On a smaller scale I could see this being a fun thing to order at an Italian Restaurant as long as there aren’t any Italian’s working there. I think my mom approves though, so that’s all that matters.

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Spaghetti inside a Meatball
3175 Calories

Prep: 30 minutes
Cook Time: 45 minutes
• Spaghetti
• Fresh Parsley (garnish)
• Fresh Parmesan Reggiano

Netty’s Meatballs:
• 1 Lb Ground Beef
• 2 Eggs
• ½ Cup Italian Breadcrumbs
• ¼ Cup Water
• 2 Tbsp Parmesan Cheese
• 1 tsp Parsley
• 1 tsp Salt
• ½ tsp Garlic Salt
• ¼ tsp Pepper

Meat Sauce:
• 1 Lb Ground Beef
• ⅓ Medium Sized Bell Pepper (small dice)
• ⅓ Medium Sized Onion (small dice)
• 2 Cloves Garlic (minced)
• ¼ Cup Olive Oil
• 28oz Can Crushed Tomatoes
• 1 tsp Salt
• 1 tsp Italian Seasonings
• ½ tsp Pepper
• 1 Cup Purified Water
Disclaimer: Nutrition Facts are estimated through MyFitnessPal and should act as a general guideline. It does not represent any actual facts.

ES_Italian Riviera 5 – Magnus Ringblom
ES_Freaky Bats 01 – Håkan Eriksson
ES_Ristorante Italiano 03 – Håkan Eriksson
ES_Romantic Moment 04 – Fredrik Thalberg
ES_Italian Riviera 5 – Magnus Ringblom
ES_Dramatic Orchestral Strings – Gavin Luke
ES_Pink And Blue – Niklas Ahlström

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    There is no cocktail without the cock

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    I might be Asian, but I’m also Italian and also a disappointment to more than 1 country…

    Can I get a like for no reason?

  4. bangtan yah says:

    when will you guys make a lasagna ARGHH

  5. master jackoff says:

    I love pubix too. they got a private shitter that I use all the time. after I’m done destroying their private stall, I go to the free sample area

  6. SparklsandRainbows says:

    Make a giant drumstick ice cream cone

  7. Aniya Doleman says:

    Aqua team hunger force

  8. Wolfcchi says:

    When Julia says there’s no space in the freezer and then I look at our freezer and my mum’s done some voodoo jigsaw puzzle shit on it and you can’t get a thing out because it’s all so tightly packed.

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    when are you guys gonna remake fast food items again?

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    Legend say if your early

    Nobody cares

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    Please make a GIANT taco!!!!!!!!!!

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    Is it his moms spaghetti?? ??….. Get it ….I’ll go home

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    Ya’ll should make fried kool aid. I heard that was a thing! Lol

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    Legends say legends aren’t real

    If you get it reply the answer

  15. Nicholas Davis says:

    pretty sure this was in a Phineas and Ferb episode

  16. William Reed says:

    We call it Pube-Licks not Pubics 😉

  17. prashanth yerramilli says:

    terrible recipe. bad presentation

  18. Fortunate Talisman says:

    I was salivating the whole time

  19. BART BITCH says:

    this songs makes me wanna…oh wrong video

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    Aqua Teen.

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