Speedrunner Link VS Brawl Meta Knight – 3.97M SUBSCRIBER SPECIAL! (Flashing Lights Warning) 🧝🤺

Speedrunner Link VS Brawl Meta Knight – 3.97M SUBSCRIBER SPECIAL! (Flashing Lights Warning) 🧝🤺

SOMETHING VERSUS IS BACK! And this time.. it’s Speedrunner Link from Zelda: Breath of the Wild against.. Brawl Meta Knight from Kirby/Super Smash Bros! It looks like we’re in for a truly incredible match!

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Animatic, Animation, Coloring, Lineart, Sound Design, Special Effects, Writing by Jeremey Chinshue

Backgrounds, Background Animations, Coloring, Additional Lineart and Additional Special Effects by Edgar “Funymony” Nielsen


Voice of Anime Meta Knight by Kozy (Just Global Media)

Announcer Voice by Sandy White


Chtulthu by Quincas Moreira (YT Royalty Free Library)

Smash Bros Brawl – Final Destination (MyNewSoundtrack Remix)

Credits theme; Garden Stage by Jattello https://youtu.be/WSDSCWLkaXE?t=2679

Extra Research:
I considered research done by DeliciousTea Gaming in the video “Zelda Breath of the Wild: Link’s Slow-Mo from the Enemy Perspective” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DkjVjAi3N8M when considering how Brawl Meta Knight’s speed would work with Link’s Slow-Mo.

I also took GifZelda’s tweet about Link’s weight into account during the introduction: https://twitter.com/GifZelda/status/1354061871469502466

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32 Responses

  1. Hero & The Crow says:

    The Something series is known for its simplistic, cartoony art style, but that should by no means be considered a limitation. Just that bit at 4:14 where link is fighting back at lightning speed, causing all of his weapons to break over time is so detailed and satisfying, and it all happens so fast that you can barely keep up!

    • Marik Zilberman says:

      Having a simple art style means less effort goes to animation each frame. Which means high action shots like this are more sustainable.

    • Dallas Haws says:

      As well as animating the different ways to use the weapons!!

    • Andrevus Whitetail says:

      It’s not just the weapons breaking over time but look at the constant change of expression on Link’s face as he’s running out of weapon options as well!

  2. Mysterygii says:

    So in theory, the ways to beat speedrunner link are:

    -exhaust his food supply
    -exhaust his offensive resources
    -Have time manipulation too

    But even if he’s out of everything he still has access to the four runes, stasis combined with remote bombs means he can still launch someone a decent ways away.

    He could also just use Stasis and then run away to buy time to find more weapons and arrows and the like

    • Heartless Nobody says:

      Hes clearly not in the same level as wahoo, his manipulation of time and his positioning are effective, but crude.
      His manipulation only gives him access to items he has access to before or during the fight, If he cannot acquire it, or it is taken or destroyed, his abilities are hindered.
      For they are dependent on his reaction time and arsenal, without arrows, his freeze has no use other than a distraction, without stamina he cannot utilize bullet time.

      He is powerful, and a formidable foe, yes, but he is not without weakness. It is only a matter of exploiting these weaknesses

    • eryk mekwinski says:

      oh we can’t forget the fact that he can in fact fly forever using bombs and also can save

    • Tunic says:

      @Remix The Idiot yeah

    • Remix The Idiot says:

      @Tunic stasis can only affect objects, it requires an upgrade which speedrunners don’t go for in order to get the ability to stop time on foes as well.

    • lexunam zelaznog says:

      @Jordan Riley yes, i was talking about it, im sorry

  3. ChibiGanondorf says:

    The way you incorporated the game mechanics into Link’s fighting style is without a doubt my favorite detail. His portrayal as a defensive fighter who relied on flurry rushing, but also still had the limitations of breakable weapons, a stamina meter, the inventory screen, etc. I think those details edge this fight slightly over the previous Something Versus for me, and I’m excited to see what’s next.

  4. H S says:

    The speedrunner characters have some seriously powerful techniques when compared to smash characters. It makes sense that Link would win this fight.

  5. Fart Microwave says:

    Link glowing with power when he activated flurry rush is one of the coolest things I’ve seen

  6. Golden Bomber says:

    I don’t know why but seeing Link get every weapon broken before having to cycle to the next one is just really satisfying Animation.

  7. PandaXclone2 says:

    I like how the short pause at 4:55 shows us two things:

    1) Link had a Royal Shield this entire time and chose not to use it for defense during the earlier endurance bout in the air. In fact, he only uses a shield two times in the entire match, the first being a pot-lid shield that broke on first use, and another pot-lid shield that he used to shield-surf up to Meta Knight
    2) Link was also in possession of Majora’s Mask and the Cap of Time, which would allow him (presumably) to sneak up on Meta Knight and grant him extra strength respectively. (There’s also an implication that in the TerminalMontage-verse, BotW Link may indeed be OOT/MM Link as well.)

    tl;dr BotW Link flexed on Meta Knight by handicapping himself, refusing shield defense in all but one instance, and relying largely on his own skill -(plus the dish he took pre-match per the announcer, but still.)-

    • Toxic Pea says:

      @Zyre Thompson I’m not sire who you’re referring to there

    • Zyre Thompson says:

      @Toxic Pea he’s weaker in raw output but far stronger in endurance.

    • Raphael says:

      Gotta play optimally without the use of the rare items. Every speedrunner has their own rules

    • Toxic Pea says:

      Although to be clear, Brawl Meta Knight is far weaker than the current version of Meta Knight we know today. Man goes toe-to-toe with planet busters and galactic conquerors in every game he appears in nowadays.

    • PandaXclone2 says:

      @Nauriek Ah fair enough. I figured they were referring to a dish like what most BotW speedrunners eat before fighting the Blight Ganons. Didn’t know that was a reference to how heavy he was.

  8. MoDz Flare says:

    This video is a masterpiece, if you were to go back to the fight with Speedrunner Mario and Melee Fox you can see just how much Terminal’s art has grown. Way to go man can’t wait to see what you do next!

  9. MrNoob The Big Noob says:

    4:14 I love how you can see in Link’s face that he’s getting desperate after each weapon breaking
    there’s so much attention to detail in these animations

  10. Nintoonist says:

    I fully expected Metaknight to trip at 1:31 I can’t lie.

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