Speed Testing the Twin Turbo Hellcat

Speed Testing the Twin Turbo Hellcat

Speed Testing the Twin Turbo Hellcat… and recovering a flooded truck

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27 Responses

  1. PyroJoe says:

    I’m not even into cars but this guy just makes it so entertaining. Keep it up!

  2. evan euell says:

    Westen you make my whole day just from posting. So glad you share your personality with the internet brother. 💯

  3. Paul Cameron says:

    Hell yeah Westen!!!! Better tires, suspension, little bit more boost, you’ll be ready to take on cleetus and ruby lol

  4. Sam’s Airsoft says:

    Westen actually built a good 10 second car. Dominic Torretto would be proud.

  5. James Wolf says:

    I love westen cuz he jokes around so much but people dont know good of a mechanic he is

  6. Seb Litz says:

    this man puts out quality car content and is able to throw his comedy in the mix. Westen is a good person so be sure to thank him

  7. Hawn Born says:

    I love how theyre always there for each other. Always helping people out

  8. TA[P] Me!! To Have [S]EX With Me says:

    Bruh I have widebody side skirts for ya if u give me a shout out I’ll hand them over there brand new u definitely need them more than I do since the charger is Gone until I bring in a new build just haven’t had any luck finding another 2015 plus cop car rt

  9. David Smith says:

    Western your gonna be huge on YouTube & you basically just got started. Your personality,drive and being a badass mechanic with great content and i see you having over 5 million subscribers by 2023. Other big Youtubers took over 5 years to reach a million. Keep up the Great work & content.

  10. Life Goes On says:

    I wish I could be apart of team like this the energy the chemistry is perfect!

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