Speaker Ryan’s Update on Health Care Reform

Speaker Ryan’s Update on Health Care Reform

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20 Responses

  1. Walter Strickland says:

    Speaker I’m upset.  I’m upset with you, upset with the Republican party, the Democrat part, and President Trump.  I am disappointed and it seems you all do not care.  Now slow down, care about us the every day citizen.   Fix this or you get voted out.

  2. Duneedon says:

    What a fucking joke. Are we all tired of winning yet? LOL!

  3. alicia belanger says:

    Suck it Ryan

  4. islandsound says:

    i love the taste of these tears

  5. THESocialJusticeWarrior says:

    There is a clear way to fix this: the Public Option.

  6. Debbie Cormell says:

    Don’t reflect, respect will of ppl. Lessons learned, Most poor ppl get states help. Don’t tax Elderly (54-64), get 26 yrs Olds Off parents. No penalties, reset 8 years let us really Keep our Doctors. #1 is let Free Market sales across state lines. Never like Govt in Health care OR health insurance. Talk to We the ppl, not DemoRats run by Oblunder

  7. Andy Kilbride says:

    You can’t take my health care but at least you can take these L’s

  8. ARDETHA says:

    “Doing big things is hard” – That’s what she said…
    (Sorry) I had to lighten the mood.

  9. Stan M says:



    Send Ryan to Cuba too learn.

  10. Beth Caldron says:

    I wonder how many republican voters are mad?

  11. Cynthia says:

    Doing democrats a favor? Seriously?

    Repubs BEGGED for the job for eight years, they were finally trusted by the people and given the job, and now you tell ppl you are doing them a favor???

    You should be fired, right now, because you working for the people is NOT a favor to the people, it’s a SERVICE to the people, they are PAYING you to SERVE them you arrogant little man!

    And you have failed to serve them because you don’t know HOW to serve them, eight years of complaining about our healthcare and you don’t even have a working plan for everyone to replace what you have been complaining about!

    You all should be fired!

  12. Andrea Kae says:


  13. oli godendrocyte says:

    we got really close to fucking over 98% of people once again

  14. Jared Docter says:

    Nobody wants the ACA repealed these assjacks won’t listen. FIX IT DON’T REPEAL IT!!!!!!

  15. MrThatsomg says:

    This guy is such a tool

  16. da'dub says:

    well that’s funny all that bitching and moaning and yapping about Obamacare and now it’s all Republican and you still can’t get rid of it because what did you say it’s hard isn’t that why all of you were voted in and put there to do hard work

  17. Jacob DeMarco-Cronin says:

    repeal and replace Paul Ryan!!! First snake that needs to be drained

  18. Cynthia says:

    WHY are we paying money to insurance companies to pay our healthcare industry???

    Just pay that money as taxes and nationalize healthcare for our nation.

    Pay our healthcare industry via taxes, don’t give that money to insurance companies!!!

    We don’t need to pay insurance companies to pay our military industry, we don’t need insurance companies to pay our healthcare industry!

  19. kal El says:

    If at first you dont succeed, give up. -GOP

  20. Bob Leroy says:

    Please stop your lying. All Americans do not want trumpcare. It is a fraud. You asses can’t even pass your own bills. You have the White House and senate and the house. Wake up. Obamacare is working. Many companies are finding loops holes. So just close them and fix it

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