Spain v Morocco – 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ – Match 36

Spain v Morocco – 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ – Match 36

After a hugely entertaining draw with Morocco, Spain progressed from Group B in first place.

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77 Responses

  1. ironshark123 says:

    Morocco should have won

  2. Techno DB says:

    *Congratulations SPAIN* 🙂
    Morocco : Congrats for scoring goals. Well Played!

  3. Med Bel says:

    No var de marruecos var de españa y portugal y los grandes equipos vamos morroco, la FIFA es racista

    Kein Var von Marokko var Espana und Portugal und die großen Teams vamos morroco ,, FIFA ist rassistisch

    Pas de Var de Maroc var de l’espana et du portugal et les grandes équipes vamos morroco, la FIFA est raciste

    No Var of morroco var of espgne and potugal and the big teams vamos morroco,,FIFA is racist

  4. امير الشعراء أمير الشعراء says:

    What’s the problem with you Gangsters of football ?
    Why do you use corruption ?
    For many interests!

    You are lying
    You are cowards
    You are hypocrites
    You want money?
    You aren’t fair play

    What’s the problem with you?

    You search a New Crossing War?

    • last sv. says:

      Ja er that true even if we lost vs spain it s not a problem but how we were eliminated 3 penalities vs portugal for us hahaha that s the problem so u r not Moroccan u can t feel that .. trust me U ll feel that sensation in the future with this fuking tricky VAR

    • Ja er says:

      I felt it, with S.Korea in 2002, Italy in 1994 etc…Its football and hard work will be rewarded someday, keep pushing!

    • civilisation of the worldwide says:

      hnina nta assahbi kad7ko 3lina nass , li 3ndo f rjlo rah 3ndo bla may7taj la camera la sta 7ems . dir 39lk o hnina.

    • Lucimyr says:

      So many retarded goatfuckers.

  5. Hardik Solanki says:

    Morocco won our hearts…Spain please improve your defence..I am always support Spain..Because Spain is the champion player Rafa nadal’s country..

  6. Gas Pedal Subscribe says:

    Good luck Morocco in the future. You truly deserved to win this match. Great efforts and mentality. Love from England. <3

  7. V R says:

    *_MOROCCO Rocked_*
    *_Spain Shocked_*

  8. Somali pirate who's actually somali says:

    Wow congratulations morocco

    youve shown us beautiful goals!

  9. Somali pirate who's actually somali says:

    A really unpredictable world cup we have this year.

  10. iWydadi says:

    Fifa and their VAR are DISGRACE!
    Fifa, Adidas & Nike kidnapped my beautiful game for last 20 years!

    • Kanto Limo says:

      Gede Adia
      He is right. The VAR system is proven to be corrupted.
      The only fair way is that a team can ask for VAR 3 times per game and not the referees who decides when the VAR should be used.
      Not all teams have equal right on VAR. That is proven over and over again. VAR is implemented to fair game. But fair is only fair ig both sides have equal chances of using VAR like the law system in every country.
      This is just another way to keep everything in FIFA hands when a team has the right or not the right to use VAR.

    • Johny Bravo says:

      Complain to the government !

    • najmi zaharudin says:

      Remove VAR… we need human sense not robot

  11. Mohamad says:

    Morocco u r the best. cheers from Palestine 🙂

  12. SunsetNova says:

    Morocco were beaten by VAR. It seems VAR is only for European teams.

  13. Nisrine EAZ says:

    Such a SHAMEFUL disgrace this horrible VAR joke.. Damn it FIFA, playing politics on a football field..
    Well deserved Morocco. Very well deserved.

    • Arun K P says:

      Aspas’s goal was onside. But what about pique foul and pique hand ball(that was a clear hand ball and a free kick very close to the box). Ref didn’t bother to use VAR when morrocco players appealed. Also the replay of the event that led to the corner was not shown. Morroco players were complaining that the ball went out before the cross and ref let spain take the quick corner at that time. Also a yellow card for morocco for busquets dive and ref didn’t give spanish players a card for harsher fouls. That’s why they’re angry and they have good reasons.

    • XxSlayerxX #### says:

      Matteo Lavoro It wasn’t even a legit corner (the last one played from the other side ) what a shame fifa!!

    • Jz Jzm says:

      Matteo Lavoro fuck no it was offside – flag was risen- Spain deserved to lose. If not Fifa politics.

  14. Mahir Cave says:

    Morocco deserved to win this match, good luck for the next world cup!

  15. Plan toH says:

    Maroko is the best team. Spain lucky team

  16. CEBULASZ says:

    What a great game for Morocco! Finally you scored and gain a point. You deserved that. Hope you qualify for next WC and be on a roll. Respect from Poland!

  17. امير الشعراء أمير الشعراء says:

    Morocco brokes Spain in 2018
    Morocco has broken Spain in earliest centuries
    Morocco can broke Spain in the future.

  18. Michelle Frenchman says:

    Marocco !!!👌👌👌

  19. امير الشعراء أمير الشعراء says:

    There are 2 hypothesis :

    1- Morocco is stronger than Spain.

    2- The Roja is the weakest team of the group

    Which one is true?

    I think the first
    Because Fofo is still highly corrupted

    • Artox says:

      Just shup up morocco is not stronger than spain.امير الشعراء أمير الشعراء

    • Amadeus X says:

      There is 1 fact: Spain is through to the next round, Morocco isn’t. You can’t blame Spain for being better. Morocco had a good match, but they weren’t good enough to go through

  20. امير الشعراء أمير الشعراء says:

    Frankly Morocco team deserve play the Final
    But Fofo loves moneys.
    Fofo don’t love brilliance

    • civilisation of the worldwide says:

      امير الشعراء أمير الشعراء hnina assahbi chawhti dilmna malk mkalkh . wa hadi hiya lkora mamrkitich ghadi tkhsr . bla bka 3ndk f rjlik rak di kass l3alam ma3ndkch lah y3wnk .nta far3 lina kerna b fofo wla fafa . nas rahom khdamin o baghin ysl7o l kora hit kayw93o fiha bezzaf dyal l2akhta2 t7kimia. sketna lah y7fdk. hniiiina.

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