South Korean fans mobbed by Mexicans after Germany’s World Cup exit

South Korean fans mobbed by Mexicans after Germany’s World Cup exit

Mexico fans have been treating South Korean supporters like royalty after their team helped knock out Germany from the World Cup. The defending champions crashed out after losing to South Korea 2-0, their earliest World Cup exit in 80 years, and Sweden beat Mexico 3-0 to top Group F. When Sweden’s third goal went in Mexican fans were in despair, but their tears turned to cheers as South Korea continued to hold the Germans, then scored two goals in a dramatic injury time period. Fans celebrated outside the Yekaterinburg Arena in Russia and at South Korea’s embassy in Mexico City by chanting ‘Korean, brother, now you’re Mexican!’
Thomas Hitzlsperger: I feel completely empty

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82 Responses

  1. Jonathan Suh says:

    Would have been much better if, I don’t know, they didn’t lose to Sweden, because that would have meant Korea would have gone through with them?

    • Carlos Alleyman says:

      Jonathan Suh Mexico or South Korea?

    • Diana Hernandez says:

      Jonathan Suh yeah sorry about that we suck at repaying it but hey we’ll get our asses handed to by Brazil because we didn’t get the first spot of the group

    • anniee says:

      Shack Man I mean if you think about it they’re not that good lmao it all depends on the plays and the team effort like I don’t be hearing about any of Sweden players 😭

    • Sosa american says:

      Shut up. We’re sad that we failed our Korean brothers. Yeah, they’re family now
      But don’t worry our Asian brothers. We shall revenge you.

    • Luis Sierra says:

      You just want to watch the world burn dont you?

  2. isd cby says:

    Mexico deserve it. from s.korea, the world cup should be festival. Good luck mexico in tournaments.

  3. Shitong Shou says:

    korean, brother, now you are mexican

  4. ᄒᄌᄒ says:

    행볶합니다…ㅠㅠ 꿈만 같아요 우리가 독일을 이기다니…When Kim scores leading goal I hoped mexico can beat sweden but mexico beated…But it’s not bad to see that mexicans greeting our historic victory lol. Mexican amigos I believe you guys can beat brazil, enjoy your rest worldcup!

  5. nina capila says:

    Hahaha!! This is too cute! I love that they went to the Korean embassy 😂

  6. James Hong says:

    지금 멕시코가면 타코 공짜로 먹나요?

  7. Luqman Hakim says:

    Only the beautiful game can have this effect. It transcends continents and yet unite people of all walks of life.

  8. Toyota Brony says:

    ORALE!!!! I love that *korean brother, your now a Mexican* part. HELL YEAH!!!!👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

    • Emanulito Royce says:

      Toyota Brony I think it is offical now,… Korean are now Mexican Asians….

    • Tumblr CAT says:

      Emanulito Royce they ve always been 😈

    • Emanulito Royce says:

      Tumblr CAT , not exaclty, am half Filipino, the spaniards fucked us for 333 years, sound familiar?…I think charakterwise Filipinos are more mexicanss, they even look the same…..who cares about Nationality pride anyway because I dont.. we are all mexicans. Jajajaja

    • J.Lethal says:

      Toyota Brony Acrazes Mejico vs. España!!! Spain will show how superior race we are! Back to slavery mejico, bow down to your masters, back to colonialisation!!! Gilipollas De mejico, ¡¡¡viva España!!!

  9. Wesley Gonzales says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see Mexico fans exchange jerseys with S Korea fans

  10. Acrazes says:

    The power of soccer bringing completely different nations together, Amazing

    Edit: Football, you guys can stop attacking me now

    • J.Lethal says:

      squishiimochi Spaniards are the superior race…Mejicanos wouldn’t have the tongue if it wasn’t for us Spaniards, your masters!!! We will crush you and your country again and again and again !!! Animales mamonitos mejicanos, todos son los mismos inferiores!!!

