Spicy Cup Pong Challenge! | Carolina Reaper Hot Sauce!!

Spicy Cup Pong Challenge! | Carolina Reaper Hot Sauce!!

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In this challenge, we play cup pong with hot sauce! If you throw a wing in the other player’s cup, they must eat the wing with however much hot sauce is on it!

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43 Responses

  1. Chloe Michels says:

    Jeff just looks like he could be J-Fred’s little brother?

  2. ShrekPlaysFortnite says:

    “There is a reason you are a Youtuber Bryan” ????? I died listening to that

  3. Cute Bunnies131 says:

    Bobby: Joey has never participated in a spicy video.
    Joey: I’m smarter than everyone else.
    Bryan: That’s true. I’ll give you that.

  4. Chloe Bromley says:

    Jeff is the real winner for putting himself through that ?

  5. TheEnchanted GamerGirl says:

    Bro this video is making me so hungry!

    Honestly if I was doing this challenge and the wings weren’t spicy I would eat the wings instead of throwing them xD

  6. sara squadd says:

    Keep up the work y’all are doing love you guys ✌?

  7. Janel Culver says:

    Aww at the end looking at Jeff, my mom instincts kicked in and I wanted to give him a hug! Poor thing

  8. Mackenzie Powers says:

    Jeff is the real winner

  9. Nad3 says:

    Dude I felt so bad for Jeff at the end when Bryan tricked him with the ice cream ?
    Jeff u the KING?

  10. Freddie Warren Moore says:

    Jeff- it’s more in my throat this time
    Bryan- where els would it be in your ears
    Me- ???

  11. BlockyChubbs 08 says:

    Happy 500th video team edge I’ve been here since video one.

  12. FIFA GCH says:

    J-Fred and Jeff are a great team. Bobby and Bryan should be called Brybby.

  13. Sonja p.m says:

    It could be fun if you made a video with the try guys or dude perfect..(ps love your videos??)

  14. Domingo Esquivel says:

    Bobby should not be laughing when he gave up on the hot sauce challenge

  15. Marisa Ruth says:

    The Dangie Bros and Team Edge should do more videos together!!!

  16. Aiko Minowa says:

    “We’re throwing wings. What do you think the wings do? They fly.”

    -Bryan 2019

  17. Chloe Michels says:

    Hot sauce effects

    Bryan: Numb Lips
    Jeff: Foggy Goggles
    Bobby: Diarrhea
    Joey: Hypoglycemia??

  18. Unb Chris says:

    RIP Jeff’s toilet
    ? this is how long he spent on the toilet

  19. Reece Stecklein says:

    I literally got a Red Bull gives you wings commercial as I was watching this?

  20. Jack Sloane says:

    We need more heat challenges, well maybe that’s just me. BTW guys thanks for all the hot sauce recommendations. 🙂

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