Sour Patch Kids CEREAL?!

Sour Patch Kids CEREAL?!

Sour Patch Kids is a perfectly acceptable candy. However the creator of Sour Patch Kids decided to turn this candy into a cereal… How does it taste? Watch to find out!


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52 Responses

  1. Raevyn Valkara says:

    Use them about 50/50 for rice crispy treats, much better that way

  2. halie gatlin says:

    He loves her. She loves him. “Amy am I in frame?!” “Wait nevermind” “I’m already standing!” He just keeps asking her questions. It’s cute tho.

  3. bred says:

    I tried that cereal like 2 months ago and it was horrible.
    Edit: I looked in my cabinet and behind all the other cereal boxes their is the sour patch kids cereal box.

  4. ClueingForLooks says:

    Mark and Amy remind me of Tony Stark and Pepper Potts
    Don’t @ me

  5. Zwataketa (Logan Holt) says:

    “You can’t buy this in stores.”

    *literally can go to Lowes Foods and find it on the cereal aisle*

  6. Probably Josh says:

    Mark, yelling in Amys general direction: WAS IT KELLOGG OR POST THAT DIDNT WANT YOU TO-
    Amy, already knowing what question Mark is asking: KELLOGG

  7. Nellie Roden says:

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    I got a like
    but why is it blue

  8. Nicholas Reyes says:

    6:15 mark is looking like the Grinch when he be eating that glass bottles

  9. j.magical says:

    Should’ve done this in the front seat of your car with 720p quality

  10. Green mountain gaming says:

    There’s an alcoholic drink called sour monkey that’s practically a sour warhead in a bottle

  11. DoctorX17 says:

    I saw this on the shelf, and thought “who would _buy_ this?”
    I’m not disappointed by the answer
    Also, Amy is best girl

  12. KAYNIAK PLAYZ says:

    Mark: cabbage patch kids

    Anyone else realize he said that

  13. Mister Block Boy says:

    Lol he said cabbage patch kid. It’s Sour Patch Kid ?

  14. Ashley Hensley says:

    Mark: “small little cabbage patch”

    Me: sour patch Mark sour patch

  15. Persephone Hana says:

    “I think it’s cause they put rocks in it”

    *_i cannot breathe_*

  16. Cate Ryan says:

    7:42 did the cereal just scream?

    Again at 10:22 ?

  17. Fusion Playz says:

    Mark: says milk and the cereal isn’t great but he keeps eating it.?

  18. NotUrHecking HalfGem says:

    I love how he just turns and yells to Amy whenever he’s confused

  19. James Carrillo says:

    “But then again if you have this cereal you are not going to have any friends”
    Have I been eating Sour Patch Kids Cereal my whole life? 0_0

  20. Diamond Tortoise says:

    What this world needs: Ending world hunger

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