Spence vs Ugas HIGHLIGHTS: April 16, 2022 | PBC on Showtime PPV

Spence vs Ugas HIGHLIGHTS: April 16, 2022 | PBC on Showtime PPV

(April 16, 2022) Errol Spence Jr. navigated treacherous waters on Saturday night to pick up a third welterweight title. The IBF and WBC welterweight champion showed his greatness against WBA champion Yordenis Ugás, battling back from early adversity to stop Ugás in the tenth round.

The remaining welterweight title not in Spence’s possession belongs to WBO titleholder Terence Crawford, who was an interested observer on Saturday, Tweeting his reaction to the Spence victory. Spence made clear his preference for his next opponent.

“Everybody knows who I want next,” Spence said. “I want Terence Crawford. That’s the fight that I want. That’s the fight everybody else wants. Like I said, I’m going to get these straps then go over there and take his too. Terence I’m coming for that belt!”

Spence had to overcome some harsh conditions courtesy of Ugás to get to this point. After Ugás hurt Spence in the sixth, knocking his mouthpiece out with an uppercut, Spence of DeSoto, Texas, stormed back to hurt Ugás repeatedly to the body and eye. By the tenth round, Ugás’ right eye was completely shut when referee Laurence Cole stopped the contest for the second time to allow the ringside physician to inspect the damage.

Unlike earlier, the doctor advised Cole to stop the bout at 1:44 of the tenth round, giving Spence (28-0, 22 KOs) a resounding victory, a third welterweight belt, and perhaps the greatest triumph of his still accumulating career following a 17-month layoff after corrective surgery to his left eye forced him to pull out of a mega-fight with Manny Pacquiao.

“I feel sad,” Ugás said. “I trained really hard for this fight. All my respect to Errol Spence. He’s a great champion. I’m just sad about what happened tonight. The referee stopped the fight, but I wanted to keep going to the end. I definitely had a chance to win the fight in the sixth round, but he recuperated well. Congratulations to him and his team.”

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49 Responses

  1. BrazyBenjamin says:

    Damn this is definitely not how I thought this fight would turn out. I thought it would be a close fight with a winner by decision, but Spence was really impressive. Mans was out of commission for almost 2 years and came back strong af. Ugas has power but the problem is that he doesn’t let his hands go. Spence outboxed him. Man I really can’t wait to see Spence vs. Bud Crawford. Shits gonna be legendary!

  2. Lucky Mereki says:

    Spence once said, all fighters think he’s slow and it would be easy to beat him. But when you see a normally busy fighters like Ugas, Mickey Garcia and Porter give up constant attack and resort to covering up the body, you know there’s something happening that we can’t feel from outside the ring. He reminds me of “The Body Snatcher”. Great fight

  3. Jrmjuve10 says:

    After the first 3 rounds it looked like it was going to be a close back and forth fight but then Spence just found another gear and completely took over. He’s a relentless punch throwing machine.

  4. DaCoup ** says:

    Spence’s body shots look absolutely devastating and them uppercuts were landing flush, every time he landed it thought Uga’s head was gonna come flying off his shoulders, i’m surprised he was able to maintain … Spence is a beast, that eye certainly ain’t no problem and all them Pac fans where talking about Spence getting walked by Pac lol … maaan yall crazy, Spence representing my city from the big D – texas baby much love for to both fighters on this one …

  5. Ishzak says:

    Man it’s good to have some fresh Spence highlights. Can’t wait for more fight coverage. Errol Moves a killer Whale!

  6. Scenic Fights says:

    Yordenis Ugás had Errol Spence Jr hurt in Round 5. He should have gone for the finish then. Either way, both are great fighters. Errol had an incredible performance.

    • Ben says:

      @Merveil Meok he was caught off guard and was off balance he thought the ref said stop you can clearly see him looking for his mouth piece then Ugas hit him

    • Merveil Meok says:

      You missed that Errol Spence was hurt and was close to get a knock down (the ropes saved Spence.)

    • benjamin franklin says:

      nope, it was a miscommunication with the ref since spence mouthpiece got knocked out spence heard the ref said stop which made him let his guard down making ugas punch slipped in reason why he went backwards

    • uR'sTube says:


    • rigbysattic says:

      No he didnt

  7. TriLL says:

    I remember all these boxing channel being under 500k subs now well over 1mil.

    Good to see the sport growing exponentially

    • rigbysattic says:

      @Mike Haz No durr, I feel boxing could do better. UFC has Ceremonial Weigh Ins, Has stacked cards with more than one championship fights on the cards,, better press conferences, more unique fighters and personalities, and i could go on, wish boxing could do the same

    • Mike Haz says:

      MMA shits on boxing

    • Vast Emptiness says:

      If super fights keep being made then boxing can really come back

  8. The Ish Inc says:

    This was a great fight. I never seen Spence go toe to toe like this. Gotta give respect to both fighters

    • trist c says:

      @The Ish Inc the only time when you can say it’s different is against Mikey where he boxed more. Maybe what you trying to refer to the physicality was up because he lost the weight right which they credited the nutritionist. Looks like the Spence when it was easy to make 147 and was able to reserve his strength

    • Jay8 says:

      @Lor T if he showed it vs Mikey then he showed it right? He shown it before. He got layers to his game

    • Lor T says:

      @Jay8 Angles, footwork. Not even shelling up. Look at everything not just his pressure. Consistent combinations. He never had this type of variety of punches like this since Mickey. Difference is the power behind it


      No.. no for ugas

    • Amin says:

      @Arsenio’s ESL Podcast ..okay? Lol then go back and continue the success you’re having in life.

  9. James Roan says:

    Keep in mind, this is Spence coming off a 17month layoff and eye retina injury. Much respect to Ugas he is a true warrior. This is what boxing needs the best fighting the best! Now let’s get Spence vs. Crawford for all the marbles!!!

  10. SA Mcneil says:

    Great fight! Ugas had some success in the early rounds, with jabs to the body and a few sharp counter shots; However Spence pressed the pace with his jab, and got to Ugas’s body early. Those body shots, slowed Ugas down tremendously in the later rounds, allowing Spence to work his combinations. He did an excellent job mixing up his punches. Hooks to the body, uppercuts between the guard upstairs, hooks around the guard as well; he then used his jab to close the distance and maintained consistent pressure. Just an all around masterful performance by Spence. With Ugas’s display of heart and skills, mixed with Spence’s dominating fundamentals; resulted in an exciting bout worthy of unification.

    • Henny Spiderman says:

      @Arsenio’s ESL Podcast literally jab and double jabbed the whole fight to get into inside range…just say you don’t know shit about fighting lmao

    • ranger0209 says:

      @Arsenio’s ESL Podcast here we go…🤦‍♂️. I watch both UFC and boxing but I don’t go to a UFC channel to talk about boxing. It’s like going to an NFL channel to talk about basketball…

    • ranger0209 says:

      Damn…. Ugas just stayed there looking at Spence when he had him hurt… BIG mistake it’s going to haunt him

    • Henny Spiderman says:

      @Melo Spence. Ugas was clearly the stronger man and still couldn’t keep Spence off him. Bud I stop small. Errol will press him and break him down too

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