SpaceX Astronaut Launch Live: Cape Canaveral, Florida

SpaceX Astronaut Launch Live: Cape Canaveral, Florida

What You Need to Know About Today’s Launch:

Watch live as Elon Musk’s SpaceX, in partnership with NASA, attempts again to launch two astronauts into space from Cape Canaveral, Florida.

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73 Responses

  1. Bigboibrony Mo says:

    Bring back Wheatley and space core for us.
    Portal 3 confirmed?

  2. Rick H says:

    Riots on the ground (unfortunately) and astronauts in space. It’s like the sixties all over again! Wooooooo hooooo!!!! I am stoked!

  3. Cheeto Snap says:

    This is epic however i keep laughing over the fact that people think this is fake, also they dont run off of tax and please do some research before posting a stupid comment

    • raatroc says:

      @Silvio Santana Thus was Elon Musk, not Trump!

    • Gary Cristani says:

      It is fake.

    • Alonso Reyes says:

      @Gary Cristani and you r stupid, congratulations

    • Cerulean C says:

      @Dean PD Best Comment. 🏆

    • Mike Oliver says:

      zippitydoda day Did you not read what I posted or are you an idiot, I am not talking about the astronauts landing tomorrow, I was talking about the empty stage one rocket re-entering the atmosphere and landing on the platform I don’t know why you cannot read what I wrote and understand and why did you feel the need to comment in the first place I didn’t ask for your opinion and I seriously doubt you were a neighbor of Neil Armstrong another liar and a full of crap moron

  4. Thomas Davenport says:

    Thank you for sharing. The UK media don’t think this Is important enough to even cover. Manned space flight is apparently much less news worthy than a guy driving to his mums to care for his kid. You couldn’t make this stuff up. Well done guys fly safe 🙏

    • Thomas Davenport says:

      todd klinginsmith thanks for the reply, very interesting, I didn’t see the bit where the rocket landed on the ship. It wasn’t there, then it was. Hmm I don’t deny I’m quite gullible. Stay safe my friend.

    • glory jones says:

      @todd klinginsmith ou

    • neil piper says:

      The English news company The Telegraph has shown a live linkup you Anglophobes.

    • Smash says:

      @stefanie campman

      Anyone you dont like is racist if they are white basically ?

      Ahh the irony 🤔😂

    • stefanie campman says:

      @Smash what donald trump, boris johnson and mike pence and also im white set 8 shmuck

  5. Selina Rampersad says:

    2:59:51…. There was a loss of signal when the drone ship was about to land. Wish I could’ve seen that
    3:02:30… there was a loss of signal during separation. wish I could’ve seen that as well.
    It sucks that the signal cut during those exact moments smh🙄

    • Kenz Blakie16 says:


    • Little Roxy says:

      Justin Cruse maybe

    • Cedrick J says:

      Someone explained it before, I think its because of the heavy vibration that the drone is experiencing while the rocket is landing causing disruption to from transmitting live feed. But they already proposed a solution about this that is by putting the transmitter from a separate drone. Idk about the second one though.

    • WhatLegendsAreMadeOf says:

      @Justin Cruse even if it did go wrong, its not like it will impact national security….like Pentagon video surveillance

    • WhatLegendsAreMadeOf says:

      @Cedrick J They had footage of these ‘returns’ from a distance when they were testing. For such a feat and for a Billion dollar company, you’d have the best Show!

  6. Top 10 says:

    2:50:10 it starts,
    Thank me later

  7. Jesse Torres says:

    I wonder what flat earthers have tp say ofter watching this launch?!!?!?

  8. Taks says:

    Technically their last place before they leave is in the spaceship

  9. jeffsyrop says:

    Idiots block 1/4 of the video with their stupid useless captions. Human nature has got me down!

  10. Rashone says:

    WONDERFUL reading about something POSITIVE going on!

  11. Charles Lehner says:

    History in the making! Congratulations to all the engineers, administrators and the American taxpayers who fund all of the operations. Without their hard work, all of this would be impossible.

  12. Eliot Hernandez says:

    Man it’s about time America sent astronauts back up there

    • Ramon Yusuf de Bruijn says:

      Elon Musk is from South Africa. Give credit to the man who had the passion for this in the first place.

    • Smash says:

      @Ramon Yusuf de Bruijn

      He’s European 💪🏻

    • Dennis says:

      @Smash He is obviously an alien, trying to get home.

    • 이진민 says:

      More like its about time we have commercial competition in the market. This launch starts an era in which more and more space sectors become privatised, bringing in competition, makIng them cheaper, and bringing humans one step closer to colonizing other terrestrial bodies.

  13. Sno Walker says:

    Absolutely amazing. What a time of this world that we get to experience.

  14. KnightDriveTV says:

    What’s amazing watching this, with all the risk and volatility of such a mission even in these modern times….the fact that guys strapped themselves on a rocket 60yrs ago, with computing power less than that of a laptop and survived to talk about it is super crazy.

  15. Will De Meyer says:

    Where’s all the flat earthers 🤣

  16. Brad Mellon says:

    I loved the subtle nods paying homage to Alan Shepard ! ‘Let’s light this candle’

  17. Lisa Goff says:

    Elon Musk…you made history today.

  18. Darren Bird says:

    There was a disturbance in the force. Like the death of 100,000 FlatTards.

  19. RATHNESH RATU says:

    I’m just a random ass dude watching this on my phone from India 🇮🇳. Got goosebumps during countdown. Congratulations SpaceX , Congratulations to all Americans.. what a beautiful news at this unprecedented times.

  20. Big Daddy says:

    Countdown lady super annoying, get the guy from the 1960’s back at once

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