The friendly match between the South Korean and Brazilian teams ended at the Seoul World Cup Stadium, Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea. Richarlison (7′) opened the scoring. Hwang Ui-jo (31′) tied the match. Double by Neymar from the penalty spot (42′), (57′), Coutinho (80′), and Gabriel Jesus (90+3′) for the 1-5 victory of the South Americans.

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36 Responses

  1. andrew manutdfan says:

    That 3rd Brazil goal was the most Brazilian pen I’ve ever seen

  2. Julian Harris says:

    What a goal from Gabriel Jesus!!

  3. Daniel Penaloza says:

    It’s crazy how Brazil is dangerous collectively and individually and they know it!

    • Kiab Toom Lauj says:

      @John Pedraza At the individual level, very few country produces more talented players. But since the game is a team sport, a well organized team with top players could easily upset the extraordinarily gifted Brazilian players.

      I still remember the very well organized Germany beating beating the mighty Brazilians 7 to 1.

      For a nation with more WC trophies than anyone, being defeated 7 to 1 is beyond bizarre. That is the classic case of a complete TEAM BREAK DOWN!

      But, then, the South Koreans also managed to defeat the Germans… so any thing could happen in soccer.

    • KT says:

      @jamesknows also the reason why Vini jr didn’t start is because of champions league final, tite was resting the madrid players. Neymar usually plays as a 10 or a false nine for brazil with raphinha and vini jr on the wings.

    • John Pedraza says:

      They always have all the players to win they never do anymore. On paper it’s been many many cups where they’ve been the best team in the world. 2006, 2010, 2014 they’ve been better on paper than they are now

    • jamesknows says:

      @OG he’s been one of my favorite players ever since he was in Santos with Ganso, I hope he gets his training going so he can catch a second chance after his 30s like Ibra, Ronaldo and Lewy!

  4. Joller says:

    I’ve always loved Brazilian finesse. So pleasant to watch these magicians play. Can’t wait for the Eorld Cup this year.

  5. The Admin says:

    Brazil and Argentina are scary this year. Not saying they will win the WC. But this will be their best chance football wise in a while, and I won’t be surprised if they do win it

    • Rafael Isslaam says:

      @Christiano Hernandez that was a lucky game lol n Brazil’s players only got sharper, G Jesus n Vini Jr are stars now with Neymar n Countinho, they have a solid defense n goalkeeper now. Brazil gone beat Argentina on 11th

    • x-rayvision says:

      They have a chance of winning every world cup

    • blvkøut says:

      nah germany lookin pretty solid and so is croatia


      @Christiano Hernandez Argentina did not win a Copa america in 25 years to Brazil tough. I think Brazil has 22 great players , Argentina has only the 11 good ones.

  6. Bob Yi Lee says:

    Brazil team is absolutely loaded with stars. They’re going to be hard to beat in the WC

  7. COWBOYS 5 RINGS says:

    Brazil has so much talent

  8. Adam Gage says:

    great to see Brazil playing like a WC winning team again!

  9. Lynn A. says:

    Yes Brazil midfield seems to be on the same page. Let’s see 🙈 till the WC…I’m excited

  10. Pietropie says:

    Thank you Brazil for not holding back! Brazil indeed is #1!

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