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Ordinary Things:


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45 Responses

  1. Charlie St. Niklaus says:

    One time as a child I paddled an air mattress to a tiny island way out in a giant lake.
    Once I got there i stepped on the shore and sunk knee deep in bird crap. So I totally buy the mud at the edge of the world theory

  2. Tech-Priest says:

    I love that as Historian talks about Pluto rules, the Deep Space Police Sirens can be heard in the background, coming for him 🚨

  3. zack1stplayer says:

    I can’t believe all they needed to do to make a space elevator was to put links between many separate lengths of rope. Internet Historian just solved physics

  4. iisquared says:

    as an astrophysics student, i can say that they already do teach “there are thousands of small planets, but here are the big 8 plus pluto.” also your sending astronauts to space with cern bit gave me an asthma attack thank you

    • Salad Dongs says:

      @2st I’m just gonna say by the way that your thinking is hyper-idealist and in itself inefficient. You cannot ever know the foundation of everything. This is why we have specific experts, to contribute to the collective knowledge. Being told so isn’t a scientific fact in itself, but if being told so is in line with the scientific consensus then it is at the very least at the time of writing, a fact. Being “more empirical” is well and great until you reject things you don’t understand rather than embracing that the pursuit of knowledge isn’t about building a foundation of facts upon which to build every little thing in the universe

    • iisquared says:

      @2st bro literally you replied with something unrelated and are trying to prove whatever point you hold to people who dont give a shit about you. this is the definition of stirring shit up. if youre so empirical then go write up a thesis about it and have it published because nobody here knows what youre talking about or care

    • 2st says:

      @iisquared im just more empirical than most when it comest to ludicrous statements. not questioning whatever we hold as true even if we have no first hand experience and observations leads to dogma, wich is the enemy of critical thinking, and can turn science into religion very quickly if we dont question stuff. just my 0,20, not trying to stir shit up

    • Girl Buu says:

      Tell your professor he is Plutophobic and that isn’t okay then start a campaign to get him CANCELED. Only instead of showing him like bullying Pluto and slapping the little guy and saying “you aren’t a real planet nerd” it is him shooting Mickey Mouse’s dog.

      You can wait for your asthma attack to be over.

    • iisquared says:

      @Arandomcommenter i laughed so hard i started hiccuping to the point of it impacting my breathing

  5. william dittmann says:

    “They should just separate them into big planets and small planets.” That’s… literally what it means to be a dwarf planet…

  6. 『PURPLE HAZE』 says:

    “I would find it difficult not to get in the CERN”
    Someone actually did get inside a particle accelerator in the middle of an operation period. The absolute legend took a particle moving at near-light speed directly to the head and came back to work the next day.

  7. Sheauwn says:

    Australia is kind of like a dwarf continent, as it was unable to pull in the contents of Oceania to form a proper landmass. Count your lucky stars that NASA hasn’t taken you off the map yet.

  8. Abedeus says:

    What Internet Historian suggested with the space elevator thing was actually a thing in a visual/kinetic novel World End Economica, where instead of one giant elevator that would have to be constantly connected and experienced massive forces on its structure, they used a two-part system that would also allow them to “rotate” people inside as they were in zero G environment, so they wouldn’t have to worry about smashing their heads as they descended back to Earth at some point.

  9. Sourojit Ganguly says:

    it’s so funny hearing the historian and mr ordinary things call the large hadron collider “the cern” for three minutes straight. that’s like calling a space rocket “the nasa” lmao

  10. Jacob Rhees says:

    I love the idea that there were just a bunch of scientists in a room like “I don’t care about Pluto, we can’t be adding more planets to the solar system! We’ll look dumb!”

    • Keithington249 says:

      @Kaesemeister No, rule #1 was it must orbit a star. If it orbits a planet, It’s still just a moon

    • Lemmy Pop says:

      @Baron Von Jo You call those objects rogue planets. Still a planet type object, just starless.

    • tomshrader d says:

      @Baron Von Jo Planets that don’t orbit a star are rogue planets. Also, the Sun won’t disappear, it will leave behind a white dwarf that the planets will orbit around.

    • tomshrader d says:

      @nomadshiba You’re welcome to memorize all of the 100+ planets of the Solar System if you want to have a consistent definition that includes Pluto. I’ll stick to 8.

    • Odin Satanas says:

      Haha to be fair, we’d have 40-50 if we counted all the dwarfs
      Space elevators are rad as hell though, always loved them. Carbon nanotubes, it would be the most efficient and perfect method to get material cheaply into space

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