. Maybe it comes from between the plank of wood and the steel plate, but how would it reach the blades from there?

    The motors are oddly placed, why is one at the bottom and one in the middle? The inside seems much thicker than it needs be, there’s a stack of components on the back that could have been spread out given the ample room inside, and make the construction thinner.

    The only thing that makes sense to me is that the X-Acto blades are a complete red herring — the actual shredder is under that metal plate, which hides something that is obviously thick (compare the depth on the metal side, vs the depth on the other side).

    Then it makes more sense: the motors push the painting that is under the wooden panel downwards, it gets shredded under the metal plate, and comes out from the gap between the wooden plank and metal already shredded. And the blades are there just as a visual aid of sorts, because the actual shredder is impractical to show for whatever reason.

    Either that, or this is not the actual mechanism.

  15. George_E says:

    So, the blades are the wrong way to start with. That direction wouldn’t make a clean cut.

    Then, when the picture is “shredded” you see a curled picture come out from underneath, which is also shifted to the right of the one in the frame.

    The paper is also a different colour.

    *How could you believe this?*

  16. JDM Imports says:

    hope he wiped his fingerprints off it .. the law have been after him for years!

  17. Atsushi smilly says:

    鼻持ちならない金持ちの集まるオークションを 徹底してオチョクル姿勢
    nice work..!!

  18. David Goliath Media Publishing says:

    great marketing ploy , and publicity stunt awesome work of art for the publicity point of view!

  19. Jackie Allum says:

    You will never know how Banksy has done it unless the person who has purchased decides to dismantle it, but they won’t because that will take away the value. Just take it on face value what it is as that’s the art of it. The art wasn’t the original piece, the art was this final piece. Banksy didn’t do it to ruin anything, he/she did it to create a memorable piece of artwork (and generate value for the piece). Just don’t let Tendring District Council near it because you know what they did… Although Banksy is free to create any kind of art that he/she (lets remain gender impartial here due to the anonymity of the artist) wishes on the side of my house if he/she’s ever down in Tendring again where it will most definitely not be painted over. Those of us that know a Banksy gave TDC hell, believe me. Anyway I digress. This was pure genius. Pure genius.

  20. paul harvey says:

    Excellent prank but without a doubt, it took place with the prior knowledge of Sotheby’s – It is the only auction house in the world that has a Department of Scientific Research and high value items like this will be subject to technology like the Bruker M6 Jetstream, spectrometry and X-Ray – The idea that they didn’t discover multiple components inside prior to the actual auction is laughable.

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