SPIDER-MAN No Way Home: Every EASTER EGG + LOKI Connection in the Marvel Trailer | MCU Breakdown

SPIDER-MAN No Way Home: Every EASTER EGG + LOKI Connection in the Marvel Trailer | MCU Breakdown

Doctor Strange is here to help Spider-Man deal with the fallout of Far From Home. With his identity revealed to the world and dealing with the blame for Mysterio’s murder, Peter Parker seeks out the help of the Sorcerer Supreme. Instead, he accidentally tears open a hole in the multiverse and unleashes villains form several Spider-Man movies. Doctor Octopus the Green Goblin, Electro, Sandman–all coming together to form the Sinister Six!

As exciting as all this is, we think this might actually signal the end of Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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Written, Hosted, and Edited by Ryan Arey (http://twitter.com/ryanarey)

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57 Responses

  1. ScreenCrush says:

    What’s your Spider-Man ranking.? Here’s Mine:
    Spider-Man 2
    Far From Home
    Spider-Man 3
    Amazing Spider-Man
    Amazing Spider-Man 2

    • Takumi Fujiwara says:

      @Tomtom Shankly bruh pay better attention to the film’s lol. Just because he returned them doesn’t mean that makes the eye of agamotto come back. Remember that thanos crushed the eye of agammoto on titan when fighting strange. Cap returning the stones does not mean it changes that thanos crushed it.

    • Dude8 says:

      @Tomtom Shankly Stop being such a troll and let people put out their lists ok some people put No way home there because they already from this trailer can tell how they feel about the film. It has been such a long wait for a trailer or some news and it was all awesome. Also how is liking the Tom Holland spidey best being a simp he is generally an amazing fit for Spiderman. You say Marvel fan boys are the worst more like trolls are the worst.

    • Disney Pin Traders says:

      @jaimejames13 Boba Fett had one 🤷‍♂️

    • northwesternbelle says:

      Spiderman 2, Into the Spiderverse, Spiderman, Homecoming, Far From Home, Spiderman 3 and I STILL haven’t seen the Andrew Garfield movies.

    • EL BARTO says:

      Spider Verse
      Spider Man 2
      Spider Man
      Spider Man 3
      Far From Home

  2. Ashvin Ravichandran says:

    Green goblin’s evil laugh
    Doc oc : Hello Peter
    Spider man nostalgic theme

  3. Sven says:

    Can we all appreciate on how quick screencrush posted this breakdown.

    • EMT311 says:

      Heavy Spoilers I swear is always first and literally puts it up in 20 min after something drops! I’m like how!! lol but grateful!

    • jimmylovese says:

      It’s literally their job

    • Talik Williams says:


    • Eileen Sperry says:

      I was the first one to view the trailer… Now I feel like God

    • Alexander Vandewalle says:

      TRUE. I don’t know how he does it; it’s always so fast, doesn’t matter when something is released. Like, does Ryan even sleep? Then again, did Edison sleep before he turned on the light bulb? Did Marconi sleep before he turned on the radio? Did Beethoven sleep before he wrote the fifth?

  4. Mikey says:

    I really need that arm to be Matt Murdock’s arm
    I have so much hope that it is
    I just want Charlie Cox back in the MCU so badly!

  5. Jason strickland says:

    I have watched Willem Dafoe for over 20 years, I know his laugh when I hear it, that was Willem Dafoe.

  6. John Philip Soledad says:

    What if Doc Ock wasn’t saying “Hello Peter..” to Tom’s Peter Parker, but to someone else’s? To Tobey’s perhaps..

    • That guy from Aggretsuko says:

      I’m more puzzled by the fact that in what timeframe of the original movie does this Octopus, that is clearly older for obvious reasons, come from?
      How did he survived and why he is evil again? At the end of Spiderman 2 he had a change of heart, so what happened?

      Can’t wait to have all those questions answered

    • John Philip Soledad says:

      @That guy from Aggretsuko about what time Doc Ock have come from, based on his interview that I’ve read, he came from when he was about to drown in the river, for the other questions, I believe there’s no answer yet..

    • jhoppz09 says:

      @That guy from Aggretsuko he didn’t necessarily have a change of heart. The whole movie Octavius himself is actually good, just like crazy bipolar. He’s constantly flipping from good to evil.

    • Warrior FGC says:

      Didn’t Jamie Fox upload a pic showing all 3 Spideys on that same location as artwork but took it down? Plus trailers always distract and it’s likely he’s talking to Tobey’s Spiderman cos why would be recognise Tom Holland’s Peter?

    • Rachel Schultz says:

      What if the full line is actually “Hello Peter, you look different.” ?? !

  7. Deadwolf says:

    I just want to say Alfred Molina looks great. He’s barely aged a day.

  8. Shubham Garg says:

    Strange: The problem is you, trying to live two different lives

    Peter: Stop lecturing me, please!

    • Epyon says:

      In all reality. Why would it matter if everyone forgot he was Spider-Man anyways? Tony the only person that it really mattered to know is already dead. And the rest they don’t forget you just that you’re Spider-Man? All of this seems convoluted and desperate. Really worth sacrificing potential booms in the multiverse for a child’s preference?

    • Dulguun Dulguun says:


    • Chelsea Abreu says:

      People knew who was the old Spider-Mans and they didn’t care, who was behind the mask, but Tom is a teenager and they thought differently him they forgotten that Peter save his
      Class mate he didn’t even kill him where’s the proof of that 🤣 it’s dumb how people can believe some grown man who was gonna take over the world

    • Samuel Quinn says:

      @Epyon right? It seems a little out of character for Dr Strange at this point. I’m wondering if it’s not Dr Strange, what if it’s Mephisto pretending to be Strange?

      Fuck, I think I’ve gone down too many MCU rabbitholes, I can’t see clearly, everything’s Mephisto now.

  9. Luke M says:

    Willem Defoe’s laughing is definitely a moment. You know he’s in the movie.

  10. Kamoshun says:

    It’s not the end. No one wants Spider-Man away from the MCU. They would shoot themselves in the foot. Sony just wants to be able to make some money away from Disney.

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