Spider-Man in 10,000 Dominoes!

Spider-Man in 10,000 Dominoes!

Here is a Spider-Man themed domino setup using 10,000 dominoes! We built Spider-Man, a spider, spiderweb, the Marvel logo, and Venom out of dominoes in just 8 hours! πŸ™‚
This is a Paid Partnership with Marvel. Super stoked that we got to work with them πŸ˜€

Link to the full falldown: https://youtu.be/_hJY-oyAyG0

Thanks to my friends for helping me with this project!
Sprice Machines: http://youtube.com/thesprice17
Dynamic Domino: http://youtube.com/dynamicdomino

Β© 2017 MARVEL

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Hey! I’m Hevesh5 and I am a professional Domino Artist. I design and build intricate domino setups and chain reactions for your entertainment and for commercial projects. Be sure to subscribe if you want to see more domino videos πŸ™‚ I upload new videos every SATURDAY at 1pm EST! http://bit.ly/SubH5

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20 Responses

  1. zeus lim says:

    I like the spiderweb part, reminds me of when we tried to use bricks as dominos

  2. sania lewis says:

    I love your videos but I really love Spider-Man so o had to watch thiss

  3. Samantha Noble says:

    My favorite part was the spider web. I liked the clear dominos as well as the unique set-up pattern.

  4. Sherrill Smith says:

    Lily, this Marvel / Spiderman tribute is brilliant and excellently executed. I always love seeing the behind the scenes explanation when you have time to make them. Have you done one focused on Captain America? I have heard the the next film will be the last to include Chris Evans as “Cap” who will be killed off (as happened in the comic books).

    If Chris’ “Cap” hasn’t had a tribute yet, could you do one for his millions of fans, many of whom are your faithful followers also? Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful talent with us. Here is wishing you all the best with your college adventures!

  5. lightning creeper says:

    i thought you were a boy sorry✌

  6. Ukjent oversetter says:

    What i am curious about is: do you sometimes fail to build all of them and accidentally make them fall down during it?

  7. Enzo Mondo says:

    I hope Marvel/Disney paid you a lot for this.

  8. Geetha VB says:

    can u make in HULK,

  9. Alayna P says:

    Can y’all do a giant sonimod?

  10. ANJet 09 says:

    Very nice. I really enjoy watching videos like this showing your process of how you do it. You guys explained things so well also. Great job

  11. EaZy DuzZlT says:

    I would kick that shit over like a big bully lol

  12. Zaeshas says:

    I’d be that asshole to mess up on LEGO 9,999

  13. Results TV says:

    Couldn’t imagine setting all this up!!!! D:

  14. Michael Bouris says:

    I liked the wall that said venomπŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

  15. Jaden A Taylor says:

    Loved it! I think it would be quite fantastic if you could mimic a stick storm reaction using dominoes in one of your future videos.

  16. sannerk456 says:

    Can i please ask, WHY IS THIS IN TRENDING

  17. will plays says:

    It was all great

  18. GiGi W. says:

    Very cool! You guys just keep getting better. It’s amazing to see!
    PS – I hate spiders, too!

  19. Bat Vigilante says:

    1:15 perfectly straight line? No it’s not

  20. Faijan Shaikh says:

    keep doing this
    i love your work

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