Sounds from the Sideline: #DALvsTB, Wild Card Round | Dallas Cowboys 2022

Sounds from the Sideline: #DALvsTB, Wild Card Round | Dallas Cowboys 2022

A playoff statement was made in Tampa Bay at Raymond James Stadium. We’ll let the ‘Boys tell you all about it. Take a peek behind the scenes with sights and sounds from the sideline!

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Sounds from the Sideline | #DALvsTB

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38 Responses

  1. Niall says:

    Great energy! What stood out to me was CeeDee consoling Brett on the bench. In that moment Brett is in such a dark place, and who does he sit beside? Ceedee Lamb. Speaks volumes on his character. Not only a brilliant football player, but a special human being too. Love this team man.

    • Fvxk Alxj says:

      @Kozmic Flush he’s a great kicker man, we all have our day’s

    • Chris Leslie says:


    • B Nickel says:

      @Cay Mac lol…. I swear missed xps have taken years off my life. They haunt me for the rest of the game. Perhaps its subconsciously due to the fact when Leon lett did his infamous slide into the the kick on thanksgiving in the snow and the romo snap fumble it’s hardwired in cowboys fans to be very anxious with special teams.

      Btw the Leon lett play happened when I was like 7 and I refused to eat Thanksgiving with the family and threw a temper tantrum hahah.

    • Cayla Thomas says:

      I loved CeeDee consoling Maher! I think it truly meant a lot to him, and guess what? He made the extra point after CeeDees touchdown. ❤

    • Cay Mac says:

      @B Nickel I literally threw my phone on my bed and took my dog for a walk after the 3rd miss 😂😂
      Couldn’t hold it together anymore lol

  2. iamsheritaj says:

    Loved hearing CeeDee tell Maher that they still had his back cause he’s bailed them out plenty of times. This team right here is something special!

  3. Memphis Rider says:

    I love the energy cowboys always bring, makes the game come to life.

  4. Britt Johnson says:

    Ceedee with the encouragement was the best part of this whole thing. Dope. That’s a future leader right there

  5. Gamebomber1 TV2 says:

    Mike McCarthy has enstilled a culture here in Dallas we have not seen in decades. I love this team so much

  6. Adrian Gonzalez says:

    Never seen a Cowboys team this dialed in, in so long. I think players like D-Law, Martin, Tyron, Zeke know their window is closing and they know there won’t be many more opportunities.

    • That Man says:

      Well I think they are just the veterans now.they are not the same young men that lost in greenbay.look at the teams in the playoffs now.its dak and Martin and zeke ect.they are the veterans now.they have the experience of playing in big game at a time.and just maybe we can get that old feeling back again🤣

    • Luke Moore says:

      This is the best the Dallas Cowboys have looked in a very long time. I give Mike McCarthy a ton of credit for this success too. Even though the media will never do that.

  7. echowtf says:

    praying to see another one of these next week, lets go dallas 🙏

  8. Alex M says:

    All the leaders stepped up and kept each other accountable. I haven’t seen this energy in a while & it’s dangerous

  9. J P says:

    D-law is my dude. So underrated of an impact player. He does so much that the stats don’t capture.

  10. Anna Cruz says:

    The energy was thru the roof. U could tell Maher felt bad about the missed kicks. Great job cowboys ❤️ 💙

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