      󾓫󾓫󾓫,¡¡¡¡VIVA ESPAÑA!!!󾓫󾓫󾓫

    • Aether Initiate says:

      Lo c

      why are you focusing on this BS

      This issue is mexicans fans are racist and homophobic.

      They got fined for being assholes

      So dont pretend they are some high class fans

      They are not

    • Aether Initiate says:

      Is that why all your nations are failing and your people have to flee to white nations?

      LOL sorry but facts hurt,

    • Aether Initiate says:

      I am not racist but you want to talk shit about my nation and my people you better believe i will defend it.

      You dont like America, why so many of your people fleeing your nation to come here.

      Okay you won a SOCCER game

      Congrats, so the fuck what.

      Is that why your nation is so corrupt? Run by gangs and violence.

      Again talk shit about the game, dont bring politics up if you dont want to get butt hurt

    • Aether Initiate says:

      People like you make me HATE watching sports, because you make it about TRUMP or about race.

      I simply responded to the race baiting assholes who are using this video to promote their inner demons.

      Dont put this racist shit on me, I am not the one spreading this hatred by bringing up Trump and politics.

  11. ᄏ ᄏ says:

    Im really proud of my country SOUTHKOREA!!!!!!♡♡♡♡♡♡

  12. 이승구 says:

    Let’s go to the finals Mexico.👍

  13. BJ Min says:

    this is awesome. i’m korean american and although korea lost, i’m happy how mexico embraced korea like that. much love to you all and now i’m rooting for mexico!

    • BlueDreamKush23 says:

      Aether Initiate
      Liberals? Is there something political about this that I’m missing?

    • Aether Initiate says:


      Read the comments,

    • Aether Initiate says:

      The left always makes this political, this is the GUARDIAN

      A left wing leaning site, that hates Trump

      And all the comments are hating on America and Trump

      So you tell me who the fuck is making this political

      You know the RACE baiting media is only promoting MEXico to race bait

    • BlueDreamKush23 says:

      Aether Initiate
      Oh, I see. Well, you can be mad all you want but it won’t change anything. With a polarizing figure like Trump, you have to expect nations like South Korea and Mexico to have strong opinions on him and for the most part, won’t think highly of him. How about not reading the comments if it bothers you so much.

    • Brian Andrade says:

      Aether Initiate Shut the Fuck up!! Take your Murican Politics somewhere else

  14. 국건이 says:

    taco free?

  15. Jason Lee says:

    I’m Korean and even I would celebrate with Mexico that we put Germany out of their misery 🙂

  16. Mayra ortega says:

    South Koreans in Mexico getting laiddddd

  17. Danny Mtz says:

    Mexico Swedish and Korea fans all celebrated

    • Sha says:

      Danny Mtz Lol its good because they fucked the germans which they were mocked by them because it was suppost to be the easiest group and they ended up last place

  18. Kpop Fangirl says:

    I’m a Mexican girl and I love how Mexico and Korea are getting along. Love you Korea and of course good luck Mexico.🇰🇷❤🇲🇽

    • mysticstrider says:

      gracias amiga, soy japones de medio pero me veo que Mexico ha avanzado en 16 round bracket, espero que lleguen a la final, hice una apuesta para México ganará

    • Tumblr CAT says:

      mysticstrider were not like 🇺🇸 we will never stab ur back Viva viva🇯🇵🇰🇷 🇨🇳 you can never be too asian to be Mexican theres no boundaries between us

    • Andrei I says:

      I’m from Ekaterinburg and i saw how they sang this song around the flag of Korea, and then they were joined by the Swedes 🙂

    • BTS ARMY says:

      Kpop Fangirl ARMY

  19. 곰든램지 says:

    I’m Korean and We defeat Germany, so Mexico could beat Brazil. 할 수 있다!!!

  20. nemaminika says:

    They went to the embassy? Crazy Mexicans 😂😂😂 Congratulations México 🇲🇽 from South Korea 🇰🇷!

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