South Korea vs. Portugal Highlights | 2022 FIFA World Cup

South Korea vs. Portugal Highlights | 2022 FIFA World Cup

South Korea and Portugal faced off in their final group stage matches. Portugal got the scoring kicked off early as Ricardo Horta scored in the 5th minute. Portugal would have another chance to score later in the half by way of Cristiano Ronaldo but he couldn’t put it into the net. Korea would answer when Kim Young-gwon scored in the 27th to bring the score to 1-1. Ronaldo would be subbed out early in the second half. South Korea got a few chances on goal off in the second half but nothing went through. South Korea would take the lead in stoppage time after Hwang Hee-chan scored on a beautiful pass from Son Heung-min. South Korea won 2-1.

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South Korea vs. Portugal Highlights | 2022 FIFA World Cup

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45 Responses

  1. FOX Soccer says:

    Son Heung-min’s reaction to the win ❤

  2. Esther Song says:

    How in the world did Son pass that ball to Hwang while being blocked by THREE defensive players. The ball went through, in between the legs. This is why he’s world class!!!

    • BruceLee'sDJstudio says:

      @SuperYT 4ever ahhh someone hates china people, cry about it

    • SuperYT 4ever says:

      @BruceLee’sDJstudio Bruce Lee was a Chinese and we don’t need any stinking approval from a Chinese.

    • Jim Jones says:

      what’s even crazier is Ronaldo would not have put that same shot away but they’ll rate Ronaldo higher than Son. Last season might have been Ronaldo’s final season in decent form. The guy can’t buy a goal anymore.

    • Esther Song says:

      @vxenon67 they tried. Son is too skilled. 🙂

    • vxenon67 says:

      04:00 yeah what the heck. 3 Defenders and the ball gets by…for a goal? I mean put a foot in there somewhere and block the path.

  3. Plus231 Official 🇱🇷 says:

    That assist has to be one of the best. Dude was surrounded by all Portuguese and Hwang did not stop running hoping for opportunity. Well deserved goal and great execution 🔥

  4. In the Good Old Summertime says:

    Son’s mental awareness is astounding. Surrounded by three, and even four defenders, he saw Hwang barreling through the defense and slipped him an impossible nutmeg pass that a microsecond slower would have put him offside. The intersection of genius and luck. Son is a wonder.

  5. Byronlee marley says:

    Coming from his own end by himself with SIX Portugal players closing in on him. What unbelievable skill and patience. Best individual effort I’ve seen in this World Cup, and I’m a French fan who marvels at what Mbappe has been doing. Fantastic goal. Congratulations South Korea, you deserve to advance. Now shock the world and beat Brazil!

  6. Death Star Resident says:

    Son is probably the hardest working player in any international team. He goes back and defends, he takes corners and still had the legs to make that run in the 90th min to make it happen for his team. Well done 👍🏾

  7. Flowers Naught says:

    That pass from Son between 3 defenders was 🔥🔥🔥

    • Crunchy_boy says:

      @Qk9CWU5ib3x A lesser team would have players watch Son instead of running to provide support.

    • Chang Boyko says:

      He is sooooooo good!

    • Sun burn says:

      @Danny nope.

    • Sun burn says:

      @eeekay nine 😂😂😂😂

    • Jim Park says:

      @Danny Slow it down to 0.25x and watch the play again. The pass occurs between 4:03 and 4:04. Hwang was even or maybe a little in front of the defender on his back shoulder.

      Because Son is surrounded by three defenders, I can’t see the exact moment the pass is hit, but based on Son’s leg motion and at the time I see the ball squirting between defender’s legs, I believe Hwang was onsides.

      The non-offsides call is correct because the rule states that when an offsides call is uncertain, the offense gets the benefit of the doubt.

  8. ON인연 says:

    Son’s sprint and incredible pass proved his class. I’m so proud of Sonny.

  9. J Smoke says:

    Son Heung-Min with a calm and controlled run and then a smooth pass. Congrats South Korea. Hard fought win. Well deserved.

  10. Your Best Choice says:

    What a very emotional, exciting, and truly dramatic game!

    The pass of Son and the final touch of Hwang are just the Art of Soccer.


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