Spider-Man Cast on Spoilers & Avengers: Endgame

Spider-Man Cast on Spoilers & Avengers: Endgame

Tom Holland, Jake Gyllenhaal, Zendaya, Cobie Smulders & Jacob Batalon talk about the crazy success of the Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer, Zendaya helping Tom with Instagram, how they handled spoilers, and shooting the funeral scene in Avengers: Endgame.

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Spider-Man Cast on Spoilers & Avengers: Endgame

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67 Responses

  1. J.Mickey says:

    jimmy: far from home starts immediately after end game
    no one:

    tom holland: (no hesitation) That is Correct.
    marvel: AGAIN !!!!


    People who disappeared didn’t get effected by the 5 years time period only the people who didn’t disappear

    • Sage Colon says:

      +Ariana Martinez she was being sarcastic

    • Plen122 says:

      Imagine how happy the kids were whose bullies disappeared. Wow

    • J. Chips says:

      +Wa Ri Half the funding vanished but now they only need half the funding anyway, right? They could get rid of half their stuff

    • DarkWhirlwind88 says:

      +Bose-Einstein I know the objective answer is plot (that’s common sense), lol. I’m just saying from an in-universe perspective, the phenomenon is a pretty big coincidence, and so would’ve caused some of the actors to raise a few eyebrows upon giving it further thought. Ultimately it’s not that big a deal. And it’s not even unique to just them tbh.

      Anyway, in terms of better ways the actors could’ve addressed the question, maybe something like: “Destiny” “Fate” “The same reason the original Avengers survived the snap, lol” etc.

    • J. Chips says:

      +DarkWhirlwind88 I don’t know if Jacob and Zendaya even know that their characters were snapped. I don’t think they were trying to cover up spoilers there or anything, I think they all just had no idea and didn’t put it together

  3. Taylor Currier says:

    5:34 omg zendaya laughing is hilarious when Tom said he was told it was a wedding ?

  4. Amelia Rose says:

    Tom asking Zendaya for technological advice is my parents with me

  5. grace elizabeth says:

    okay but jacob batalon saying he was watching endgame on a weekday cos he has nothing to do with his life is an actual mood

  6. Amelia Rose says:

    I hope Jacob saying “blacked out line” is on the gag reel ?

  7. Gerant T says:

    Dwayne Johnson rocking those glasses..

  8. Isabella C says:

    Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie watching:

    LoRd HeLp uS

  9. Tushar benke says:

    Jake Gyllenhaal is on drax mode.

  10. ThaOGBucko says:

    Jake Gyllenhall and Cobie Smulders seem like war veterans compared to Tom, Zendaya, and Jacob lmaoooo

  11. Vaibean says:

    y’all mark ruffalo: spoils everything
    tom: spoils everything
    mark: doesn’t know how to work ig
    tom: also doesn’t know how to work ig

  12. Sathu says:

    This is gonna be in a new compilation of Tom Holland videos titled: “9 minutes of Tom Holland making people laugh”

  13. JSL371 says:

    I love jake gyllenhaal’s input in this video

  14. Reckless- Luna says:

    Tom: sits down

    Half of the comments: *omgheslittleRDJ*

  15. Gil Serranito says:

    *Iron man: dies*
    Jacob Batalon: “HAAAAAAAAA…AHAHAHHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA! This movie is a blast :,D”

    • Carlos Montanez says:

      +Dahlia Corleoone no, thank you.

    • DatBoi7 says:

      I don’t get why everyone says Endgame is such a sad movie, or that it made them cry uncontrollably. Comics/superhero’s has been a huge part of my life since I was a little kid, but I didn’t shed a single tear in Infinity war or Endgame

    • FPS says:

      +DatBoi7 gamora and vision death almost had me. Not teary eyed but almost teary eyed. Kinda like a 1/3 phase cry.

  16. Nikhil Pandey says:

    Seeing Cobie sitting behind not saying much I’m just like “Don’t y’all dare ignore Aunt Robin”

  17. Karan says:

    Yep, Kevin Feige recently revealed that even in the script, that scene was referred to as the “wedding”.
    P.S. Tony we love you 3000

  18. Ak_Knight says:

    Tom: Not to spoil anything
    Also Tom: yea that’s hydra man

  19. neo says:

    “Why ARE WE still in High School?!”
    “Might be the biggest plothole ever… ”

    That better be a curveball or Marvel should be pissed at being called out THAT openly on screwing up Endgame and its ‘time’ consequences. Hahaha

    • KrisJM1234 says:

      It would make sense that they would all be snapped, then wouldn’t age at all when they came back five years later. What sucks is they gotta go back to school in the same grade with a totally new class while the rest of their buddies are in college.

    • nan says:

      +neo I don’t think (hope) they’ll gloss over it.

    • DeniseinWonderland says:

      When you die, you dont age so those who got snapped didn’t age

    • J. Chips says:

      The Russo Brother’s already explained this. Peter, Ned, MJ, Betty, Flash….all get snapped. Therefore, they don’t age and are back on high school 5 years later

    • Aleksandar Radovanovic says:

      +neo well most of our football team got mono, so…it happens.

  20. LanzEarthling says:

    Jake is like the veteran among them. It’s cool to see him let others take the shine.. and seems like he genuinely doesn’t mind. Class act..

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