South Park – “Stunning and Brave” Preview

South Park – “Stunning and Brave” Preview

The boys express their utmost respect for Caitlyn Jenner in this Wednesday’s all-new episode “Stunning and Brave”.

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20 Responses

  1. Elijah Ferguson says:

    this is going to kick ass i love you south park and sure make south park
    tapped out game like family guy i would be so happy .

  2. Sock Puppet Superstar says:

    They should do an episode making fun of Brian Williams going to work for

  3. Shane says:

    Fuck yeah South Park is back!!!!

  4. Kerry Green (Knox 64) says:

    South Park is king. :)

  5. walk0nwater says:

    I cannot fucking wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. DeadPixel says:

    Follow @SouthParkFilms On Instagram for EXCLUSIVE clips from this episode
    already posted!

  7. The Sunken Swede (rilleboy) says:

    I’m so startled!!!!

  8. Bill Adamsley says:

    This episode may never show, I heard they made Jenner’s change over look
    like Mohammed, so they have to either black out Mohammed or not show the
    episode. Ya, Ya, Ya, Ya YA, I am Caitlyn,

  9. georgemiser says:

    It is a strange time we live in when everyone is standing WITH Cartman.

  10. GrieviousGeorge says:

    Cheatriots gonna get got

  11. Carlos Sanchez says:

    when I heard the news I thought it was Thursday and I was like yes let me
    search for it online and then I realized it was Tuesday haha and i had one
    more excruciating day for the episode. Thanks Obama

  12. guardianjuan says:

    oh man, i’ve missed south park

  13. Mr Sarajevo says:

    Caitlyn Jenner? So it’s basically going to be another “Cissy” episode?

  14. Bill Haze says:

    This is awesome! Totally called SP doing a patriots episode, since the
    creators are Bronco’s fans. I think it would be funny if they focused on
    Goddell and espn, there is a lot of untouched material there. How about a
    Ronda Rosey episode, or mayweather one, that would be great too. So happy
    South Park is back.

  15. MarsAngelRuiz says:


  16. Italian In HD says:

    just deflate the bus tires, then he wont go to school

  17. WollongongWacko says:

    thanks for the healing laughter. ??.

  18. Karl Wilger says:

    I love south park previews gets me hard wait..

  19. Nixionhighz says:

    THE BOYS ARE BACK!!!!!!!!

  20. Karl Wilger says:

    *sees video, watches it 10 times because excitement*