SpaceX + T-Mobile Update

SpaceX + T-Mobile Update

On Thursday, August 25 at Starbase, SpaceX Chief Engineer Elon and T-Mobile CEO and President Mike Sievert provided a public update announcing how T-Mobile and SpaceX will work together to increase connectivity.

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30 Responses

  1. Cody Doucet says:

    Having worked in the cell phone industry, this is revolutionary and completely game changing. This allows T-Mobile to essentially turn everyone’s phone into a sat phone, not to mention the incredible ability to have zero ‘no coverage zones’

    • VICTOR MARIN says:

      No idea what you said dude, but sounds like you know what you are talking about so I’ll support XD

    • Mars says:

      @John Forman Everything that can be used for good and bad will be used for good and bad. Thats human nature. Sometimes we need to ask should we instead of can we.

    • John Forman says:

      @Mars it’s like everything else in life… it can all be used against another because of corruption and greed. Technology can be both good and bad… it all depends on who’s using it and how they’re using it.

    • Din says:

      Perfect: “TL,DR” thanks man! You left out how it starts off with a couple of dumptrucks…damn

  2. TH3mrBROWN says:

    This is huge in so many ways, even if only to spark innovation and push their competitors and the cellular industry in general towards better coverage all around.

  3. Mugshot Marley says:

    Why do I have a feeling that this is the first step to a HUGE thing in telecommunications and cellphones that we don’t necessarily realize yet. In 20-30 years, people will look back and see this partnership as groundbreaking in technology that will in itself lead to bigger services and technology

    • SmartassEyebrows says:

      @Emmanuel Mahuni A big, big factor is actually something the T-Mobile CEO said in the presentation — T-Mobile owns a chunk of radio spectrum that works with all phones and their ownership of it is contiguous across the country. That spectrum is what is worth its weight in gold. How we regulate telecommunications in this country is the issue; and that regulation is what forced this partnership.

    • Emmanuel Mahuni says:

      @Tikki Volta I think we’re missing the point here somewhere, there’s a reason why he chose T Mobile… That T can easily be renamed to Tesla. At least that’s what’s hit me when I saw this. I know this things started when SpaceX acquired this little company that was working on this tech, I forgot the name, but it was just a few months ago.

    • Emmanuel Mahuni says:

      I suspect a lot of sandbagging happening here. I hope to be proved in a year

    • Tikki Volta says:

      i think that is pretty easy to see while it’s happening. unfortunately it’s a partnership with magenta, worst telecommunications company on the planet. i know elon has a loooot on his hands and partnering was easier than doing it alone, but i wish he’d done it himself. let’s hope for the best. also: my opinion is irrelevant.

  4. playwithmykittie says:

    This is honestly an amazing feat of all advancements, in the ability being able to provide the data throughout and instant connection in those places. Would be a great way to save the moment or save lives.

    • ThePalisky says:

      There aren’t any advancements here though. Several companies can already do texting via satellite and Starlink can’t for another 1-2 years. They are also 5 years behind a company like AST Spacemobile who can already do texting+calling+4G/5G data.

  5. MGSteve says:

    Something tells me this is going to send chills down the backs of Sat Phone providers. Sure it may not have the bandwidth of a dedicated Sat phone, but it’s also without the massive costs of a Sat Phone. Plus, no doubt its something that will evolve over later generations as well.

    • Casey Dorn says:

      Frankly this probably out of the gate will have GREATER bandwidth. Starlink sats are closer and more numerous than traditional sat phone providers. Sat phones are a past era tech and used for highly remote ops and classified / secret ops. I think as with regular gps, telecom providers saw a niche they weren’t capturing with technology they already had, and took it. Garmin pivoted to the sat comm game after dedicated car gps devices become passe due to everyone’s phone having a built in gps. Same thing stands to happen again. And Garmin will likely innovate again, too, and come up with another new thing that the telecoms don’t do. What, not sure. But they’re crafty.

  6. zapfanzapfan says:

    Awesome! I hope this also means possible coverage of countries that don’t like people to be able to freely call out.

    • TankEnMate says:

      @Vasa Borzy “Arguing with stupidity is like mud wrestling a pig. After a while you realise the pig actually enjoys it.”

    • Daniel Flora says:

      @Scott Mckeever How many satellites does ASTS need to launch to make its service functional worldwide? How many users can it support per X number of satellites?

    • TankEnMate says:

      @Mark Plott Your statement is nonsensical (as well as misspelt), it is reminiscent of Zippy. “If you can’t say something nice, say something SURREALISTIC!”

    • Mark Plott says:

      @TankEnMate – what do YOU think Falcon 9 and StarShip are for , but delivering PERCISION neuclear ordanance to our ENEMY in all weather & day/night.

  7. Sonny Moon says:

    Part of my son’s job when he worked on Mt. San Jacinto every day was search and rescue. People died regularly on that Pacific Crest Trail because they got hypothermia and could not phone for help though sometimes half a mile further or back, there was reception. More than important !

  8. Lou says:

    Wow, awesome! I thought connecting to the LEOs would require a new modem (and thus a new phone) but glad it doesn’t! Making things seamless for people is a really great way to spur mass adoption. Really amazing stuff!

  9. sleepkeeper says:

    LOVE this partnership!! The future is going to be even more exciting than ever!!

    • Sanjana T Ranasinghe says:

      Not for sri lankans

    • BonEndeavor says:

      actually it will be very gay and you will eat bugs while owning nothing and be happy about it.

    • parismichaels says:

      2015 paris Michaels :
      The present invention relates to a mobile satellite communication system that supports standard 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G mobile user equipment directly. The system comprising standard mobile user equipment, a low earth orbit satellite constellation, a satellite gateway connected to a terrestrial mobile network operator’s operational support systems, a satellite beam steering controller configured to share mobile spectrum connected to an antenna array and digital beamformer that duplicates the mobile network’s cell identification, frequencies, synchronization signals and control channels to satellite beams to form “Virtual Cells” further subdivided into “Doppler Cells” that are pre-compensated for the high range Doppler shift thereby reducing the residual Doppler shift received by the standard mobile user equipment to a range it can correct normally.

  10. SCP Database says:

    Wow this is game changing. It’s actually the steps needed for true global connectivity.

    Would love to always have some type of connection even if I’m far off in the mountains. Exciting stuff.

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