Spain vs. Costa Rica Highlights | 2022 FIFA World Cup

Spain vs. Costa Rica Highlights | 2022 FIFA World Cup

Spain and Costa Rica played in their first game of the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Spain got off to a fast start, thanks to Dani Olmo’s beautiful touch. Olmo helped Spain score their 100th goal in World Cup history, joining the likes of Brazil, Germany, Argentina, Italy, and France. Marcos Asensio and Ferran Torres added goals in the 21st and 31st minutes to extend Spain’s lead to 3-0 before halftime. After the break, Ferran Torres continued his impressive performance as he bagged a brace in the 54th minute. Spain continued its dominance, thanks to goals from Gavi, Carlos Soler, and Álvaro Morata in 74th, 90th, and 90′ +2′ minutes to defeat Costa Rica 7-0. This was the most goals Spain has ever scored in a World cup and the largest by any team in the World Cup since 2010, when Portugal defeated North Korea 7-0.

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Spain vs. Costa Rica Highlights | 2022 FIFA World Cup

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46 Responses

  1. FOX Soccer says:

    How far will Spain go in this World Cup?

  2. JayCFC says:

    Spain was merciless and completely dominated Costa Rica, they look unreal 👏🏾

  3. Jon Harris says:

    Costa Rica didn’t play at all.. Hard to tell how good Spain really are… Be interesting to see how they do against Germany.

    • John Mock says:

      They are better than when they lost in the semi’s to eventual champ Italy at the last Euro’s. They dominated them utterly but lacked maturity and finishing. I think they are slowly evolving into a masterful team. I watch a lot of games and I’ve rarely seen this type of precision, possession and total tactical control, regardless of the opponent. But your comment is accurate. They need to face a real team first. Germany I think won’t be able to handle their movement and passing. They run circles around teams and I predict much more of that.

    • Daily News says:

      @David Judah Germany still dominated against Japan with ~75% possession and took 26 shots to Japan’s 12 shots. But at the end of the day the 1 late goal in the second half sealed the deal. Germany won every single World Cup qualifying match – this is only their first lost; unfortunately for them it’s where it matters. All I’m saying is don’t count Germany out yet. Mark my words.

    • AllThingsFootyRel8d says:

      @Misa bro you are preaching to someone that knows football. Of course getting scored on a lot doesn’t mean he played bad. But he genuinely didn’t play well. Some of his stops or blocks could have been catches and he also came out wrong on 2 of them. He could have stopped 3 of those goals on a good day.

    • Misa says:

      @AllThingsFootyRel8d just because they scored 7 on him doesn’t mean he played poorly. No keeper in the world is stopping most of these goals(except ochoa)his team was just sloppy. at that point there is nothing you can do as a keeper to keep your team alive

    • Jerry Hsu says:

      Germany’s center defenders are seriously weak, and they will have huge challenges facing a more tactical Spain team than Japan. They no longer have a player like Kohler.

  4. Louis Battista says:

    Spain’s football is so elegant and destructive at the same time. It’s like a hand crafted machine clock working in perfect harmony, chemistry and balance.

  5. The BRIDGE 54 says:

    Spain always play beautiful football even when they don’t score they are always a joy to watch, scoring just put the cherry on top.

  6. Vicente Fernandez says:

    rip Costa Rica Pura vida y puros Goles en Este partido

  7. Victor Epée says:

    Not a single attempt to score from Costa Rica, this was total domination.

  8. Anthony Disla says:

    That’s why Gavi deserves that golden boy award what a talent! 🔥

  9. David Vega says:

    Game was a masterclass Spain had no wasted energy this game they didn’t make crazy runs or anything they just played really good football always shifting and opening up and making really smart passes to put themselves in line for goal it was nice to watch that is how you play football

  10. Wolf Scott says:

    As a Barça fan I’m happy to see Ferran playing well! Hope he can keep this form when the World Cup ends and club season resumes.

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