Sour Patch Kids HAS GONE TOO FAR

Sour Patch Kids HAS GONE TOO FAR

Sour Patch Kids has come out with their most insane product yet!! I wasn’t expecting ANYTHING like this…



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33 Responses

  1. TheBlueNinja Mc says:

    “They have blue raspberry and they have red…”

    *checks box*


  2. Lauren Yonker says:

    Mark: doesn’t workout everyday and is still buff

    Sean: works out everyday and is super skinny

  3. Bane Djordjevic says:

    Markiplier was later put on a watch list for drinking way to much protein shake.

  4. Dashel Campbell says:

    “Instead of kids eating gogurt, it’s gogurt eating kids”
    -markiplier 2019

  5. Crimzonite says:

    Everything after the Sour Patch Kids pre-workout was revealed had me dying. XD Have fun in South Korea, Mark!

  6. Khayre Tyler says:

    I haven’t had time to see a markiplier vid in almost a month. This, this right here, is why I still pay $5/month to only this channel ???

  7. xdj need logic says:

    “Sour patch kids is an *Object* “

  8. Shadow Lord54 says:

    People at the SPK company are secretly taking Marks critiques and writing them down in an nonchalant manner.

  9. ZuperPiplup13 says:

    At this point, Mark should work for Sour Patch Kids.

  10. TheTroubleSisters 10 says:

    My sister is saving up money to visit South Korea and she is jealous she’s already learning how to speak Korean and she’s doing pretty well

  11. Crimson Dynamite720 says:

    “Sour patch please sponsor me!”
    “Oh God that tastes like vomit I’m gonna die.”

    Ah yes, I see this reverse psychology Mark

    • Declan Techo says:

      Crimson Dynamite720
      “I don’t care if it tastes like shit cause pre-workout SHOULD taste like shit”
      He is really trying

  12. Roiy Shababo says:

    Yo, to all of you not understanding why Amy’s face was censored, she probably just didn’t want to be in the video.

  13. LittleBoiAsher says:

    “Gogurt: The man’s yogurt”
    -Markiplier 2019

  14. Josiah Key says:

    darkiplier has finally taken over. now it’s becoming more difficult to hide… 2:53

  15. Sara S says:

    “I think it’s called Ghost ’cause you bout to BE ONE”

  16. Kaykay GamerDragon says:

    I’m still confused on why he didn’t use his tactical shovel

  17. dew drop draws says:

    Mark: I like to give my fans heart attacks!!!
    ┬─┬ ノ( ゜-゜ノ)


  18. can i get 10,000 subscriber without videos says:

    “Those kids are dead, and I ate them.”

  19. can i get 10,000 subscriber without videos says:

    “That’s why it’s called GHOST… cause you’re about to be one.”

    Irony ~ Markiplier will be a “GHOST” for a while ?

  20. Mako HIBug630 says:

    Prepare to scroll through the comments just to see a bunch of markiplier quotes

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