SpaceX CEO Elon Musk gets internet access for Ukraine; Social media blocks Russian state media ads

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk gets internet access for Ukraine; Social media blocks Russian state media ads

There were plenty of new developments Sunday following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. SpaceX’s Elon Musk responded to a Twitter request for internet access. Tech giants, like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, blocked Russian state media ads, and Russian airlines were restricted on destinations.

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  1. Haven Lady says:

    I’ve heard many bad things about Elon Musk but this isn’t one of them. We need more people like him.

  2. Maurico Pipistrello says:

    Stay STRONG Ukraine The WHOLE CIVILIZED world is not just watching but helping in every way possible and you ARE NOT alone! Slava Ukraini!

  3. Ron says:

    now that’s how a news story is supposed to be…. Tons of information crammed into a minute…. there was so much I watched it again to process it all… normally you get a lot of OPINIONS instead of just the news…. thank you for that

  4. Lex5576 says:

    Gotta love Elon Musk. This is pure class. I hope the people as well as the Ukrainian Army can put it to much needed use. Would love to know several weeks from now that this bold stroke of humanity was a big part in saving the day for the Ukrainian People.

  5. J. Ryan says:

    That Elon is an absolute Jewel of a man. Bro, on behalf of all of us sane people on this planet, we both love and appreciate you.

    • Nerdelbaum Frink says:

      @Sener Zen Gonna keep copying and pasting this propaganda all over oh russian troll? I’d say go ask for more rubles but your currency is tanking.

    • Teeny Verse says:

      @Sener Zen I noticed a lot of people who hate on Elon are usually losers in their own life. Fix your life.

    • Josue Melena says:

      @Jason mamba assburgers?

    • Sener Zen says:

      Typical Elon Musk, never lets a crisis pass without making some PR promise which he doesn’t fulfill et the end. How many times this guy has to lie to you and prove himself to be a joke before you stop believing in him? He promised ventilators for hospitals during covid. He promised solar panes for Haiti after earthquake. He promised to help kids stuck in a cave in Thailand. It was all empty talk. All he delivered was a few boxes of junk. And let’s not get into his other lies. The list is too long.

    • Jason mamba says:

      He also has aspergers just like my little brother. A true inspiration.

  6. Philip Kirschner says:

    No he donated his internet till the end of this conflict. People don’t have to buy into it to access the satellites. It’s for free it’s his company

    • Nerdelbaum Frink says:

      @Sener Zen Keep copying and pasting this response. It makes it more obvious you’re a paid troll.

    • RlyBadAim says:

      @mathew azzopard if you come to the comment section on YouTube to find out how things work, how the fk are you even alive?

    • Sener Zen says:

      @patrick peters1988 He was denied because his supposed help was useless. He was just self promoting to begin with. I have seen the pictures of those ventilators. They were not medical ventilators.
      I did more than him to help people. You don’t know me. I was an admirer of Elon like you, but when presented with the obvious I’m willing to accept that I was fooled. The guy is a genius conman. I will give him that.
      What did YOU do?

    • mathew azzopard says:

      Yes but…how can someone from the Ukraine can access it ? If not mistaken, need to pay a sub+hardware. It’s not like at a certain time will appear on a person’s device, phone/laptop etc a new password free connection. Really wondering how this thing works…

    • Ariadne's Child says:

      @RlyBadAim you obviously do bc you replied twice, take a deep breath you’ll be fine mate. It’s ok you stan Elon.

  7. Debbie R says:

    Hand Shakes to Elon and every single business who does anything to make them pay and get Ukraine up and running! You are the heroes at home.

  8. Rafy says:

    Imagine if the world leaders were like Elon musk. The world would be a better place

  9. Rick V says:

    I was very impressed with how fast Elon got Ukraine on line.

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