Special Report: Trump holds news conference on coronavirus pandemic

Special Report: Trump holds news conference on coronavirus pandemic

President Donald Trump holds a news conference on the coronavirus pandemic which is spreading across the United States. The president is expected to declare a national emergency.

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85 Responses

  1. Daniel Kilzer says:

    Conference starts at 58:00

  2. Vann Kirkland says:

    Idea: why don’t you start the stream when he’s actually speaking

  3. gilda curtis says:

    Please tell all people to Quarantine..before we and up like china italy …we can prevent..Now not when is too late

    • yeeluvspizza says:

      @MOLON LABE77 don’t sweat your mortgage… have your gun locked and loaded and make them try and take your home from you…

    • stumpedII says:

      yes we might get slammed hard.. cus china is deserted.. streets empty.. everyone bunkered down.. in the usa they act like nothing is up.. usa gonna get hit hard.

    • yeeluvspizza says:

      1:51:20…. OEN reporter Chanel Rion asks a great question! Great job Chanel.

    • Triple DarkNess says:

      Its already too late

    • blaZd Park says:

      Already too late lol. Thailand, who has 4x the international travel between it and China than the US, was screening people on December 31st and has had emergency measures in place since a few days after, causing them to only have 12 confirmed cases despite actually adequately testing their citizens which the US won’t be able to replicate for weeks to months. Trump already did too little too late. We have had confirmed community spread since January 3rd which is the reason why the second they started testing there has been almost an 80% increase in confirmed cases day to day. It’s because the infection is already much further progressed and advanced than what we have discovered and it’s because of inadequate measures and an absolutely inappropriate response by the federal government and specifically this abhorrent, erratic, and unprepared administration.

  4. turki albogmi says:

    Stay save America

  5. DC Appliance Repair says:

    Stock market reset. Ample opportunity for buying stocks that are on sale. Fear is what is driving this thing down. The world is in a reset mode!

    • Waste Less Learning says:

      If you think the impacts of this pandemic is limited only to fear in an import and outsourcing dependent economy, you are sorely mistaken.

    • Kyle Kondit says:

      @Waste Less Learning moron…

    • joshuaalba1984 says:

      DC Appliance Repair as long as they don’t touch their faces and wash their hands

    • DC Appliance Repair says:

      @joshuaalba1984 Right!

    • LRRPFco52 says:

      @Waste Less Learning We’re the 2nd largest exporter in the world, with the most domestic consumption of any Nation in the world. Our economy is very diverse, not to be compared with any other country on enough metrics that could ever make the comparison worth much outside of a few metrics that often mean the opposite things, population being one of them.

  6. Sweat Lord says:

    Who else is waiting on some YouTube god to come in with the time stamp highlights

  7. MOLON LABE77 says:

    “We still have a long way to go with many more cases”

  8. Inquisitive One says:

    Why was everyone speaking into one microphone? So much for social distancing.

    • Inquisitive One says:

      Jayne Bradley We really don’t know what precautions they took, but the virus is also airborne. That’s why guidelines are to keep a distance between people.

    • Tammye Erb says:

      …and then touching their faces.

    • Wildflower says:

      They are trying to make things seem normal to prevent panic. Unfortunately, they should be setting a good example instead. Shaking my head in disgust…

    • bnbtwjdfootsyk says:

      @Jayne BradleyThe illuminati is not affected by the corona virus.

  9. Robert L says:

    Anyone else notice something is bothering him? Not related to his health.
    His flow is not the same.

  10. J Man says:

    Like everyone who goes into quarantine from school and work is really going to stay holed up at home. They will be out searching the city for toilet paper!

  11. skipper 2 says:

    How many germs were spread by passing that microphone amongst the press?

    • Kevin Eslinger says:

      We will know in four days after the incubation period. MAKING AMERICA GERM AFICIONADOS

    • BellaLove says:

      Yeah all the handshakes with someone who has been around people that recently tested positive and then that close to the microphone.

  12. BamBamBatMan says:

    Like elephants mating; A lot of noise and dust but a long time before we will see results.

  13. Ed Somerton says:

    He sounds sick

  14. Starfleet Captain says:

    So basically “Corporations are great, they’re gonna save us, I don’t feel like rambling anymore why not ask one of my corporate buddies how they can make money off you while I give them free reign and tons of cash.”

    • Starfleet Captain says:

      We are so screwed.

    • Barry Vallery says:

      I can smell the enourmouse baliouts already, he will never get it. HEY U FKTARD SAVE THE PEOPLE , FK THE CORPORATIONS. THEY BEEN SAVED TOO MANY TIMES ALREADY, FK EM

    • Starfleet Captain says:

      @Barry Vallery yeah while store shelves are empty out of fear of a worst case scenario that’s looking more and more likely in large part because of him. The virus wouldn’t as much of an issue if we had competent leadership FOR the people.

  15. Frank g says:

    Bet there’s more than 500 people there

  16. Curtis Halley says:

    Keep your phones clean everyone, not only your hands. Good luck and stay safe everyone.

  17. Yakira Robinson says:

    Ok… Someone needs a tissue to blow there nose… All that siffling

  18. alex gardner says:

    “a national emergency…two very big words”

  19. Jon Souder says:


  20. Radiant Spirit says:

    Can this administration and all these CEO’s stop blowing each other and start focusing on fixing this problem?

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