Spider-Man : The Movie : The Game

Spider-Man : The Movie : The Game

Spiderman has to fight the Green Gobbler, but watch out for Bonesaw’s plan.

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45 Responses

  1. BlueJay says:

    I played this game so much as a kid and like 70% of that time was spent just swinging around on webs in that black void tutorial world

  2. MitchGames247 says:

    I played this game religiously as a kid. Hearing “Circus in town” really took me back

  3. David Neal says:

    This game really makes me feel how great power comes with great something else.

  4. adrodjr says:

    This game holds so much nostalgia for me, I can remember always playing that tutorial with the narration over and over again and never even playing the actual game

  5. shonkywonkydonkey says:

    God I remember parts of this game being very difficult (though I was also young and bad at games (I am also still bad at games))

    I always remember the part where Peter calls Shocker ‘THE CUUUSHIOOOOON’

    • Milk0matic says:

      oh man, it was hard alright. i remember getting this as a kid and it was so hard that i broke down crying so my parents felt bad for me and went and bought me the finding nemo game instead

    • Prakrith Keshav says:

      YES. I never finished the game though because as a 6 year old i couldn’t figure out how to beat shocker in the subway

    • Jasmine Irwin says:

      I never had a memory card as kid so ever time I wanted to play it I had to start all over. I think I once made it all the way to when you infiltrate osscorp. Man that level is hard especially when you are burned out and got no patience.

    • TheCanadianPlayer64 says:

      @Prakrith Keshav i had the exact same issue as a kid lmao. made me quit the game altogether.

    • HassanHussaint90 says:

      Me too l couldn’t get past the second level as a kid so j had to use cheat codes

  6. Abdul-Hakeem al-Amriki says:

    I loved this game so much. The movie blew my 3rd grade mind and the game was icing on the cake

  7. Taylor T says:

    Damn, I remember this one. I seem to remember finding a combo that was super OP and could basically just cheese the whole thing. I also recall the stealth missions stressing me out terribly.

    • Aanteatur says:

      I always liked doing the web zip, melee combo to donkey kick, that one where he covers himself in web and explodes, and the web shot😂

    • Prakrith Keshav says:

      @Aanteatur oh yeah, you could only do the web explosion thrice before you ran out of webs. Also those web glove things that increased your damage was so cool

    • Declan Cochran says:

      The stealth mission where you break into Oscorp and all the pumpkin bombs are flying around was a source of beeg anxiety as a kid

    • 『Bocephus』 says:

      holy cow remember that stealth oscorp mission? That part had me stuck for ages

    • Vincent Jackson says:

      Those bots that would come out at Oscorp were insane

  8. zarkflappysheep says:

    Love how half the voice lines sound like they were recorded on the inside of a plastic straw

  9. Dash says:

    That ending was a masterpiece

    • mega maggot MAN says:

      Your life is as valuable as a summer time ant, i stomp you you keep coming back, i stomp you you keep coming why? Because you keep smelling the syrup.

    • Ducky Mann says:

      Talking about the video or the game? Cause making out with Uncle Ben over a dead Willem Dafoe left me very uncomfortable. Doesnt matter how hot he is, or how much Im into red heads.

    • The permanent shocked face says:

      Yeah, Mj and Peter making out over Norman’s corpse

    • bun says:

      you mean the sonydrone cope? cod titles are always over represented in the best selling games of the decade. implying microsoft made a bad decision getting an IP like that is laughably delusional

    • mega maggot MAN says:

      @bun IP

  10. SXR123 says:

    I choose to believe that Dunkey’s entire motivation for making this video was to make that dig at Microsoft at the end.

    I hope it’s true, because if so, I’d say it was worth it.

    • TheBird Intern says:

      I second, third, and fourth this comment.

    • existingdark says:

      @abuserkadayf do the games include sexual abuse + harassment + assault and blackmail death threats? Cause that seems to be what activision/blizzard are selling. Really a great purchase for Microsoft Xbox to make.

    • Gabriel says:

      @existingdark It is a great purchase, they now have two of the biggest names of the market with the highest grossing franchises of gaming. All of this for a cheaper price because of the recent allegations. Really smart move, just fire the bad people in the company, cut involvement with china and you have a ton of potential to work with. Dunkey and his fans just blindly hate microsoft for no reason lol.

    • Ash B says:

      @Gabriel It’s really weird. I only play on PC and PS so now I get both Xbox and PS games. I have no favoritism. The fact is that Activision Blizzard and their subsidiary studios have some unbelievably talented devs. If MS can get them making good games again, and address the devs’ grievances with Activision management by firing Kotick and Co., well that’s great for the devs, the studios, AND the fans.

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