Spider-Man Far From Home Trailer – Avengers Endgame and Mysterio Easter Eggs Breakdown

Spider-Man Far From Home Trailer – Avengers Endgame and Mysterio Easter Eggs Breakdown

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49 Responses

  1. Emergency Awesome says:

    Here’s my *Spider-Man Far From Home Trailer* Easter Eggs and References. Let me know how many you spotted!

    • Harley Harris says:

      Asian boy in trailer is maybe Harry Osborn. End credit scene oscorp sign drop on old avengers tower. Then hear Norman Osborn talking to a individual referred to only as doom.

    • Harley Harris says:

      As for pepper signing checks well that is just normal cause she runs all of Stark’s foundations so her name will be on check. More of a clue that her last name is still Potts and not Stark

    • Cobalt lion says:


    • The7thWielder OfLight says:

      Emergency Awesome The Nick fury part telling to roll over ned

  2. John Alvarez says:

    Almost lost my mind when Mysterio did his super hero landing! Can’t wait!

  3. Matchstick 7886 says:

    My Boy MYSTERIO and Hydro Man, Molten Man and Sand Man?

  4. Christian Lucas says:

    What if Iron Man does die in Endgame. Quentin Beck (Mysterio) finds Iron Man armor/weapons in the post credit scene. I feel that Iron Man line means more to the story.

    • Henry Lough says:

      Christian Lucas sounds promising, I think it’ll be a “bigger” credits scene. Maybe for a bigger villain

  5. Booster Star1006 says:

    So mysterio is basically syndrome from incredibles

  6. Peter Gilham-Luginbill says:

    Samuel Jackson looking like his character from Pulp Fiction with that Gun. “Say “What” again, Spiderman! I dare you, I double dare you…” xD

  7. GBF freeloader says:

    Mysterio reveal was my favorite part of the trailer by far!!! “You don’t want any part of this”!!

  8. Mirage Uchiha says:

    Lovely and smart marketing.

    Remember, Tony & Pepper mention the decoy wedding date: August 27th in Infinity War’s deleted scene.
    Prolly deleted for that spoilery reason and time, ofc.

    So I’m guessing that our 2nd trailer for this will be after April 26th and will mention more things about Avengers: EndGame.

    Like, Tony’s and/or Cap’s funeral. Or Tony’s wedding, Things that happened or changed post-decimation and post-reanimation, etc…

    Oh man! 2019 is gearing up to be AMAZING!!!

  9. Pan says:

    Are we sure he really leaves the Stark Suit behind? In the international teaser there’s an opening scene where he’s going through the airport security officials and his suit can be seen in his suitcase.

  10. GOTHAM #1 says:

    So where’s scorpion man a.k.a nacho from better call Saul

  11. Splash Attack TCG says:

    What just happened? Aunt May is about to….

    *GET THE D!*

  12. Julian- A says:

    favourite part was easily at the end when flash thomson defends spiderman then immediately calls peter a dickwad

  13. JJ Model Making says:

    The tall building Nick Fury shot is The Shard in London

  14. Baxter Kemp says:

    The theme music is the best bit

  15. Young Morgan says:

    they way the talked about ironman when referencing mysterio seems like hes still alive

  16. Tommy G says:

    The whole movie is an illusion from Mysterio.

  17. The Man says:

    Glad they kept the fishbowl.

  18. modrake01 says:

    The Avengers Tower will be purchased by Reed Richards!! Fantastic Four reboot?

  19. PGI Telugu says:

    After the fight of Mysterio with Hydroman…Nick Fury meets Peter in his room.. Because just watch the final scene 5:30 .Ned wears the same shirt he wore in this scene 5:37

  20. Chaos Is Coming says:

    it’s scary to think that Mysterio at one point tricked Logan into killing all the X-men

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