South Park: We’ve been there

South Park: We’ve been there

South Park returns for its historic 20th season Wednesday, September 14 at 10p on Comedy Central.

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20 Responses

  1. Nades says:

    When is the next season on TV in the UK?

  2. Green Arrow says:

    this show is a piece of shit

  3. Eremika Shipper 4Life says:

    Just hope its better than season 19…seriously, out of all the South park
    seasons, season 19 is the only one I dislike

  4. Sniper Melon says:

    I hope PC Principal won’t be returning to ruin this season like in the last

  5. comenerv says:

    I’m very concerned if she is really watching South Park …

  6. Funny Video's says:

    I really hope that little kids don’t watch this

  7. Ian Anderson says:

    Wow, it premieres three days before my birthday. I’ll be twenty this year.

  8. Jar Jar Martin says:

    Trump, Hillary, FBLie, LieSIS, Brexit, Pokemon …

  9. Colby Sisco says:

    Wtf just happened

  10. gentleEvan3 says:

    Only thing you won’t go there again is making fun of Muslims and their
    profit Mohammed

  11. Jr Juarez says:

    The best animated show of all time imo blows shows like the Simpsons,
    American dad, family guys ect ect out of the water. Those shows are pretty
    ok and some episodes are good BUT South Park never seems to get stale and
    every new seasons seems to be just as good or better then the last. God
    what a great show

  12. Daniel Bostock says:

    South Park is so dumb. I like intellectual comedy like The Simpsons.

  13. masud white says:

    where can I find the instrumental for this song

  14. psycold says:

    They may be taking the piss but honestly, South Park has been there for me.
    I remember when I got dumped by the first girl I really cared about, I had
    been bummed out for about a week and then turned on Comedy Central for the
    premiere of the Woodland Critter Christmas episode. It was just so fucked
    up I couldn’t help but laugh, and it was the first time I laughed since
    being dumped. Pretty insignificant I know, but there have been multiple
    times where South Park has completely changed my mood for the better with
    its ability to make you not sweat the bullshit in life.

  15. Shelly Hassler says:


  16. Valerie Jean says:


  17. colorado doesn't need you says:


  18. Mezugon says:

    oh man I forgot about that thanksgiving charles manson episode, so good.

  19. Juan Snow says:

    im about to be a father….i cant wait for him to be a fan just like me….

  20. Emilio Estrada says:

    This show started in 97. I was born in 97 and I’ve always watched it :)